Labor Day This ‘n That

Well, it’s another long weekend, one that unfortunately I think I will have to work part of. So no barbecues for me. I did get as a present from a friend one of those Instant Pots, of which I was somewhat skeptical; considering the amount of time it takes to get the water hot and cooled down I don’t see that it bakes potatoes in that much less time. even if the potatoes are, yes, that good. If any of you have one and have some tips or recipes (preferably designed to feed one or two) please feel free to pass them alone.

Since it’s still warm out I have been wearing a lot if Trumper GFT, which is light and gorgeous. What are you wearing?

Also, did any of you notice the new Gucci ad with Faye Dunaway/ Truly bizarre and the soundtrack is from Brian de Palma’s “Body Double” making it even odder. The hilarious Deven Green aged vocals (search “World of Wonder Deven Green” to see it) neatly skewering the general oddness of the piece, the original of which I hope will come through above.

If you’re in the States and have the long weekend, enjoy!

Video: YouTube

  • hczerwiec says:

    Not quite as hot but still very humid here — I’ve been on a vintage Dioressence kick.

    We received an Instant Pot as a present, and I’ve found it to be most useful for cooking large batches of things that can be frozen — things that usually take 8+ hours in a crockpot take about 2 hours in the IP. We use ours to make pork shoulder to shred for carnitas or BBQ, soups/stews, beans, and ramen or pho broth, and then freeze portions for later meals. There are a bunch of IP groups on Facebook that post terrific Vietnamese or Indian dishes as well — this Butter Chicken recipe (as well as the vegan Butter Chickpeas version on the same site) have become family favorites:

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the tips- I normally don’t cook ahead, but with prices these days I think I am going to rethink that. Even at Trader Joe’s $30 can be one bag of groceries..

  • Musette says:

    that was just…weird. I’m with Meg – that Young Miss had a scary vibe going. Who is she supposed to be, some Eve Harrington type? Gave me the willies and I hope Ms Dunaway has some ‘minder’ to keep an eye on that relationship!

    I’m a regular ol’ pressure-cooker gal – and even with that, I rarely use it because I really never learned how (in general, I know the methodology but in practice it scares the snot outta me). You should go visit Love her blog. she’s reduced my anxiety a bit.

    We have those vicious little zebra flies right now, so sitting or working outside is an exercise in ‘ow’. So I don’t – except for early am, before they awake. Wearing a lot of Avon Skin So Soft and Amouage Tribute Attar – but not together!


    • Tom says:

      Believe it or not it’s supposed to be her daughter..

      I’m getting the hang of the instant pot thing- I think I’m going to seeing a lot of use out of it

  • Meg says:

    I had to watch that ad about three times. It’s weird and…vaguely sinister? I was a little worried Young Miss was going to push Faye in the drink to get that purse.

    I also received an Instant Pot as a gift and am a total convert to easy pressure cooking. This recipe is for four, but I would have readily eaten more than my portion had I not needed to split it equitably between four guests:

    Great with rice or couscous or other pasta if you so desire some carbs with it.

    Also, if you’re so inclined to grab a cookbook, this one is bomb and none of the recipes have resulted in vexing gizmo errors and most aren’t giant portions or at least reheat nicely (I also cook for one or two usually, so I hear you on the family-sized things):®-Obsession-Ultimate-Everything/dp/1943451583

    Biggest tip: use branded/IP-approved recipes. Some bloggers have converted recipes for IP without testing and it’s Burn Error central, and can be super frustrating. I vet what I use very carefully these days.

    I’m just outside of NYC and it’s been hotter and stickier and mosquito-ier than I don’t even know what, so lots of Cristalle EDT and Nicolai l’Eau a la Folie for me. I’m not usually a citrus person, but desperate times call for fresh, bracing, pleasant measures.

    • Tom says:

      It is kind of bizarre.. Deven Green did a hilarious voice over for it.

      I’ve started to use the instant pot more and more. I don’t think it saves all that much time (considering the heating and cooling times) but I love the results. I’ll be using your tips!