Coming Soon: Foot Peel

So I got one of those foot peeling things that have been all over the interwebs. I was about to write a post that it wasn’t doing anything but lo and behold, the bark is coming off. I will be posting next week (sans photos, which I am sure would be gag inducing) as to the progress..

  • Maya says:

    OMG You can be so wonderfully funny, ” the bark is coming off” – what an image! It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking one of my many daily coffees; I would have snorted it out my nose. LOL

    • Tom says:

      Oh thank you! It’s comments like these that make me want to write more! (and can they make a body bag of this stuff? there’s more bark on this tree I’d like to peel!)

  • Shiva-woman says:

    I did it! My feet were AWFUL back in August, hard, black-brown calloused gross feet. I was embarrassed to get pedicures and NO amount of scrubbing was doing anything. Pumice did not work. I researched the foot peel, got the one most touted, and went for it, keeping it on two hours instead of one, soaking beforehand, and soaking my feet a few minutes every day. Nothing day 1, 2 3. But 4! And then over the next two weeks, my “Baby feet” emerged (I think that’s even the brand name). It works!!!! It really does. I find this astounding in an age that promises miracles but delivers mirages of beauty. Those of you with scaley feet from summer’s open toes and sandals, and dirt and grime staining your feet– this is the real deal. I am not a stockholder….but should be…..hmmm.
    Thank you Tom! I think you are going to be delighted–keep soaking them every day, at least 15 minutes, and scrubbing them. Do not moisturize! The effects are still perfect with me two months later. I’m off to find that eyelash dye you recommended a while back.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks! I’ve been soaking for an hour watching TV, which I may continue just for the heck of it.