Dog Duty

TFrench Bulldogs Denverhis is what I’ve been doing!  See that cast on the Anya’s leg?  She had a greenstick fracture after leaping over my foot to go down into the basement.

That means four weeks of restricted mobility – no jumping, no up and down stairs, needing to keep an eye on her when she plays so it doesn’t get too rough, carrying her around, cuddling her in my lap so she sleeps.

Okay, not all of it sucks. She’s sweet and a great patient, but I am getting absolutely NOTHING done.  No work, no practice, a little yard work if the weather is cooperating.  This week, they are right now predicting snow in Denver on Friday.  I’m horrified.  Cold, wet, rain, dog with a broken leg.  Yeah, that’s fun to get them to go out and potty.

Sorry for the lack of anything. I am waiting on this new Siberian Musk thing from Areej Le Dore. There’s some major buzz about them.  Legally obtained deer musk grains.  This should be fun!

So until I manage to get some system in place for juggling injured and rambunctious puppies, you can talk amongst yourselves if you’ve heard about this Areej Le Dore stuff.  If this is great, I’m gonna need some of the other things.  Drop a comment to be entered to win a sample of it when it finally arrives maybe next week?

  • Nemo says:

    Poor puppy 🙁 I hope her leg heals quickly, and I hope the weather warms up in Denver!!

  • Kathleen says:

    Best wishes and kisses to Anya for a speedy recovery. Big hug to you for taking care of her! Love her through it! I am so dismayed at Denver’s forecast. It’s the end of May!!! I’m ready for summer and I’m still choosing from my winter fragrances and I should be transitioning to summer! Anyways, I understand caring for animals, my Boxer boy had Lou Gehrig’s disease (degenerative myelopathy in the dog world). He was paralyzed, and we carried his 70 pound body for almost 2 years. I’d have carried him to the moon and back to have him with me forever. It was the most special, bonding time ever, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Enjoy your time caring for Anya; it’s so special to have that time together and t’ll make your relationship even closer. Dogs are eternally grateful for all the loving and care they receive.

  • tiffanie says:

    Baroooo! for the big ouchie! but what an adorable cuddle puddle. 🙂

  • solanace says:

    Poor thing, wishing the puppy a speedy recovery!

  • Kandice says:

    I’ve dealt with the whole restricted movement thing with dogs multiple times, and it’s always very difficult. Despite your best intentions, they still find a way to do the things they shouldn’t be doing. Hang in there. It will get better. And that pic is adorable!

  • Lynne says:

    Alas, poor darlings! My heart is with you. But Denver weather is fickle and and there is always the chance a rainbow and sunshine will appear. Your little baby needs a baby tummy backpack. (You know the kind that fits snuggled right up under your breasts.) She will be snuggled in with her most prized person, you will be mobile, and loads of work will be done. Of course. Perfume sounds very interesting. Could be fantastic, or you could smell like an old goat that rolled in the neighbor’s flower bed. Would love to try it.

  • Doc Sinister says:

    Poor pup-baby 🙁 It’s so hard when they’re not feeling well / are injured and can’t understand why they’re not allowed to HAVE FUN.

  • HeidiC says:

    Poor baby! Lots of snuggles!

    VERY curious about the deer musk. Hmm. Looking forward to a report!

  • Poor pup and poor Mom! Hoping for quick healing for her. I love musks and animalics in general, so I”m really intrigued. Wondering though if the musk was obtained in a cruel-free way?

  • mikasminion says:

    Few things are harder than having an unwell pet. Restricting movement during healing is especially tricky and difficult, but your pet and your vet will both thank you for persevering!
    I hadn’t even heard of the deer musk thing, but being a huge fan of filthy musks,I’ll have to scope it out.

  • ScentSpirit says:

    Hope your dog is fully recovered soon. One of our cats has terminal cancer so a lot of our energy is going toward him right now. They are definitely a part of the family.

    • mikasminion says:

      You have my sympathy. I went through that with two cats over a three-year period and it’s horrible. I wish you and your kitty strength and comfort.

  • Tiara says:

    One of our dogs needed knee surgery after chasing the cat over the back of the couch. A pain for all, including the wallet. This too shall pass!

  • fanny says:

    Only when my dog is healthy can I breath and relax, so to speak. ;))
    Hope your pup will be better soon and adapt while it is still necessary. Take care now. 🙂

  • monika says:

    Poor little puppy! Lots of cuddles and treats will make the recovery go faster. You can guess who the cuddles and treats are for… 🙂

  • MMKinPA says:

    Poor puppy! I can’t imagine trying to manage a dog in a cast. Sending good thoughts your way.

  • jackie b says:

    Poor pup! I have a little rescue Pomeranian who leapt through a second story balcony one Christmas. On holiday. She ended up in a hot pink cast which she held out to the side as she raced around, they are so adaptable.
    Interested to try ‘deer’ musk.

  • MrsDalloway says:

    Claire Vukcevic has a nice review of that on .

    Sorry about your dog! And snow! One of my mother’s dogs is sweet but dim and always pranging herself in one way or another.

  • Koyel says:

    Poor puppy 🙁 I too have a cast on right now, but luckily, I’m better able to judge how to avoid playing too rough than she is. Not by much, mind.

    I’m very curious about that perfume, and not a bit sure I’ll like it. I want to try it anyway.

  • Kate E. says:

    Poor pup! That’s going to be a tough four weeks–I hope she isn’t in pain.

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Sorry about any doggy injury and hope the healing is fast.

  • verbenaluvvr says:

    Sorry to hear about your dog, best wishes for a quick and full recovery