Cyber Monday ahead and a birthday shoutout to Musette

birthday anitabdcake
First up, wishing a very happy birthday to our beautiful, kind, generous and talented Musette!! Hope your big day is as special as you are and you enjoy all your favorite things today!

And I hope everyone (who celebrates it) had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. Now, curious, fragrance-loving minds want to know: What great deals did you find on Black Friday or over the weekend? Any fantastic buys to come here on Cyber Monday? Or does it all just run together anymore? Share your stash, if you will. It doesn’t have to be your birthday, or any special occasion, to treat yourself to something fabulous, because all you terrific Posse folks deserve the best!

I didn’t partake of any of the steals, deals and bonuses out there, not for fragrance at least. Between our November birthday crush and anniversary, plus having a high-school senior, money was a bit tight this year. But I did get some chocolate and coffee as holiday gifts for several of my family members. And splurged on a wee bit of See’s (wink-wink) for myself. I normally would snag some See’s chocolate at one of the temporary mall kiosks they set up for the holidays, but they didn’t have one at the usual mall this year. And I definitely was NOT driving over an hour (in crazy, big-city traffic, no less!) to get some in person. So mail order it is.

Anyhoo, hope you all are doing well and have a great week!!

  • Ingeborg says:

    I bought some things, mainly essential oils, some vegan food and a few Couvent des Minimes products online (a new line here). Only mainstream perfume on sale nationally otherwise, except for a small selection of JM and Tom Ford, so no great bargains. But surely there will be more in the weeks to come, so tried not to go overboard with spending.

    Happy belated birthday to Musette!

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    Happy Birthday, Musette! ! ?I loooooove that you’re a Sargent — my hubs is too, so I know for a fact, you’re a super-fun, edifying and overall magnificent group, and you represent this well. I didn’t take advantage of any sales because my shopping is mostly done, but online is really the way to go for this type of shopping, I feel. My gifts are all from places I visited on vacay this year!
    I hope you had a glorious day, and continue on through the week in proper Saggitarian fashion.

  • Dina C. says:

    Happy Birthday Anita! Wishing you a fantastic day and a year filled with great health, good gardening, yummy food, gorgeous handbags, wonderful books, delicious perfumes…all the things you love most.

    I’ve done a lot of online shopping for my family, but sadly no scents. However, I had the joy of going to Arielle Shoshana yesterday and meeting Dr. Luca Turin for a book signing! Ari’s perfume boutique here in Fairfax, VA is a very modern shop with well-lit shelves where the perfume bottles are out for browsing and sniffing. Luca was standing around with everyone, chatting very animatedly, and signing copies of his and Tania’s new 2018 Perfumes The Guide. He gave a lecture for about an hour and used blotters of 3 scents to illustrate what he was speaking of. Truly a wonderful afternoon!

  • filomena813 says:

    Happy Birthday Musette…wish you a wonderful day! I did not partake in Black Friday and also will not be purchasing anything on Cyber Monday. My money is tight too so I am laying low until bonus time in a couple of weeks.

  • HeidiC says:

    Happy birthday TO YOU!!! I got a bunch of samples at STC — a couple refills of things I can’t get fb’s of yet (like SL Fumerie Turque or FM Vetiver Extraordinaire), and some things I wanted to try (Guerlain’s vintage Coque d’Or, Zoologist’s T Rex), plus the reissue of Jolie Madame to see how it stacks up against the vintage, so I won’t keep throwing money down that hole.

  • Maggiecat says:

    Happy Birthday, Musette! I got quite a bit of holiday shopping done for damily, but little for me, and no fragrance .But Christmas is coming! And I shipped online Thursday and Friday, waiting to venture out into Saturday morning .This strategy was successful – assuming mine of my packages get swiped from my porch!

  • Maya says:

    I did a bit of shopping online and got a few good deals. I won’t go out on these major shopping days, wait in long lines, and “fight” people for bargains so I can give stores my money. Bad attitude maybe but it works for me. 🙂

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! and many many more!!!!! Sagittarius is the free-spirit sign. Wonderful. Sag is my rising sign – has gotten me into more trouble than I care to think about. LOL. So Anita, are you a fun wild child? 🙂 😉

  • Tara C says:

    Happy birthday Musette! I took advantage of the Beautyhabit coupon and ordered a small bottle of Costes, a travel spray of Memo’s Tiger’s Nest and a toothbrush, and received an enormous haul of freebies. Twisted Lily had a pre-Black Friday coupon 2 weeks ago as well, that’s when I ordered Heretic Smudge and Coeur Noir. Didn’t order anything more on this weekend’s coupon. Oh, and I ordered Smellbent 1997 at 40% off. Whee!

  • Rina (NOT in CAN) says:

    Happy Birthday Dear Musette!! So, I tried to find something at NM to take advantage of the $50 off $200. Last year I was able to get a backup bottle of APLS before they pulled it from the US. This year, I really wanted LL The Noir or FM Sale Gosse but they carried neither. Then just this AM I saw a 20% code for Twisted Lily and splurged on Poppy Soma, my newest obsession. Free shipping and no sales tax, I couldn’t resist. FYI, Selfridges, the hallowed UK hall, has AMAZING prices and $55 international shipping for a year (reg. $30 a pop), scents we never get here AND 10-20% discount through tonight. That bottle of LL would be less than US even with the $55 shipping (plus it pays for itself after 2 orders!). Check it out y’all! Happy Holiday Season, everyone!

  • Koyel says:

    Happy birthday, Musette!

  • Ann says:

    Happy, happy birthday, pretty lady!! Sending you wonderful wishes and big hugs!!