Byredo Eleventh Hour (and my eyelashes)

As part of a Barney’s Freebie I received a sample of Byredo’s new one “Eleventh Hour,” which I was going to ScentBar to try if it hadn’t. According to LuckyScent, Eleventh Hour contains “Ban Timmur, a Nepalese plant related to Szechwan pepper ,“ whatever that is. Theys state that it’s that that is responsible for the opening, which melds citrus with a cinnamony/clove effect that I enjoyed very much. The notes (from LuckyScent): Ban timmur pepper, bergamot, carrot seed, rum, wild fig, tonka bean, cashmere woods

Now the question for me is, why don’t I like this more? It’s well done, has decent lasting power and uses an ingredient that is entirely new to me. It’s not the blather about being inspired by “The End of Time.” It’s even, for these days reasonably priced at $165 for 50ML. It just isn’t feeling me. If you’ve tried it, et us know your thoughts in the comments.

As for my eyelashes, I believe in an earlier post I wrote that I had started dying them. To turn back the wayback to the last century, at the time I was seeing a (very gifted) colorist who liked to experiment on my hair. I was auburn, a redhead, various shades of blond and once he did coal-black. The black was striking with my coloring, but they made my eyes look funny, since my lashes, while long-ish are naturally rather pale. Fast forward to today. I haven’t dyed my hair since 1997, since it grows too fast for me to bother (I know, cry me a river..) So I can deal with having sale and pepper on top, but didn’t like the white hairs that were growing in my eyebrows. SO I sa\tarted plucking them. Eventually I noticed that my lashes were also getting white in them. That was a no-go, and plucking the eyebrows to keep up with the white hairs would get to the Marlene Dietrich phase sooner rather than later. So ff to Amazon I went. I chose a kit from Swiss O’Par and was off to the races.. I’ve become pretty adept at doing it, but might change the color when I restock to brown. Or maybe not? The dark eyebrows aren’t too dark and the lashes? I am very happy with them, even if it does look a bit like I’m wearing mascara. (To give you an idea, I will pot a picture of me with a fresh-washed face)

I assume that there are many different products out there that can do this, if you have one you like (or ones you didn’t) leave notes in the comments.

Byredo Eleventh Hour is at Barney’s, Aedes and LuckyScent, $165 for 50ML. My sample was in a GWP from Barney’s
Swiss O’Par is around $8 at Amazon, which is where I purchased.
Photo of my eyelashes courtesy my iPhone

  • Kate E. says:

    My mom and I both swear by 1000Hour lash dye. Takes 15 minutes and covers those oddball white lashes for about a month–no more mascara for us. It really makes a difference doesn’t it? At a certain point you can’t just pluck greys anymore but I’ll keep dying them!

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    I’ve thought about dying my eyelashes as well, but only at the salon and in the end shied away due to the ongoing maintenance hassle and price. Yours looked like they turned out well. Please do be careful though, the articles I’ve read caution about getting the developer in your eyes and that it can potentially be quite dangerous. As per the Byredo, I am adding a sample to my Luckyscent cart right now and thank you for the tip. I haven’t at all hit it off with this house despite many tries, but am going to give this one a go anyway–the spicy fruit combo sounds appealing for fall weather.

    • Tom says:

      Luckily the one I use the developer is a gel and goes on like Mascara. Plus I only use it on the tips. I find it lasts a couple of months. So I am pretty happy with it.