Guerlain goings-on

Not long ago we talked about how Guerlain had been pulled out (or maybe they were doing the pulling?) of most high-end department stores. Initially, I thought it was just a move by Neiman Marcus (where I first saw it was missing) to get more floor space for other, newer lines. But when I heard that so many others also were dismantling their Guerlain counters, I began to wonder. I know in the U.S. that Guerlain has a stand-alone boutique in Las Vegas (and perhaps several more that I don’t know about). And of course, a pretty big presence in Europe, especially France.

A quick peek around the Internet shows that the big guns are still offering most of the Guerlain line on their Web sites, so that’s something, although not much comfort for those of us who want to browse and spritz to our hearts’ content.

When new Guerlain offerings are launched, I’m hoping that Surrender to Chance will still be able to carry them, so at least we can give them an initial sniff. Blind buys, at least for me, are a big no-no.

So I’m just checking in for an update. Have any of you heard anything more about this phenomenon? A reader last month said they thought they saw it being packed up at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Anyone in L.A. or Chicago or elsewhere that can tell us what’s happening in the big stores near you?

It will be interesting to find out what’s behind all this and how it will eventually affect those of us who are Guerlain fans.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

  • eldarwen22 says:

    My first inkling that there were going to be big doings is early in Febuary when I couldn’t find Liu and L’Heure decide Nuit from the Les Parisinnes line. Apparently they are either discontinued or Guerlain is going to keep them just in their stand alone boutiques. I’ve never been amused with Guerlain’s need to have 2 exclusive lines.

  • DinaC says:

    I’ll need to check out the high end department stores in my area to see what’s up. I know that Guerlain had a nice boutique in the France area of Epcot in Disney World the times I went there. That’s where I first sniffed Chamade parfum and loved it.

  • Maggiecat says:

    Odd this should cone up now. Just found my little sample of Liu and dabbed it. I may need more of this one…

  • Troy says:

    The Guerlain Spa in NYC moved to The Plaza hotel last year. I visited this summer and wasn’t impressed with the fragrance set up. It was a single counter back in a corner with very little on offer. I was expecting much more, but maybe something else is in the works.

  • Nina Z says:

    I was just at Nieman Marcus in San Francisco and they had the whole same Guerlain department, with the same SA who has been there for years. She had me sniff the latest releases and we had a great conversation.

    • Kate E. says:

      What a relief to hear this! I hope to make the trek into the City after the holidays and do some sniffing/shopping. I was afraid I’d missed out!

  • Miria says:

    They were still in Saks in Boston a cpuple weeks ago. Love to try in person, SDV is on my list of ‘Always spray, buy one day…’

  • When I recently bought from the Guerlain Toronto boutique (free shipping to the states), the manager told me that the person who is in charge of Guerlain-Canada is taking charge of Guerlain-USA, and she hoped that would mean better distribution for the USA. Maybe something to do with the 100 freestanding boutiques they’re planning for 2018 worldwide.