Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set FREE SHIPPING

Hi there Posse, Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set is an excellent way for perfumistas to get a real feel for Andy Tauers work, wear them for weeks and get comfortable with them, really find out if you are going FB or not. For less than the price of a FB you get 3 fragrances in very nice travel size containers. The Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set looks fabulous in its tin can and navy Tauer sleeve.

Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set FREE SHIPPING

Today I wanted not only to remind you about the Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set but also to give you some excellent news about it being FREE SHIPPING when you buy the set. That’s right. The set is now Flat rate cost with shipping included. There’s never been a better time to grab yourself three amazing fragrances, or maybe you’d like three travels of your favourite frag. The 15ml heavy glass travellers are perfect for throwing in your carry on luggage for fun weekends away, business travel or just to have in your gym bag so you look and smell fabulous.

Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set Tauer Perfumes

Tauer ship the Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set set to many countries: Italy, Australia, Croatia, Russia, Greece, Spain, Portugal and many more. Shipment is with FedEx.
However, this product does not ship to Italy, UK, Russia, Spain, Greece .

What does my Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set contain? Here I’ve used Andy Tauer’s words because he writes so evocatively.

06 Incense Rose: Incense rosé is a mysterious fragrance, like an thick flying oriental carpet with floating rose petals, built around smoking frankincense, with rose and citrus notes, and dark balsamic resins.

08: Une Rose Chypre: An exclusive oriental rose on a vintage chypre chord. Une Rose Chyprée is a modern vintage perfume. It reaches back to the craft of traditional high perfumery, using a luxurious setting of raw materials. At the same time, I wanted it to be a rose of today, that speaks our language.

11: Carillon Pour Un Ange: Building a fragrance with lily of the valley singing in spring was a wish since I started making perfumes. Carillon pour un ange is my tribute to this wonderful forest treasure. It is a green choir of flowers. Enjoy!

Tauer Perfumes has the set Fr. 114.00 / USD 115.00 / EUR 103.00
Surrender To Chance has a terrific selection of Andy Tauer Perfumes samples

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What will your Tauer Perfumes Explorer Set contain?
Portia xx

  • eldarwen22 says:

    Really big Tauer fan and of course I caved and had to get the sampler set. For the price and what I’m getting, it’s worth it.

  • LaDona says:

    HUGE Tauer fan-girl here! I live in Phi Un Rose de Kandahar…love it with a passion! And l’air du Desert Marocain! If you buy a full bottle from them, they usually throw in some goodies. I got a 10 mm sample of Tauerville Rose Flash with one order…and extra samples with another. The fragrances are outstanding, and the folks there are generous. Love them!

    • Portia says:

      Hi Ladona,
      You are extremely lucky to get such lavish extras.
      Yes, Andy sure knows how to make stellar fragrances.
      Portia xx

      • LaDona says:

        They ship quickly, too! Great people. I sure wish I could actually wear that rose flash…smells amazing, but on me, truly awful. C’est la vie.