Punked out Today

Sorry! ¬†I had my heart set on reviewing Amouage Lilac Love, and it didn’t show up yesterday. ūüôĀ ¬†I could not convince myself to write about anything else. ¬†Then I got busy packing for…

my faboo trip with Musette and March to Santa F√©! ¬†So I’m taking the Lilac Love with me, along with a couple of other things I think they will both like, and we’ll write about them from there next week.

So lost all track of time, and I feel terrible, but I just don’t want to write about anything else, and ¬†I have to head to the airport in a bit to pick up Musette. Squeeeee!

Of course we will tell you about everything we did – probably not even that perfumey, I’m guessing. Spa days, lazy days, lots of GT. ¬†I love these kinds of vacations the best.

Until next week! ¬†Oh! ¬†Just drop a comment about anything, and I’ll pick three names randomly from comments and give away 3 sample sets of the Amouage Lilac Love and that new Armani/Prive limited edition thing.

Neva July 15, 2016

There's nothing like a long weekend (or a week) with your BFF!!! You just reminded me to plan something like that in the near future. Thank you and have fun girls!

flowergirlbee July 15, 2016

your vacation sounds sooooooooo good.i am dying to smell lilac love..thanks so much for the giveaway : )

maggiecat July 14, 2016

Looking forward to hearing your vacation details - it sounds as if you've planned the perfect trip!

Maureen July 14, 2016

I would love to try Lilac Love (dumb name). Your vacation plans sound wonderful, Sante Fe is a destination on my bucket list. Have fun, and thanks for the draw.

Queen Cupcake July 14, 2016

Have a wonderful time, Patty. Santa Fe is lovely. Wearing Tauer Rose today.

LaDona July 14, 2016

I lived in Santa Fe when I was a kid, such a beautiful place! And there is so much around it now. You ladies take pictures so I can see if I recognize anything!

Mariann July 14, 2016

I'd love to go to Santa Fe! Lazy vacations are the best, had one blissful week in June doing nothing much aside from reading, swimming and eating :). I need another such week! Have a great time!

Barbara B July 14, 2016

Love lilacs, have never tried an Amouge.

mikasminion July 14, 2016

Yes, Lilac Love is a bit of a silly name but I do really like the bottle and I love the smell of lilacs so I want to sample anyway. Hope your trip is wonderful and not too hot.

Sherry B. July 14, 2016

Have a blast, girls; must say I envy you. Lilac Love is one that I'd really love to try!

HeidiC July 14, 2016

I absolutely love the 2-3 weeks in the Upper Midwest when lilacs make everything wonderful. Hope you have a fantastic time in Santa Fe! Thanks for the draw!

eldarwen22 July 14, 2016

I love lilac and I love Amouage. Amouage could have come up with a different, better name. I think that lilac is under used in perfume, especially as a dominant note.

Maya July 14, 2016

Have a lovely trip. Wishing all of you a fun time! :) I'm not a fan of Amouage - I know, sacrilege - but I do love lilacs. Maybe this one will change my mind about Amouage.

Nemo July 14, 2016

That sounds like an amazing trip! I hope y'all have fun :)

Marianna July 14, 2016

Thank you for the give away

Suzy Q July 14, 2016

Omg! Have fun! Sounds like a blast. I adore lilac. I grew up with it but now I live out of the zone for growing it. I can't wait to see what Amouage does with lilac!

Ingeborg July 14, 2016

Lilac in perfume is not always my thing, but since it is by Amouage I would love to try it anyway. I hope you get to relax, but also enjoy some of the art and culture. I hope you will include plenty of pictures when you write about your vacation. Relax and enjoy!

Tiara July 14, 2016

Santa Fe is one of my favorite places to visit. My husband's family is in Albuquerque and Santa Fe is but an hour away. I would love to be enjoying lunch at The Shed (assuming it's still there), walking around the plaza and digging into a warm sopapilla. Since March is familiar with the city, it should be an extra fun trip--enjoy!

Ann July 14, 2016

Your trip sounds wonderful!! Hope you girls have a ball! Of course, DNEM; thanks.

Akatchoom July 13, 2016

I agree with SamanthaL- such a corny name! But maybe the scent will be so straightforward, so unabashedly lilac that Lilac Love will obviously be the ONLY possible name. A sniffer can dream. I'd love a sample, but mostly, I hope you love it.

Jennie July 13, 2016

I'd love to test Lilac Love! Please enter me in the draw and have a great holiday.

poodle July 13, 2016

A trip with Musette and March! OMG, I am so jealous. You are going to have such a good time. I just know it.

Pam July 13, 2016

The trip sounds fab-u-lous..I mean really! I, too, love turquoise and could spend many hours just looking. Not to mention spa time. Have a wonderful trip!

ElizabethC July 13, 2016

I loved Santa Fe during my brief visit there years ago. Sopapaillas :) Frito Pie at Woolworths :) and of course, the amazing art and culture. I am presently obsessed with vintage silver and turquoise jewelry and very much want to visit the Millicent Rogers museum in Taos!

mark newman July 13, 2016

love lilacs

pats133 July 13, 2016

Aww - what a bummer. We will just have to wait for your review. In the meantime, have a lovely trip... i'm not jealous at all. lol :-)

Ellen M July 13, 2016

I love lilacs, but not most lilac perfumes. I hope this one is different than most. Thanks for the giveaway.

Koyel July 13, 2016

That sounds like a lot of fun and I do look forward to reading about your adventures, perfumey or otherwise :) Have a marvelous, restful trip!

SamanthaL July 13, 2016

I really want to try Lilac Love, because I adore lilacs... but I do hate that name! It seems kind of cheap/corny.