Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

Heya Posse! Surrender To Chance are discontinuing the Guerlain line. There are some major savings to be had and for some of these fragrances it is a once in a lifetime opportunity at these prices.  Follow the Guerlain Clearance Sale link below.

Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

DISCOUNT CODE: Use code guerlain40 at checkout to get 40% off now through 11:59 p.m. August 21, 2016.
(Please note that you cannot combine discount codes)

Go to Surrender To Chance Guerlain Clearance Sale

Be quick because at these prices most of the really exciting stuff will be gone in a moment and once it’s gone there’s no getting it back. There are modern and vintage fragrances, the whole lot must go.

Get onto it gang, Who doesn’t love a CLOSEOUT SALE?
Portia xxx


Here’s the letter as it appeared from Surrender To Chance:

Hey there.

We are discontinuing the Guerlain line, so you get some major savings on our Guerlain clearance sale.  Follow the link above or look for Guerlain Closeout Sale on the left side of our menu in the store. Use code guerlain40 at checkout to get 40% off now through 11:59 p.m. August 21, 2016. (Please note that you cannot combine discount codes)

We are offering the Guerlain stock in either 5 ml or 1 ml sizes. This helps us track inventory so you won’t be disappointed.  

You also may see two listings for the same perfumes – don’t worry about that, we have some stock at two locations, so we need to list it separately to know when we are out at each location.

A heads up that we may be offering a larger discount on whatever remaining Guerlain stock we have after this sale ends – sometimes next week probably, unless we sell out of everything.  I am absolutely certain that the popular fragrances will sell out really quickly, so I wouldn’t wait to grab what you want.

Make sure to check out everything new in the store!

  • shiva-woman says:

    I have received some very confusing messages from STC. I was among the first to order a large order of Guerlains just a few hours after they posted the sale! I was notified that it was being processed. Then I was notified that it was shipped. They even sent me shipping numbers and the usual blurb about Patti and Lisa shipping separately. Then, I got a refund of 8 bucks and some change from them. Thought they ran out of one of the perfumes. Then, I got the entire large refund back from them for the WHOLE order. There is no indication of what happened, why this occurred and I’m a little upset since I was ordering so early in the am before they ran out. Does anyone know what happened here? Some of the scents I was ordering were not the MOST popular (a few were admittedly, but not all of them…)

    • Portia says:

      Hey Shiva-Woman,
      I think the orders came in so fast that they ran out of stock before the site could update itself.
      Down the bottom of the STC page you’ll find a message button. Try that.
      Portia xx

  • Sherri M. says:

    I am so sorry to hear this! I live in Tennessee, and I would never have become a Guerlain fan if it were not for STC! I now have over 50 FB’s, most purchased at Bergdorf/N-M! I wonder if Guerlain realizes how not only how many potential FB purchases and potentially loyal customers they are losing by this, but also the goodwill of a frustrated fragrance community who no longer can enjoy and fall in love with their product. Well, off to STC now to see if there’s anything left!!

    • Portia says:

      Heya SherriM,
      I think you are not on your own here. Most Aussies have no chance to try the posh Guerlain lines either, unless they can sample.
      It would be a world of difference if Guerlain were able to give samples out but it’s almost impossible to get most of the range from them.
      Portia xx

  • Molly says:

    I’m wondering if Chanel didn’t do the same thing, as I no longer see Chanel samples on the site?

  • Karen McCown says:

    Could not agree more that Guerlain is being very shortsighted about what is essentially marketing for them. Although I suppose they are seeing decants as “lost sales” to Guerlain, I wonder if most people would splash out for a full bottle without the opportunity to live with the fragrance for a while. I know I wouldn’t, but decants have been a (relatively!) affordable gateway to nearly every FB purchase I’ve made.

    To say nothing of the fact that most of us would have little or no access to the less popular Guerlain scents and vintage beauties without decanting / sample sites. I live in a major US city, but would never have discovered L’Heure Bleue and Jicky if I had to rely on local department stores and Sephora. Kinda sad about it.

    However, I have left a comment to this effect on the Guerlain website, so I’m sure that the policy will soon be reversed. Haha….oh, me……..

  • Eldarwen says:

    I was disappointed that this is happening but I had to grab a few decants.

    • Portia says:

      Totally Eldarwen,
      How can they think this is good for business. There’s a whole perfumista community here in Australia & New Zealand that now has zero access to anything other than our meagre department store collection.
      Portia xx

  • Shiva-woman says:

    Got the news this morning early West Coast time and even with the whopping discount still went over board. Warning: a limited edition sample of Guet Apens/Atrape Coeur I think it was, in my basket…sample available….poof! Gone by checkout, with a message. I went back to see if the sample was still listed, and it wasn’t. Some classic edp were gone, and edt left. So, do hurry! I’m puzzled why they did this, if it was Guerlain (though Perfumed Court and others are still selling Guerlains…), or STC going more indie/niche.

    • Portia says:

      Hey Shiva-Woman,
      I think everyone is being asked not to resell samples of Guerlain.
      Yes, it’s a BE QUICK moment.
      I have bought the last of a couple of things myself, trying to buy 2 but it would only let me purchase one.
      Portia xx