Under a rock Monday: Le Labo at Nordstrom

Le LaboWell, knock me over with a feather! OK, so I’m not as on top of beauty/fragrance trends as I once was, but this just surprised the heck out of me. Poking around on Nordstrom.com, researching for another post, I was flabbergasted to see Le Labo products featured. And not just a few, but three pages worth! (Of course, the city exclusives aren’t included.) Since when did this happen? Although I realize that its growing availability probably has something to do with Estee Lauder buying the company in 2014.

The line has been at Saks.com for a while, I think, and at Luckyscent since the beginning, of course. But usually there’s some kind of exclusivity-type agreements between major department store retailers, so this was quite a surprise to me for it to be offered by two major players. But I was excited to see it, because I do love Nordstrom; I was equally thrilled when Neiman Marcus began carrying Frederic Malle and Byredo. Now if only my Neiman’s could get the Malle line in the store. Sigh …

As I explored Le Labo at both sites, I did see much to love — well over 100 items listed. Although my eye was caught by adorable rollerballs, sleek solid perfumes (with refills!), travel sprays, body oils, etc. However, as lovely as the mainstream line is, my heart pretty much belongs to two or three of Le Labo’s city exclusives (the vanilla and tuberose ones, with the gaiac coming in third).

Speaking of, when it gets later in the year and the holiday juggernaut heats up, it’ll be interesting to see if either of these big retail guns will carry the Le Labo city exclusives when they’re offered once a year or so, if they’re still doing that. Or will Luckyscent continue to be the exclusive vendor for those? It’ll be worth watching to see how it all shakes out.

Anyhoo, what about you? What are your favorite Le Labo scents and/or products? Or anything out there in the retail world surprise you lately? Any pleasant fragrant news in your neck of the woods? Such as finding a great deal on a discontinued scent, getting a steal at TJMaxx or Marshall’s, or discovering a rare vintage bottle in a dusty antique shop?

  • Stephy says:

    I’m in Charlotte and sooooo disappointed that the fragrance department at our Nordstrom is so limited. They just got rid of Bond No. 9 and don’t carry Le Labo, the Private Collections from Tom Ford, or even a respectable selection of Guerlain. Our Neiman Marcus doesn’t carry Byredo or Frederic Malle, either. I’m thinking that a shopping weekend in Atlanta is in order sometime soon.

    • Ann says:

      That is a bummer, Stephy. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the NM in Atlanta carries the Frederic Malle line although a perfume pal said she did see the complete Tom Ford line in there on one of her recent visits. Does your NM in Charlotte carry either/both lines?

      • Stephy says:

        NM carries the complete Tom Ford line, but so far, I haven’t found one of those that really appeals. I do know that the department manager has mentioned to me in the past that Atlanta has a much wider variety of lines, but I’m not sure which.

  • SublimiSomnium says:

    I was surprised as heck when I walked into the Portland Nordstrom and saw a Tom Ford counter with all the Private Collections!

    Not tempted by the prices, but it’s wonderful to be able to sample in-person. Shanghai Lily caught my nose with its wonderful clove, but I want the namesake lily at least through the mod notes.

    • Ann says:

      Oooh, that would be a very cool surprise! I’m a Shanghai Lily fan as well. Hope you’ll find some more TFs to love, too.

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    I fell madly in love with the man who worked at the Venice Le Labo store in Los Angeles back in 2013 on the ScentSation Bus Tour. We went and tried the whole range there and I bought a few of the Travel bottles. Labdanum is the one I remember best.
    Portia xx

    • Ann says:

      Howdy! Yep, I remember your great L.A. fragrance whirlwind tour of 2013. What fun! And I wonder if that guy is still with Le Labo?

  • FeralJasmine says:

    I love Vanille 44 dearly and am down to one ounce, so I need to watch for it. Other than that, I have never really taken to a Le Labo scent. But I do love Vanille 44 to mad distraction.

    • Ann says:

      Yes,, yes, yes, dear! I love me some of that vanilla something fierce, too! Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that Nordie’s will carry the city exclusives this winter.

  • Eldarwen says:

    The only one I love is the tragically discontinued Aldehyde 44. Labdanum 18 is nice but why get it when Shalimar is almost the same thing.

    • Rina says:

      Agreed! It is the only LL I have/care about. Thankfully I have a lifetime’s worth, or at least the ability to refill (till I don’t). I adore it!

      • Ann says:

        Mmmm … that Le Labo 44 was super-yummy, wasn’t it? I keep hoping that someday they’ll see the light and re-issue it, preferably in the mainstream line.

  • furriner says:

    Barneys usually has the city exclusives in the fall. At least the one in Chicago.

    • Ann says:

      I didn’t realize that — good to know! But are they available online, too, or just in-store, do you know?

  • Marianna says:

    I was surprised as well to see Nordies carrying Le Labo. Even bigger surprise thou – Nordies carrying Chanel exclusives. You cannot find them online, and only a few flagship stores have it, but that is impressive. My favs: Rose, Iris, Begamote, Ylang and Santal. Like Vanilla and Gaiac as well 🙂

    • HeidiC says:

      Wait, WHAT??? I can’t find the Chanel Exclusifs on the Nordstrom site, or in the store — where are you finding these?

    • HeidiC says:

      There’s a Nordstrom a stone’s throw from my new apartment, which is DANGEROUS! The Tom Ford, the Jo Malone, the Le Labo… I die! I wish they had more of the Guerlains in-store — they have the Acqua Allegoria line online, but not in-store, and I so want to sniff! I got a sample of Pampleluna from STC and am LOVING it!

      • Ann says:

        Hi, ladies! Glad to see you guys love Nordstrom, too! I think perhaps only the Seattle flagship and maybe a couple of others carry the Chanel exclusives, but I could be wrong. And lucky you, Heidi, that your Nordies has the Le Labo. How fun to be able to go in and test to your heart’s delight!