Cloon Keen Castana

Okay, that was a complete bust on the Cloon Keen Castana.  It was okay, more masculine than would work for me  – which usually isn’t a deal breaker – not enough chestnut.

Heavy sigh

I really want something new that is spectacular.  I see Le Labo is doing a Verveine, which interests me, like, zero.

Big news!  One of my French Bulldogs, Anya, is expecting a litter of puppies!    On Valentine’s Day.  Growing up on a farm, having animals and births and raising little things up was so much a part of my life, and I have missed it.   Baby dogs are just all the love.  There she is on the left.  Girl hates having her pic taken, plus she is dark with tan points, so I have to get just the right background or she doesn’t show up.

Right now she is being a total preggo girl. If she’s not in the chair or couch beside me, she’s sleeping or she’s at my feet just staring at me.

Literally staring.  She won’t get up with me or go somewhere else, she just stares, to make sure I’m not going anywhere?

So next week, C-section, hope she goes full term and we don’t have to do an emergency C earlier, just a week away, but with dogs, a few days can be huge on whether they survive or not.

So perfume, yeah, still looking for something that interests me that’s new and coming up with nothing so far.  Will keep searching.

So dog or cat person?  I haven’t had a cat for a while, and I still love them, but I’m not sure I’ll ever have another cat. I really turned into a dog person in my old age.  Maybe it’s just that I have no interest in traveling anymore, so a dog feels like the kind of companion I want, and a cat didn’t need me that much.  Maybe?

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    In my heart I will always be a cat person. It’s just that I cannot deal with all that hair–and the litter–inside my house. We fenced our yard (1.5 acres) and have outside dogs now. They are great fun and make me feel safe, they are great barkers. Wishing the best for your dog and her puppies, and hope the surgery goes well. As for perfume, I haven’t found anything newish in the last few months that floats my boat. The search continues. 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to see those puppies. Your dogs are cute beyond belief. I currently have 2 big dogs and one cat. I refer to them as the beige army. They seem to really like each other. If my cat escapes out an open door and I cannot find him my male dog will bark a certain way to let me know the bad cat is back. I don’t think I would enjoy life nearly as much without my animal friends.
    My 2 sons were NEVER teased or bullied for the nurturing they did for their dogs. “A boy and his dog” teaches the boy and his circle of friends. Hoping your babies are born healthy and happy.

  • Tanja says:

    I love cats and had a British Shorthair named Sir Archibald. He was a really great cat. Totally calm and relaxed. But my Ex kept him, because i was not allowed cats in the new flat. Don’t think he is still alive, he would be 20 now.
    Now i have a flat i own and could have a cat, but i also have a boyfriend who is allergic to cats!

  • maggiecat says:

    Both dogs and cats here – one of each right now. Congratulations on the new babies-to-come! I’m looking forward to sniffing the new Chanel that will be out soon, but I have no great expectations.

  • Dina C. says:

    I had a beloved cat when I was a teenager, and then I found out I am allergic to both cats and dogs. The cardinal rule of my life since then has been, “no cats or dogs,” but my DD is wearing me down, and I’m considering a small dog. I don’t relish the idea of feeling sick all the time in my own house. 🙁 I love both cats and dogs from a distance, but I prefer to be not sick.

  • Jennifer S says:

    Ours is a cat house. Three at the moment which I think is the limit lol. My husband, daughter and I volunteer once a week at a cat shelter and we can get our fill of cat cuteness (need I say kittens!) there. Husband would like another dog someday but our house is too small.

  • rosarita says:

    I’m a monogamous pet person, dogs and cats. We have a very small house and yard so a dog would be some work. The last two pets have been rescue cats and the one we have now is 6 and kind of a jerk so he’ll probably live another 15 years. I miss having a dog.

  • Matty says:

    I have got a very naughty cat !!!!!

  • Brigitte says:

    I am a cat person. I am so tiny that any dog that weighs more than I do scares me.
    With the exception of St Clair Scents First Cut and Casablanca I too have not found anything new to be very exciting lately. Which is just as well. Should be saving money for three in college rather than spending it on perfume.

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    I do think dogs are wonderful, and always love to meet them, but I’m totally a cat person. I’ve always found them entirely relatable and easily form lasting friendships with cats. I don’t want to have to train an animal extensively, or dominate one so that everyone’s on the same page about who’s the alpha (uggghhh).

  • Portia says:

    Heya Patty,
    Dog person here, though we did have cats in my childhood and I loved them.
    Jin wants a cat. I’ve told him we can if he builds a cattery around our bedroom balcony for it to live in when we aren’t home. It’s the size of a medium bathroom, he could build some climbing poles etc and would be a really comfortable place for a kitty.
    My main problem is their lifespans, up to 20 years. That’s a big commitment.
    Sometimes I wonder if even two Greyhounds isn’t more than we can handle.
    Portia xx

  • Tara C says:

    Castana was a bust for me too, it wasn’t too masculine but longevity was pitiful. I haven’t smelled anything exciting either.

    As for animals, up until 30 I had never had anything but cats, then I got a Papillon dog and fell in love. I just got a new puppy in October so there is lots of chewing and puppy antics. But I still love cats and would like to get another one someday.