I swear, I am still around!

I am so sorry for my absence. The selling/moving adventures took  turn. I sold my house, but the buyer was shaky, and they changed their mind four days after going under contract.  (Puppies on the road trip to Kansas. I wish I could figure out how to flip that darn picture.

Ugh.  My agent knew it was a shaky buyer that I should have ignored, but — anyway, I pulled it from the market, fired my agent and got another one.  Did a few things to the house that came up on feedback, still doing a few final touches, then going back on the market in a week and a half.

Work has been insane, plus I don’t have any new things to sniff!  STC decided to move all the perfumes to Lisa’s house in Wisconsin since I was moving and it made sense to just be in one location. So I have zero new things to sniff.  I was going to have Lisa send me things, but I was waiting for a few things to come in before I did that.  So with the lack of new sniffage, I just have a lot of old things around.  Some faves.

Wearing a lot of Serge de Profundis and Guerlain Apres L’Ondee, along with le Labo Vanille 44 and Ormonde Jayne Woman and Orlov Star of the Season.

The puppies are fine. Buddy, believe it not, is still hanging in there.  We are at end of life for him, but he still shows up for breakfast and dinner happily, just slower, and no jumping around now.  I’m not sure when  he’ll be ready to go, nad maybe he’ll wind up making it to Kansas with us!  The vet gave me some really good tranquilizers for him to relieve his anxiety of we do that. So I’m not worried about that anymore

So tell me what’s new that you love right now? I feel so out of the loop!

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you for the picture of the pups. As the crazies of life build I’m so glad you have them to help calm return. Hoping Buddy’s journey remains gentle.
    Been wearing Ormonde Jane Woman. There is a power in that scent (as pretty as it is) that calls forth the “don’t mess with me I’m on a roll” part of my personality.
    May your adventure in moving be resolved rapidly.

  • maggiecat says:

    Moving and selling a house are both so stressful! I hope you have a good agent now (if you ever want to come to Texas, I’m married to a great one!) and that things will go smoothly. I’m waiting on all the new jasmine scents – from Guerlain (a Souffle flanker!), L’Artisan, and Eau d’Italie. And Dusita. I will be in Paris next month (squeee!) and don’t even know where to begin once I’m there. But for now it’s 10-14 hour days trying to finish out the semester. Sigh.

  • Lynne Marie says:

    Echoing Musette, sometimes you just need pretty or familiar… Every spring I turn to IL Tuo Tulipano ( yellow.) It just smells … hopeful. Which might not be a bad thing for you right now. You did the right thing to fire your real estate agent and get someone new. I should have done that with my house but didn’t and it cost me plenty. You’re doing the right thing even if it takes you longer to sell the house.

  • Musette says:

    Whew! You have had a TIME of it! Glad to know things are not dire – and that house will sell fast, once you get a good agent. It’s GORGEOUS!

    March just made me sample Chanel Gabrielle – and boy am I glad I did! It’s flat-out PRETTY! Nothing interesting or intriguing – just pretty. And sometimes that’s all you need – or want.


  • Tara C says:

    So sorry about the PITA selling the house. I’ve been overwhelmed with a veterinary crisis for the past week that thankfully seems pretty much resolved. We are on the downhill slide with one of my dogs, no telling when she’ll actually go but I’m grateful for every day with her. Sending you positive vibes for your move and for Buddy. I am out of the perfume loop too, and totally broke from vet bills. The forseeable future will be dedicated to enjoying the massive collection I already own, which is a good thing.

  • rina says:

    I’m sorry about your house, that agent should’ve been fired. Good luck with the new one! My new love is an old one actually, and one I never hear about. I’d be interested on your take if you’ve tried it, L’Wren Scott…. There is something so addictive in the licorice note that I want to find it in other things as well. It’s such a beautiful, tragic fragrance. One I feel channels her spirit quite well… Thankfully (maybe with her help), I’ve been able to snag 2 full bottles off EB, so I’m set for awhile. Hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you and the pups!