Sticky Monday – Freshen Up

sticky heat wave

Hey everyone, it’s March, hijacking Ann’s post so you won’t worry.  This weather is awful, innit?!  I felt like I was walking around in a sauna today.  I’ll be back on the Posse when it cools off and my brain isn’t melting.

Even despite near-ubiquitous air-conditioning, at the end of the day during these dog days of August, I often seem to wind up feeling slightly sweaty, sticky, and definitely un-fresh. A late shower takes care of it, but on days when I’m tight on time, scheduled to within an inch of my life, another solution is necessary.

Riding to the rescue is a new fave of mine: Bulgari Eau Parfumee Refreshing Towels. These come in several different scents (Au The Vert, Au The Rouge, Au The Blanc, Au The Noir) and all are nice, but the Au The Bleu has turned out to be my favorite (BTW, please forgive the lack of accents).

Just tear open the packet, unroll the surprisingly substantial towel, swipe generously over all the sticky parts and voila! — instant refreshment. These leave behind a gentle waft of scent, soft enough to leave you feeling fresh but not overpowering to those around you. The refreshing towelettes are perfect for travel, lovely to leave in a little basket of goodies in a guest room, to use as little gifts or for stuffing stockings come the holiday season. Now Bulgari’s little gems don’t come cheap, but I’ve gotten a few in various stores’ beauty GWP bags and have even bought a couple off eBay.

Another anti- sticky heat buster is Jean Nate splash, a tried-and-true refresher that’s been around for ages and that many of you also adore. It’s lovely as is, but I keep meaning to put it into the fridge in a spray bottle, so I can spritz and spritz with chilly abandon.

What about you? What products, tips or tricks help you to freshen up and survive these dog days of August? Or for those of you Down Under, when your sweltering season hits, on the other side of the calendar.

  • AnnieA says:

    I have Nuit Etoilee and Mandragore in the fridge.

  • Neva says:

    I’ve discovered perfumed refreshing towels last week. I was on a trip in France, passed Grasse and visited all the perfumeries there, spent some money and got Fragonard’s and Molinard’s refreshing towels as extras in my shopping bag. I’ve never used them before but since it was extremely hot I decided to give it a try and – I fell in love with it. I felt fresh instantly and the light scent was a bonus. I’ve used Fragonard’s Verveine and Molinard’s Lavender towels.

  • Amy M. says:

    I love those Bvlgari towelettes! There was a time when they were fairly reasonable on ebay. Not so much now, sadly. I sometimes spritz rosewater or rosewater with witch hazel when I need a quick refresher.

  • Musette says:

    I am only 3 blocks from home so I have NO problem dashing back, taking a quick shower and a splash of Jean Nate! I don’t do the whole soap thing, so my skin doesn’t fall off – just a rinse. I can do that 3x a day without even thinking about it! As a matter of fact, it’s 9p. I’m whipped – and I’mo go rinse off – and go to bed! Instead of Nate, though, I think I’ll do Guerlain’s Eau Imperiale.


  • hczerwiec says:

    Jean Nate in the fridge! Brilliant! In the summer, I keep my bottle of Guerlain’s Pamplelune in the fridge for the same purpose.

  • tiffanie says:

    Jean Nate is fabulous. When I was a kid my mom had a big splash bottle. She put some in a small spray vial so I could have my own and not spill hers.

    I love 4711 sprayed, splashed, or poured right down my back. I also use it to clean my hands instead of hand sanitizer. I have a rose facial mist from Trader Joe’s in my fridge. Sometimes I spray it all over too cool off.

    Today I’m sampling Atelier Cologne’s Philtre Bergamot. It’s black tea, bargamot, and spearmint. It might be a good candidate for freshening up too.

  • maggiecat says:

    Fragonard’s Verveine (Verbena) edt with its companion soap has become my go-to hot weather fave. It’s soft, fresh, delightful, and uplifiting – also reasonably priced. What’s not to love? I already have a backup bottle!

  • monkeytoe says:

    I live in Miami where it is hot and sticky ten months a year. I keep a bottle of Thayer’s alcohol free witch hazel in the fridge at home and in my desk at work to help my face and neck feel a little fresher after a walk outside. Those and the Pacifica underarm wipes when I have that not so fresh feeling keep me a little less dank in the humidity.

  • Cyndi says:

    Honestly, nothing but a shower or a soak in a bath of scented cool water helps me. I can’t handle the heat anymore, it totally wears me out.. Already looking forward to October and November. I guess you could say I’m strictly a Spring and Fall kinda girl.