Parfum de Maroc by Mandy Aftel for Aftelier Perfumes

Hey Hey Posse! Mandy Aftel is amazing. Through her talents of writing, creating, teaching and producing she has basically single handedly inspired a swathe of Indie perfumers to give it a go. Some of the most boundary pushing work is happening in this realm and a lot of fearless magical creation is blossoming, quite a lot of it really good. Parfum de Maroc is a perfect case in point.

Parfum de Maroc by Mandy Aftel for Aftelier Perfumes

Parfum de Maroc by Mandy Aftel for Aftelier PerfumesFragrantica

Aftelier Perfumes gives these featured accords:
Top: Saffron, galangal
Heart: Turkish rose, nutmeg
Base: Cardamom, myrrh

Parfum de Maroc was one of the first Mandy Aftel fragrances I fell for, I have a bottle that gets worn regularly. As it has aged it has become even more interesting and beautiful.

Spicy floral inspired by an ancient Moroccan spice recipe Ras el Hanout or “top of the shop” – a mixture of the best spices a seller has to offer….

At once spicy, sweet and resinous like the best curries the opening of Parfum de Maroc is so enticing and full of nuance. It is warm here in Sydney and I feel like I’m back in an African or middle Eastern spice market. Maybe even in India, standing near a street vendor as the spices hit the ghee on the hot pan under the baking sun. This is the kind of spicy gourmand that makes me salivate in expectation of a flavour explosion.

One of my most reminiscent fragrance memories of how the heart of Parfum de Maroc smells is from  my birthday at the Wildflower Hall in Shimla in 2012 with my BFF Kath watching the chefs cook fabulous meals through the glass. Some of the spiciest and most elegant dishes would come out for us or waft past to other diners. Trailing smoke and scent in equal quantities. Happy memories right there.

Parfum de Maroc Aftelier Wildflower Hall Shimla Oberoi HotelsOberoi Hotels

Quite a big sillage for the first 40 minutes and then softens to a quiet spicy skin overlay. Longevity is good, still softly fragrant at 4 hours.

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Did you try or buy Parfum de Maroc last time it was available? Will you this time?
Portia xx


Portia also writes for Australian Perfume Junkies

  • Musette says:

    Ras el Hanout is one of my favorite spice mixtures (mine is from The Spice House in Geneva IL, where they blend it by hand) – I love it for its interesting ‘Everyday Exotic’ quality (if that makes sense) – I’m going to have to try Mandy’s Maroc! Thanks for sharing this gem! xoxoxoxoA

  • Mandy Aftel says:

    Thank you so much dearest Portia. AND Shiva-Woman I am so happy you will be coming to my holiday open house and get a chance see my little museum. See you soon! ??????

  • shiva-woman says:

    I’m so excited! We have tickets for the museum Saturday December 2nd, and we are going to the open house on Sunday. We’re about about two hours from Berkley–I can’t wait to see and sniff!!! And this one you’ve reviewed is gonna get a test drive.