Graduation gifts: What’s your pleasure?

Now that we’re into May, thoughts of graduations, both high school and college, come to mind. I don’t have any graduates this year, but it got me thinking, Now what have I sniffed recently that would make a good graduation gift?

Of course, if the graduate already has a firm foot in fragrance, then buying them something that they already enjoy, perhaps in a different form such as body lotion or body cream, is a no-brainer. Or another fragrance that’s in the same family but different enough to be likely to please them, or something completely unexpected to intrigue them. And a gift certificate to a decant service such as Surrender to Chance would open up a whole world of perfume to the recipient.

But what about the person who is pretty new to fragrance, just dipping their toe in and looking for something pretty to wear?

I know Sephora (and perhaps Ulta?) used to offer a package with multiple samples and a gift certificate/credit that the recipient could apply to whichever scent struck their fancy.

Other than that, Kate Spade might be a good starting point, and that line offers rollerballs. In fact, a cute little gift bag with a rollerball or two in it would be just the ticket for many a graduate, without breaking the gifter’s bank account. Of course, several of the newer Chanels would be good choices as well, such as Gabrielle, L’Eau or one of the Allures or Mademoiselles. And Marc Jacobs’ line of scents always come in adorable packaging. Also, let’s not forget Dior’s J’Adore line; they all seem to smell nice and the newer one I wrote about last week struck me as pretty but not overwhelming.

What about you? Are you gifting fragrance to anyone for graduation? Or what have you been given as a graduate? What would you like to receive if you were graduating?

  • Nemo says:

    A nicely packaged set of manufacturer’s samples, like the Ineke alphabet series or the ELDO discovery kit, would be a fun gift!

  • Musette says:

    I love introducing folks to new scents – usually start with easy ones, like the new Gabrielle. Which I find quite pretty! xoxoxo

  • hczerwiec says:

    Ooooh, it seems so dangerous to buy perfume for someone else! Maybe buy them that Luckyscent service where they have you fill out a questionnaire and then send you samples they think you’d like?

  • March says:

    My nephew is graduating from high school this year. I’ve given him Terre d’Hermes and CdG Blue in the past, both of which he likes, so I’m reluctant to go that route again…. his younger sister got Chanel Coco Mad for her 16th and seemed pleased. They think of me as the perfume auntie.