Nut n’ honey Monday or AAA to the rescue (once again!)

nut honey
Howdy, lovely Posse folks! I had some fun sniffing planned for the other day, but trouble happened to me (yet again!) in the form of locking my keys in my car; so some two hours later, I’m home, but I’m afraid I got nut n’ honey for you guys. But I will say, hooray for AAA (or other emergency roadside services) that ride to the rescue and save the day!!

This is the third time I’ve done this in the past year or two, so when the AAA guy showed up with his slider thingy (like a big flat spatula) and its bellows attachment (to separate the rubber and the glass enough to get down in there and pop the lock), I was ready to buy it off him right then and there and strap it to my roof so I’d never be in this fix again! Not to mention get down on my hands and knees and kiss his feet!

My problem is that since working (and often nights) in a major downtown city, I got in the habit of putting all my keys in a little bag and keeping them in my pocket, just using the ignition-only key to drive the car. That way, if I ever got attacked or carjacked, they’d get the car but not my other stuff. When I get out of the car, I’d just use the car-door lock button to lock it and be on my way. Problem is, every once in a while the key baggie would fall out of my pocket into the seat or between the seats, unbeknownst to me, and voila! the keys were locked in the car.

So now, upon pain of death from DH, I have to make it a point to use the key fob to lock the door. And so far so good, but old habits die hard.

I know one thing’s for sure — my next car will have keyless entry or else!! ?

So do share what you’ve been up to this weekend, how your summer is going so far, your craziest roadside predicament, and even your favorite fragrances containing nut and/or honey notes.

Hope to have something a little more fun and fragrant for you guys next week!! Thanks!!

  • Dina C. says:

    Here’s the other side of keyless entry: my daughter totaled a car this summer, the wreckage was towed to a towing yard, and a couple days later I had to go retrieve all her possessions in the car. Well, the battery was completely dead, so remote keyless entry would not open the trunk. Even when an external battery was connected, the trunk still wouldn’t open. (The trunk was not the crashed part of the vehicle.) The tow-truck guy had to crawl through the wreckage, pull down the back seat (this was the part that had us flummoxed for a long time), and pull the manual trunk release after snaking his arm into the trunk from the back seat! It took us almost an hour to accomplish that. There’s a lot to be said for a real key and keyhole. Some vehicles have a hybrid fob that’s both.

  • hczerwiec says:

    I love keyless entry! Lessee here — my craziest roadside story was when we were moving from NC to UT, and the transmission died in our Taurus around Arkansas. It was a small town, and they couldn’t fix it for weeks. We ended up renting the only U-haul truck in town with a trailer (our stuff was part of a load already on a moving truck), and hauled the Taurus the rest of the way to UT with an empty truck! It was ridiculous.

  • Kim Nym says:

    Keyless entry rocks! I can still lick my keys in my office, but not my car, thankfully.
    Scent-wise, I am playing with samples during my recovery f Ron shoulder surgery, heavy on Jasmine to counteract depression (see shoulder surgery)

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    My car, Sherhi, won’t let me lock the fob in the car and makes a big fuss.

    It has been way too hot and sweaty around here lately, so I almost don’t bother with any fragrance, which would either burn up or slide off of me. I do love my Yardley Lilly of the Valley soaps.

    • Ann says:

      She is one smart car! But my poor old Betsy is as old as the hills and is mighty low-tech 😉 I hear you on the heat; it’s really been unbearable in so many places. Hang in there and think cool thoughts — fall is coming!

  • Rina (not in CAN) says:

    My Chevy has an app that allows you to unlock the car with your phone. Haven’t had to use it yet but glad I have it!

    • Ann says:

      Now that’s what I need — how cool!! Thanks for letting me know; will definitely have to look into that.