Summertime and the Living is Breezy

As you, Tonstant Weader know, we have come to (almost) the end of the reno follies. They still have to repair the hole in the roof, but that is going to be a process involving permits, plans and people standing around deciding when and where, etc. etc. etc.. My main objective was to have the AC back up before June Gloom became July heat, and that has been achieved.

Mind you, this is the first place I’ve ever lived that had central air. My previous place of 20 years didn’t have it and really didn’t much need it, or so I told myself. It only got uncomfortable about 3 weeks out of the year due to the way the building was built and situated. But now that I have it and the temps in the ‘hood are flirting with 100 I am glad it’s here. So glad in fact that I had spent last weekend (and may do so this one since it will be equally warm) hermetically sealed in my place, ordering food deliveries and watching Netflix Streaming. I know this seems like the beginning of a news story involving PD breaking down my door, multiple cats and neighbors shaking their heads on camera, darkly intoning “we saw it coming, but didn’t know how to help..” as I am whisked off to Trembling Acres. But my job means that I am in constant contact with the public, and sometimes the idea of a week alone on a desert island seems like pure heaven.

Well, a desert island with 5-diamond resort amenities.

So this long preamble is to state that it is now Thursday and I have Jack-all to post about. I can tell you that “Kimmy Schmidt” is still brilliant and that if you haven’t seen “The Comeback” it’s on Netflix DVD and worth renting. I can attest that Rutanya Alda’s “Mommie Dearest Diaries” is about the best summer reading you can find, and YouTube is seemingly a new source of programs you forgot about. I can state that Tree of Life beauty makes various lotions, potions, balms and salves that aren’t pricey and really good. If any of you have a new soap that you’re kvelling about, I’d like to hear about it. I can also tell you that the AC on a BMW isn’t nearly as luxurious as the one that comes on a Cadillac, At least the one on mine. It gets cooler in increments, like it’s saying “just put the top down you wuss..” The Cadillac you set to 65 and if it’s been parked in the valley for four hours, it is going to to it’s darnedest to get you to 65. even if that means throwing shaved ice out of the vents.

I am wearing all my old summer favorite scents, which you already know.

So what are you doing for the summer? What are you reading, watching, wearing or exploring? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Kate E. says:

    You are living my dream on your weekends! I’ve been buried in statistics homework because I made the bad life decision to take the class in 6 weeks over the summer instead of during the regular semester. I’d dearly love a break but I just have to power through. My little box of samples sits on my desk and gets me through the rough times.

  • Cb Sutcliffe says:

    just finished my bottle of Rose Ikebana – love it in the summer!

  • otamom says:

    Today I am celebrating Le 14 Juillet by wearing French perfume all day. I started with L’Occitane Pamplemousse Rhubarb early this morning and am refreshing with Guerlains throughout the day.

  • maggiecat says:

    I am a community college professor, so I am in front of an audience much of my day, and constantly interacting with students and colleagues individually and via email when I’m not. By the time I get home, email and FB are all I can handle, and sometimes I just want to talk baby talk to my cat. Or the dog. They both seem to enjoy it…
    I’m rocking Dame Perfumery Earth Woman today and my goodness but it’s beautiful! Different from anything else I own, yet somehow completely “me.” Wonderful line to explore for those who have not – generous samples with free shipping. (no affiliation – just a swooning fan)
    Enjoy the AC, Tom!

  • Paddy says:

    I totally relate about hiding in my home after a week of working with the retail public here in Santa Fe. Exhausting.. Binge watched Glow on Netflix. Really enjoyed it!! Reminded me of LA in the early eighties. I lived in Venice then. I’ve been wearing Phoenix Botanicals Vanilla Sea and Saffron Veil. Beautiful light scents. Just wish they,d last longer than an hour. Hoping for more rain today.

  • Buly 1803 soaps are the bomb. They have shops overseas but now you can get them at Bergdorf Goodman. Eleven scents in all. They also have water perfumes, oils, toothpaste, sponges and everything you need. Fave soap is Al Kassir. Call BG and ask for the Buly 1803 Apothecary on the Beauty Level. Ask for Christina. Check out their website at

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    Oh Tom — it’s delightful to hear from you withal. I actually don’t know your favorite hot-weather frags, just fyi. I recently went to NOLA and visited Hove parfumeurs, so am a bit fixated on those offerings — really loving Bayou d’Amour and Habanero. Also newly discovered, Ames Soeurs by Joya (in Brooklyn), such a good orange blossom /incense/cedar, unisex, refreshing and lovely. Finishing a massage therapist program and mentally readying myself for the push of under-employment – to- entry-level transitional endeavor!