I Just Can’t

Last week was one of my busiest at work — our public policy forum and members’ meeting.  This week I’m celebrating by… well, dragging myself home like a sad balloon because I am just so tired.  Soooo tired.  I rested all weekend and still the 15-minute walk home from the subway tonight was like scaling Everest.  Sad trombones, people! I don’t even think I’m getting sick.  I think I just …. need a new battery or something?  I actually do need a new battery for my car, along with a new exhaust system, and they want like $750 for all of that.  Who wants to spend $750 on car parts when I could be buying vintage Guerlain, or shoes?!?  What a ripoff!  Assuming I manage to get out of bed tomorrow I’m going to set a calendar reminder to be hugely resentful about that $750, followed by a later alarm to get over myself and go buy a new lipstick.

So what do you do when you just can’t?  Take a hot bath?  Read a good book? Go to bed until next week?  Maybe I need comfort food.  I’m gonna lie here and whimper until someone brings me pizza and cheesecake.

  • Masha says:

    After major cardiac issues stemming in part from Hurricane Irma, and lots of hospital time, the Fatigue you describe is my new roomie, too…. I’ve been thinking, like Abby in NCIS, to buy a coffin for my very necessary naps- this will signal to everyone that I am not available for the 30 minutes of repose I now need. Don’t know if you’re willing to go this far, not sure if I am!

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    Sometimes I just go where no one will find me for a bit and have a good cry when I have reached my limit. Letting all that frustration about family, work, etc. out is so much better than holding it in. Often I find that it is after a good hard cry that I am able to think more clearly, toughen my resolve, and come up with a solution to my problem. I’d also go for the cheesecake if it was available! 🙂

  • Maggiecat says:

    I know how you feel and would bring cheesecake and pizza if I could!

  • tiffanie says:

    Sourdough bread, lightly toasted and buttered, or with avocado if I’m feeling “healthy” is my go to treat. Just ate some! Also gentle yoga and a nap. Hang in there and take care.

    I bought a new car battery last week. Didn’t think much about it but yes that’s a full bottle of perfume’s worth of new battery, and my car didn’t even thank me.

  • filomena813 says:

    I sip on a glass of wine, read or watch something on TV.

  • Tara C says:

    Great advice here. I lie around and rest, read, watch tv, cuddle the dogs, eat comfort food and go to my daily yoga class whether I feel like it or not. Yoga nidra is indeed very restful. Getting outside for a walk is great too if weather permits. Hope you feel better soon!

  • springpansy says:

    I’m going to be annoying and say that along with the other great advice to wait it out, read a good book, unplug and have some downtime, I would also recommend some good hard exercise. It can be a walk at a good clip or a class – whatever you like. It can even be brief – even 15 – 20 minutes can help. I know it’s hard when you’re down and tired. But sweating a bit will get those endorphins recharged and help you feel better. (I give myself the same annoying advice and when I follow it, it works.)

  • Kathryn says:

    You’re such a good writer that I can almost feel (and I have in my life felt) the bone-crushing exhaustion you describe. You can still crack a joke, though, so that’s a good sign.

    My best suggestion for getting through this is to check out Yoga Nidra, a meditative practice directed toward deep rest and relaxation. No downward dogs, etc., involved. You just lie down under a blanket and listen to a guided meditation that helps you understand and eventually rise above your exhaustion. Karen Brody’s Daring to Rest book and recordings are a great introduction to Yoga Nidra and can be sampled for free online at SoundsTrue, mindbodygreen, and the Daring to Rest website. So, you don’t have to move, go anywhere, buy anything–just rest, as deeply as you can. Hope this helps.

  • Gwenyth says:

    I agree with everything written by the other great folks here.
    Too often, in our society, there is always something happening — someplace to go, something to do, a constant barrage of sounds, responsibilities, expectations, etc. Sometimes it just seems Too Much. The best thing I have found to soothe my soul is to detach and unplug – for an entire day, at least.
    It is perfectly fine for a body to need quiet and solitude at periodic intervals. The interlude of “me time” gets me back on track and I’m better able to deal with everything in my world.

    My mother (a wise woman) used to say “Mama told me there’d be days like this….” and “This, too, shall pass”.. She was correct in both instances.
    Best wishes, March. You are appreciated by many – me included. [big smile]

  • Holly Walker says:

    I’m sorry you’re so drained! I was feeling this way last week and decided to just carve out a mainly “nothing” weekend, no big commitments…only doing whatever I felt like doing in the moment. I ended up spending lots of time walking my dog, reading and some TV watching. And lots of comparing perfume reviews, etc. Dogs, reading and perfume…my idea of fun times!

  • Musette says:

    you weirdo. why didn’t you SAY something – although I’m glad you didn’t because this post is hysterical! Okay – you know I fight this fight ere’yday! Or near’bouts. Usually a hot shower (I wouldn’t bathe in this tub if you put a gun to my head) then something …creamy…guacamole? mac ‘n cheese or fettalfredo? Then…depends…if I think watching something on the TeeVee won’t ramp up my exhaustion or anxiety, then I do so (usually old episodes of GBBO) but if that doesn’t work I take my sorry ass to bed and leaf through shelter rags or look at crap on Pinterest. Or sleep.
    ps. I make my own MacCheese but if that ain’t your jam, stop at your fave restaurant and pick something up – or, here’s a thought: ORDER IN! You live in civ – you can do that!


  • Kathleen says:

    I get how you feel and downtime is the best medicine.
    I tend to get exhausted by too much time around people and I recharge my batteries by spending more time at home and alone (with pups), very grounding for me. I’m a true introvert, I get my energy from detaching from the world.
    Do whatever pleases you and give yourself time. Xoxo

  • Ann says:

    Oh March! Sorry you are so exausedted, ug. This crappy weather does not help, and stealing an hour of our time on top of it is insulting.

    I do get exhausted a lot…what do I do what do I do…I think waiting it out is pretty good advice – that’s usually what I do when I eat chocolate cake. “Manage your expectations” is something I’ve been hearing in my head a lot .

    You’re still able to write a really funny post though! Sad balloon 🙂

  • cinnamon says:

    Weary! At least that’s how I think of feeling like that. Early nights, reading, comfort food help, in my experience. Massage makes a big difference, though. Seems to get the sludge moving. Feh on the car — so unhelpful. What about a really nice meal out the day after the massage? And one of those new Laura Mercier matte pencil things? the colours look wonderful.

  • Maya says:

    Sounds like you got a visit from mild D.Pression. He and I are old battling buddies who declared a truce. I have always just waited it out. Do whatever feels good – watch happy movies/shows, eat what you want, listen to silly songs. How about (YouTube) My Ding-a-Ling by Chuck Berry and The Scotsman by Bryan Bowers? LOL. 🙂 Spring will be here soon – ignore everything to the contrary.