Tom Ford Vanille Fatale Review & a Drawing for a Sample!


Tom Ford Vanille Fatale was just released.  I was prepared to hate it/love it, sorta like any other vanilla Tom Ford, which are actually pretty none, except Tobacco Vanille.  That one definitely is a hateit/loveit.   Get what they are doing, know it’s wildly popular, but it’s just tooooooo much for me.

Tom Ford Vanille Fatale is everything Tobacco Vanille is not. Has a touch of suede, so check on the leather. Has incense in it.  Yeah, that’s working for me.  Oh, let’s see, what else?  Coffee.  OMG, yes.  Just the right amount.  Myrrh and saffron whispering around the edges.  And then… narcissus and a wee bit of frangipani.  you’re not going to notice those that much, but it smooths lots of things out in all the right ways.  All the notes –  saffron, coriander, myrrh, olibanum, vanilla, coffee, narcissus, frangipani, mahogany and suede.

Honestly, I could not love this any more than I do.  It’s a little Le Labo Vanille, but not that ephemeral, has some of the best things about Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille in there, but holds back on slapping you in the face with the tobacco and vanilla. It is pretty much perfect, I can’t think of anything I would change in it.    It is a wafting vanilla, not too heavy, balanced out beautifully by the incense and coffee.  Not much makes me so happy as a well-done coffee note thrown in.

There have not been a lot of Tom Ford Private Blends that I wear much.  Some I like, the one white floral, Shanghai Lily, that I do wear now and then. I love London for its skank, just don’t wear it much. I’ve been wearing Tom Ford Vanille Fatale every day since I got it a few days ago, finally just decanted out a good-sized decant to have with me.

Shocked?  Yeah, wasn’t expecting this to be this subtle and easy to wear.  Vanilla used to not be a love for me, but I’ve learned to appreciate  a few of them, and I am super happy to be adding this to my Vanilla I LOVE list.  I don’t think you have to be a vanilla lover to appreciate it.  You may not wear it that much, it’s not heavily gourmand, it’s a nice blend with the other notes.  If you demand your vanilla be super strong, it may not work for you.

Of course we are doing a giveaway.  Drop a comment to be entered in a giveaway. I’ll give away four samples to lucky commenters draw at random!

  • Mary O says:

    I hope I’m not too late for the giveaway entry! This sounds so nice!

  • vanille and tobacco…it sounds great

  • Roxann says:

    I love the Vanille Tobacco, but sometimes it’s just too much!! I would love to try this. Coffee in any fragrance gets my attention!

  • Gaila Kenneally says:

    I would love to sample this creation. I fell in love with Shalimar Ode `a la vanille Sur la route de Madagascar. I received a sample from a dear friend . Sadly, I was not able to afford a full bottle of the fragrance. Similar situation here/now! HaHA- But please, pick me! I want to be seduced!!!!

  • MI says:


  • audesko1 says:

    I would love to try. I love how this scent sounds!

  • Sylvia says:

    Yes. Love vanilla and coffee. Thanks for the chance!

  • morejasmineplease says:

    My Nordstrom SA said they sold out of this in a day or two which reinforces Patty’s experiences but this one did not capture my heart in the same way. Perhaps it’s because the SA sprayed TV immediately after my first whiff of VF (note to self: watch for overzealous SAs in future!). I definitely like VF way more than TV but at first I hardly smelled *anything* from VF, and then a tiny vanilla came in with some floral. Never got much of the suede but definitely got a shimmer of booze around the edges. This morning the scent card is all vanilla to me yet exceedingly light. Since Orchid Soleil was my gateway drug to this entire world of perfume, I have a soft spot for anything that comes out from TF (despite the overly sexualized ads) so it was nice to see this review!. Please exclude me from the draw; I just wanted to capture some thoughts. I am often too easily swayed by perfume reviews and I intentionally avoided reading this until I tried VF for myself. I love seeing others react to their new loves!! I’m finally also finding my own sense of self in this world too. Thank you to Patty and everyone here for teaching me so much!!

  • Anna Egeria P. says:

    I’d love to try this Tom Ford fragrance! Thank you for the drawing.

  • Birdling says:

    Holy hell that sounds incredible. I’d love to enter for a draw, thanks for the offer! Happy New Year!

  • jills says:

    I’d love to enter. I love Tom Ford.Thanks.

  • Peppermoon says:

    I’d like to enter – I love vanilla and Tobacco Vanille but I must admit to rolling my eyes when I saw “Vanille Fatale” because the world doesn’t need another basic vanilla scent. But your review piques my interest and I’m always happy to be proven wrong so I’ll check it out.

  • Sapphire says:

    Lordy, this sounds good! Tobacco Vanille was always a little much for me until I retried it this week in our super cold weather. This sounds perfect! I usually don’t have a longevity problem unless it’s a very light floral or 4711.

  • springpansy says:

    Yes, please enter me in the draw. I am a fan of TF’s Noir de Noir, but not the TV… This one sounds absolutely lovely. Thanks.

  • Kate E. says:

    Thanks for the draw! It sounds wonderful for this weather.

  • Karen Taylor says:

    With the price of true vanilla skyrocketing, any exploration of vanilla by Tom Ford is something to look forward to

  • Neva says:

    Tom Ford perfumes are usually too intense for my taste so this may be the right thing. Let’s see…thanks for the giveaway.

  • I agree that a touch of coffee makes everything better. Would love to sample this. Thank you!

  • Kathryn says:

    Sounds lovely! Thanks for the chance to win a sample.

  • grizzlesnort says:

    Ooh! Please enter me in your draw!

  • Heather Raine says:

    Ooooooooh that sounds lovely! I hope I win one 😀 Vanilla scents are some of my favorites.

  • Tati says:

    I LOVE vanilla scents. My favorite is L’artisan Vanille Absolument and the Mona di Orio. Did not care for Ford’s Tabacco Vanille but this sounds wonderful. Love his Cafe Rose for the coffee note.

  • Claudia D. says:

    I’ve been dying to sniff this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Janet in California says:

    I would love to try it. I had pretty much given up on TF but this may draw me back.

  • Rosemary says:

    Thanks for the draw, I don’t know that I have anything vanilla in my repertoire; certainly nothing named for that note, so I don’t know if I’m a vanilla enthusiast or not!

  • Lynne Marie says:

    So excited to hear about this release – I am all about the vanilla and love Tom Ford, so I know I have to try this. I love Tobacco and Vanille, but in small doses. I am hoping this new release is more wearable in an everyday fashion. Thanks for the draw!

  • AnnieA says:

    The only TF I stumped up for is Tuscan Leather and only vanilla bottle is AA Ylang Vanille.

  • ScentSpirit says:

    Sounds wonderful. I don’t have many vanilla scents. Should rectify that this year.

  • Bastet says:

    Would love to try this, thanks for the review and the draw.

  • Sheri Feitshans says:

    I’d love to compare it with Tobacco Vanille!

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    I like a lot of vanilla scents, but haven’t fallen in love with Tom Ford’s since Black Orchid. Okay…so many to try, and I am not keeping up, LOL! The notes for this one definitely call to me, especially the suede, incense, coffee.. Snowing here this morning. I think I will put on a dab of Le Labo Vanille.

  • Peppy OBrien says:

    Love vanilla Tom Ford Scents. Would love to try thi s.

  • Jennifer S. says:

    I have not found a vanilla I can appreciate as of yet. Gourmand is not my favorite category but this TF sounds complex enough to actually forget there may be vanilla in it! Intriguing. Thanks for the chance!

  • MaureenC says:

    Sounds really interesting, would love to try it

  • Irina says:

    mmmm, sounds a must-try; thanks for the draw

  • Samantha says:

    MeMeMe! Tabacco Vanille reminds me of that time I ate a whole bag of marshmallows (I was 6) then that time I smoked a while packet of ciggies (I was 16) then that time i drowned myself in TF TV. All had similar effects…..

  • Koyel says:

    Wow, that sounds fabulous. I’d love to try it! Of course, I also liked Tobacco Vanille, so I might just be an easy audience.

  • Amber Adamastos says:

    This description sells! Can’t wait to try it.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I found Tobacco Vanille to be overwhelming and I hope this one will turn out better for me.

  • Veronika says:

    Thank you for the review and for the draw. I am crazy about Tobacco Vanille and I d love to try this one too. Thanks again.

  • Artist says:

    My only beloved Tom Ford fragrance is Shanghai Lily….but Vanille Fatale sounds like it could get me to share my love!!!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Kathleen says:

    I would love to sample Vanille Fatale. I love vanilla fragrance that isn’t too sweet and the notes in this one sound beautiful in your review. My favorite Tom Ford fragrance is Amber Absolute.

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    This really does sound like the ideal vanilla combo for me. I didn’t feel compelled to try Tobacco Vanille, just felt more if a kinship with the reviewers that disliked it (thick, syrupy, cloying) than those who described it favorably (that it smells expensive / like money (??)). Complex vanillas definitely hold my attention. Thanks for the draw!

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Love all kinds of vanillas, and would love to try this one!

  • Karen says:

    Ooo! Oooo! I wanna try it! Randomly pick ME! I don’t even have a single big box of samples yet. Is that not just the saddest tale?? Need more, don’tcha think? 🙂

  • nicevulady says:

    It sounds so wonderful. I do so hope I get to sample it. I love vanilla if it isn’t too sweet and this sounds perfect. Thank for the draw.

  • Patti says:

    Vanilla is a true love of mine, whether a little or a lot. Eager to smell/try.

  • Tiara says:

    I’d love to try this! Micallef’s Note Vanillee is one of my favorite scents so curious to see how this compares. Shanghai Lily gets lots of wear but it’s the only Tom Ford I’ve fallen for thus far. Wanted to love both Soleil Blanc and White Suede but was disappointed.

  • MMKinPA says:

    I have Tobacco Vanille on today. Like but not love. Would love to try the new one!

  • Patty Pong says:

    Love to try 🙂

  • Lej says:

    Oh I think this sounds divine! I love a good vanilla perfume especially one that isn’t a sugar bomb. I appreciate TF’s Tobacco Vanilla on other people but I can’t wear it. the tobacco is so strong it makes me sneeze continuously! But
    I’d love to try this! Also- anyone out there tried Montale’s Vanilla Chypre? Has it been discontinued? A friend gave me a tiny sample back before I truly developed a passion for vanilla scents but it evaporated before I could really try it. But the scent that was left in the vial was amazing. It’s become my obsession to try again, if just to see if it lives up to my memory!

    • shiva-woman says:

      LEJ I cannot tell you about the Chypre, but I have to say Montale’s perfumes do not work for me. I have the incense intense, which I like, but two of his vanillas were really ghastly–I rarely write bad reviews but those were bad, and I did. I think there are some other much better vanillas out there like Vanilla Mona di Orio, or if you want something sweeter, maybe the Guerlain Spiritueuse.

  • Tara C says:

    DNEM as I have tried it already and decided it’s not for me. It smells absolutely wonderful, but it peters out to a weak skin scent after only a couple of hours, and this was after 12 spritzes. I’ll stick with Tihota and Vanitas. In fact I sprayed Vanitas this morning and 8 hours later it’s still radiating like crazy. Now that’s a vanilla!

  • Sand says:

    Oh man, this sounds so good!

  • Pam says:

    Ok, sounds great! I would love to try it. Yeah, Tobacco Vanille is so strong it will be there next week on me. But I love vanilla and this sounds sooo good.

  • Taxi says:

    This sounds uniquely appealing. I really love vanilla as a food flavor & have tried a couple of vanilla scents. I’d love to compare this to MdeG Vocalise & Anne Pliska.

  • Ann says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • pjmcbride says:

    Sounds good! I was hesitant–being Tom Ford, I thought it would be overwhelming.

  • Kandice says:

    DNEM as I just ordered a sample of this to try along with Tobacco Vanille so I can compare the two. I can’t wait to try this. The notes list makes it sound like it could go horribly awry or be absolutely beautiful. I’m hoping for the latter, and based on your post I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. And I absolutely love a good vanilla scent, so I would be very happy to find another to add to my collection. Best of luck to everyone else in the draw!

  • Claudia S says:

    Ooooo! I’d love to try it. Thanks for the draw!