The Forgettables: S T Dupont Pour Homme

First off, forgive the extended absence. Work interferes so much on fun!

Along with my recent online Miller Harris purchase was a sample of S T Dupont Pour Homme, which I had never smelled. It apparently surfaced in 1998 and has notes of rosemary, coriander, lemon, carnation lavender, amber, patchouli and musk (among many others, too many to type. You can check it out at Fragrantica and see if you, like I, felt like adding “and a partridge in a pear tree” at the end)

I suppose that it’s a testament to good blending, or perhaps good breeding, that all these notes could be in a fragrance and yet be so retiring and inoffensive. I do get some of the carnation, which is nice, but the rest falls under the heading “if you didn’t tell me, I’d never know.” Lasting power on me is nil, but since it’s around $20 online at various places, re=applying is not an issue. What may be an issue is that this could be a classic one to overapply: I didn’t really want to test that but I think that this could go from “inoffensive” to “shrieking howler monkey” with too heavy a hand. I’d use it’s April-freshness to scent my sheets, perhaps, but not necessarily on me.

S T Dupont Pour Homme is available at prices ranging from $21 to $30 at various places on the interwebs. I received my sample as a GWP.

Image: Internets

  • Musette says:

    I love scents like this – they are great for scenting sheets and curtains, etc, giving that ‘slightly luxe’ feel you get when things are scented with relatively decent perfume but not OMG! OMG! what IS that? (and not in a good way).

    Don’t let work wipe you out too much! xoxoxoA

  • Maya says:

    Oh yes. The best thing about being a bit *mixed* is that YOU get to decide which/what you want to be. 😉 So, if you want – Irish it is!

  • Tom says:

    I’m half Irish (and have the green eyes to prove it.) Does that count?

  • Maya says:

    Hi. Glad to *see* you. Work does interfere with fun. Just remember that life should be more fun, especially when you’re Irish! I’m very sure of it.