Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot Cologne

I have to write that Jo Malone is not a company that I have bought much of. Oh all right, I haven’t bought any of them. It’s not that I dislike them- I’ve been known to cruise by the display by the entrance to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and try out a few and have friends who swear by them. It’s just that I like a little, well, more. I may be devoted to Lacoste shirts and topsiders and all other aspects of “quiet good taste” that my starchy New England upbringing inculcated into me, but in my scents, I like a little more, well. “oomph,” even if i wear only enough that I will be the one smelling it.

So I was surprised to see in a gift with purchase that Jo Malone was fronting an Oud. I suppose I should not have been since everybody and their great aunt Harriet have done something with Oud- it’s become the olfactory equivalent in the last few years of what sun-dried tomatoes were to the culinary world in the 80’s. Done and done to death.

But what surprised me is that I really like Jo Malone’s take on it. Being Jo Malone it’s not going to slap you across the face, but it’s a really nice scent. I like the juxtaposition of the citrus and the smoky, slightly oily oud accord. On me it doesn’t seem to do much else and the lasting power isn’t that great (about 3 hours) and at $180 for a 100ML bottle I don’t think I am going to be whipping out my credit card for it. But as an Oud introduction it is a nice start. Maybe an Oud gateway drug?

If you have a favorite Oud (or a favorite Jo Malone,) please let us know in the comments.

Image: Jo Malone. My sample was a gift with purchase of my Serge Lutens from Barney’s

  • Annabel Farrell says:

    I first met the Jo Malone range in her tiny shop in Walton Street Knightsbridge in…er, about 1980 maybe, and bought Basil Lime and Mandarin which I loved (for a while). Still rather think it hasn’t been improved on by JM!

  • Meg O says:

    I really like Mimosa & Cardamom, especially in autumn. It really lasts on me, and I get a bit of a sweaty/cumin-y smell from it that makes it a touch more interesting versus just being pleasant. I also liked a couple of the Rock the Ages scents: I thought Tudor Rose and Amber was especially good (I’m a sucker for rose), but I have a different perfume that’s a near-smell-alike to it, so I didn’t pick it up.

  • monika says:

    I find many of JM scents quite nice. Simple, uncomplicated and nice. However, they have absolutely NO staying power on me. Such a shame. ūüôĀ

  • Tara C says:

    You can layer Oud & Bergamot over their matching body cream, or get a mule in London to bring you back a bottle of their Rich Extract version.

    I am really enjoying the JM Incense Cedrat lately. But my favourite JM oud is the Rose Velours & Oud which is plenty strong by itself.

    Sometimes I layer Mona di Orio Oud & Osmanthus over the JM Oud Bergamot body creme.

  • Mariann says:

    Mimosa and Cardamon, I also have to limited editions, all in small bottles which I really appreciate.

  • Maya says:

    I’m with you, I don’t dislike Jo Malone but the perfumes are nothing special to me. They also give a lot of people I know headaches. No great oud love here, but who knows, there may be one out there for me yet.

  • verbenaluvvr says:

    I have had many JMs over the years, but Nutmeg and Ginger is my favorite