Cloud of Protection

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  First there was the health scare involving one of my boys, which isn’t entirely resolved yet.  It was grim enough that my daughter flew home to join us bedside at the hospital, and then cut her hand badly on the cracked porcelain knob in the bath at home; I have been complaining about that stupid bathroom to the landlords forever.  While we were deciding if we needed a second trip to the ER in two days we were diverted by the clothes dryer in the basement catching fire.  Or, more precisely, the clothing inside the dryer, which is what happens when the dryer stops spinning but doesn’t shut off.  Good to know!

I’m strong in the trenches; at the hospital’s pediatric ICU I was laser focused on options and possibilities and solutions. I managed to come up with the tentative, rare diagnosis at the same time they did, after some heavy googling.  (Heavy googling on my part, that is; I’m hoping they were relying on their excellent training.)  But by Friday when things had calmed down a bit it all hit me like a gut-punch, and I had to have a good, quiet cry, followed by taking extra care this weekend.

Tretorn Nylite 3 Bold — incredibly comfy…

So, let’s talk about small luxuries!  They’re the sort of things I appreciate all out of proportion, especially during a rough patch.  The small niceties that brighten a gloomy day.  I’ve been lounging in this vintage cotton kimono which I took a chance on via eBay, always kind of a crapshoot; it is even lovelier in person.  And these Tretorn Nylite Bold sneakers are incredibly comfortable and are my new commuting footwear, so if you’re looking for a well-made sneaker that’s also kinda cute, I can vouch for this one, which I bought in two shades – a tan linen-look, and this charming blush color suede.

I guess it would be a whole different post, but I’m amused by how freaking girly my sleepwear is, which is not at all what you’d expect given my fairly minimalist, no-nonsense, solid-colors work wardrobe.  I feel like my work closet and my nightie/robe collection look like they were curated by two wildly different people.  But I love to come home from work and climb out of a sedate navy suit and into, say, a cloud-soft vintage Laura Ashley nightgown in palest pink cotton lawn with delicate embroidery, or my pale blue J Peterman number cut on the bias with the stunning neckline.  They make me feel pampered, even if nothing else about the day is particularly cheering.

Finally, I ordered the Cloud of Protection spray up top from BeautyHabit solely for the apt label and it smells deliciously citrusy-aromatic. It’s the sort of thing folks might use in the loo (ahem) but I’ve been spraying my bed linens – anything to ward off the bad vibes!

Your turn – tell me about something small and wonderful that cheers you, and it’ll cheer me too.  Do you have a secret lingerie habit, or a collection of satin robes?  Or are you the practical type?  Also, apologies — I know comments won’t thread when you try to reply, and we’re working on it.

  • Ann says:

    Oh, no, darling! So sorry to hear this, but am hoping and praying that everything is better now, or will be soon. And I heartily agree that self-pampering/luxury is absolutely vital. You enjoy that comfy lingerie — you deserve it!! Aimlessly wandering around a favorite store helps relax me and take me out of my own little world for a while. Sending love and comforting hugs your way.

  • This sounds really rough – but you are most definitely a strong person. Even those, however, need comfort (love that kimono).

    I like my vintage aldehydics by the bed in such situations. Right now it is Capricci parfum…

    Hope next week is much better!

  • Ariel says:

    phew. phew. Are you giving yourself the luxury of breathing? Of saying no to stuff and people who don’t need your attention right now?

    That robe is smashing!

    My favorite luxury is eating sweet treats and watching funny stuff like Drunk History episodes. “Nonproductive activities” is my luxury- but also the key to my sanity. I hope you get some, if that is what you need.

  • Musette says:

    I am such a nervous wreck (inside – apparently I appear VERY competent on the outside) that the idea of silks and satins and, until it’s 80F, even thin cottons, skeeves my very soul. My luxury is fleece. And cashmere. Stuff that helps me to feel safe and surrounded in comfort.

    also, flowers are a small treat. Not the ones in the garden – but the huge bouquets of lilies I get on sale at Kroger (the idea of getting 30 blooms of Casa Blanca lilies for $8 is part of the treat).

    You and yours will be just FOINE!


  • cinnamon says:

    Best wishes regarding your son. It’s awful when a child is unwell or hurt and really really awful when it more than something simple and basic. Small treats … well, I’m into white cotton night dresses (sort of Victorian in style). I have PJs etc, but these are my go-to. Other treats: I’m big into candles currently — even more so than perfume. Somehow have doubled my collection this year. On skincare, I’m sort of high/low, ie, I love Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing balm and some oils from a small place here called Skin & Tonic, but everything else is The Ordinary or similar.

  • Matty says:

    I hope you a good resolution to your son’s health problem. It’s very worrying for you.
    I find a spritz of one of my Guerlains cheers me up.

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    I love this whole thing of ultra girly sleep/loungewear, March! Totally get how that would brighten one’s mood. I’ve developed the most outrageous addiction to green beauty skin care, so both morning and bedtime routines feel decadent while tending to my face (which is motivation that i truly need, as otherwise my need to be in bed can easily override all other considerations especially when stressed/fatigued). Thank you for the fun post — I’m very much looking forward to reading the comments!

  • Dina C. says:

    I recently found a vintage peach silk chemise I wore as a nightie until the silk shattered. That’s the problem with vintage silk. Bummer. But I’m saving it with the idea that I may use it as a pattern for sewing a replacement someday. I’m totally on board the girly luxury thing. I’ve always loved that whole 1930s vanity-marabou heels-trailing silk robe-boudoir thing (not that I’m totally there yet). My perfume hobby feeds right into that. On another note: so sorry to hear about the health problems and injuries March. That’s very upsetting. I recently discovered linen-cotton blend sheets by Threshold by Target which are the bomb. So cool, soft and comforting. Good for night sweats too.

  • Tara C says:

    I hope everything gets resolved positively for your son’s health. I have a couple of slinky nightgowns that rarely get worn, for me it’s more expensive French bras and panties that make me feel luxurious and cheery. When things get tough, I put on my best underwear and some really expensive perfume.

  • Brigitte says:

    Hope everything resolves and that your son is back to health.
    I am pretty much a minimalist with my clothing so no frilly robes for me.
    When I am down in the dumps or super stressed my essential oil collection usually cheers me. And I also try to remember all that I can be grateful for…. this helps to cheer me too.