Dior Maison Christian Dior


So these are my Frenchie parents.  The beauty shot above of both of them, the pretty princess shot of Anya below right.  The below left is what Louis always is like – in motion.  I am putting him in agility. I’m 

not sure Frenchies DO agility, but this one does.  He is a gazelle, and so muscled and has a standing jump that’s ridiculous, and super smart and needs something like that to keep him occupied so he will stop eating my cookbooks in the kitchen when I have to go out and leave them alone for an hour.

So I tried some of those newer Diors from the Maison Dior or whatever they named it now, and they have a peony in there that I’m darn fond of Holy Peony. But I’m a huge sucker for anything peony.  Notes of  peony, red fruits, apricot rose, woods and musks.

Also loved the Jasmine des Anges.  Cant’ decide how much, but it’s growing on me. Not groundbreaking, just a nice jasmine to wear.  Bergamot, jasmine, osmanthus, peach, apricot, vanilla and white musk.  Nothing to hate here, and it’s so wearable. Hey, I’m just happy to find a couple of new things (newish, I think these have been out for a while, I’m just behind.) that I want to wear.

DiorAmour with iris, pear, sandalwood, was also interesting.  Normally, too much powder is a nope, nope, nope for me,but this is pretty well balanced, not too sweet, little rooty.

I have more to try, but I’ll save those since I actually have found a couple of things to like here. Whew, I was getting very worried.

So the Keto diet is going great.  In the habit now, don’t even notice how I’m eating or crave anything.  I don’t get obsessed with weighing, but I had lost 11 pounds when I weighed like two or three weeks ago. So yeah!

And I’m ready for summer. May 1 is pool opening day, and it’s less than 90 days away!  What are you looking forward to next?


  • Ann says:

    Such cutie pies your Frenchies are!! Thanks for sharing them! Gotta get my nose sniffing on those Diors. Thanks, dear!!

  • Brigitte says:

    Looking forward to warmer weather!!!

  • Tara C says:

    I am looking forward to spring and going back to Montréal! We are redecorating this year, which will be really fun. I plan to take it slow and only buy things I absolutely love, unlike how I have done in the past (buy whatever, just to fill the space and move on to other things). I really want to create the home I’ve always dreamed of, now that I’ve decided to stay put (we were contemplating moving).

  • hczerwiec says:

    Ooooh, that Peony one sounds lush! And speaking of lush — your absolutely regal Frenchies and that plush chair!

  • March says:

    They are soooooo cute!!!!!!

  • Musette says:

    I haven’t tried those Diors but they sound fab! I’m trying to think of where Dior is, so I might sample it. Ahhh! I know! Surrender to Chance! problem solved!

    I’d like to get in the garden (BIG surprise there, eh?) – but we’re currently under 1/2″ of ice so I can’t even go outside without screeching. So I stay indoors and irritate the crap out of my nursery people, asking if they’ll have this or that, come growing season. They are very patient – but I’ll bet they have a voodoo doll of me somewhere….


  • maggiecat says:

    Also doing Keto here, and it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. Looking forward to Provence in June!

  • Ellen says:

    I absolutely love peony and Holy Peony sounds awesome. I so wish it came in a smaller size. Love your pooches. I have three dogs myself. One mini long haired dachshund, one Westie, and a Great Pyrenees. Our fur babies are truly wonderful

  • Dina C. says:

    All three of those sound good to me; I love peony, jasmine and iris scents. Haven’t sniffed any of them. I need to get over to the posh mall and search them out. Right now our family is housetraining our very first dog — a rescue mixed breed. He’s adorable and very hard work. Fun but exhausting. I might be losing weight because I have no time to sit down and relax! 🙂 Your dogs are so cute Patty. Our guy is high energy too. Maybe agility training is in his future?

  • Kathleen says:

    Congratulations on successfully implementing and easing your Keto nutrition plan! Your pups are beautiful, I just love all of the different personalities.
    I recently purchased a FB of DiorAmour as a blind buy and I absolutely love it! I knew by the notes that it would be for me. The combination of iris, rose, violet is stunning. Now I need to sample the other Maison Diors!

    • Patty says:

      Aha, another one who loves it! I was suprised that I liked three right off the bat, but the Dior stuff in that line has always been a great fit for me. There’s most of the others that I love. Maybe two that aren’t right for me. Not anything super creative, but all are just great to wear and enjoy. My old age says that’s not an easy thing!

      • Kathleen says:

        I’m thinking about the Jasmines des Anges being my next Dior splurge for my birthday in May, it sounds wonderful. DiorAmour was my first purchase from Dior.com, and the packaging and gifts with purchase blew me away. The unboxing experience was like no other, not even Chanel. I know the fragrances are pricey; however, so wearable and elegant. And the whole experience has stayed with me as super special.
        Kiss your sweet Frenchie’s from me!
        And agreed, your slipper chair is gorgeous!