Nut n’ honey Monday, and happy fall, y’all!

nut honey
Howdy, dear Posse folks!! Hope everyone is doing well as we’re about to kiss September goodbye and welcome October! And I, for one, can’t wait, as October/fall is my favorite time of year.

I hope you’ll forgive me, but this has been an uber-crazy week in retail at my store (putting in extra hours with training sessions, new shipments and fixtures) so I’ve been swamped all week and don’t have anything much for you.

But please do share what you’re up to right now, cool stuff you’ve discovered or just anything at all. Or even your favorite fragrances with nut and/or honey notes. It’s always great to hear from you guys, and see what’s up with you.

Have a great week, everyone!

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    This is the time of year we really notice the light changing, the temps of course… My favorite time in New England! It was 48 degrees F when I got up this morning. I guess the tomatoes in the garden are just about finished. I will have some green ones to fry…

    For those who never saw it: a TV commercial for a cereal named Nut ‘n’ Honey. In the army mess hall, a young private is eating his cereal. Sargent comes up behind him, asks the young man what he is eating. Answers “Nuttin’, honey!” Sargent glowers. It was well acted, and I still laugh to recall it.

    Happy Autumn to all of us in the Northern hemisphere. Wearing Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier (MPG) Or des Indes today.

  • Maya says:

    Does this mean it’s a bit of trivia time? 😉 Well, last week I blind bought Canturi perfume by Stefano Canturi just for the bottle.The perfume itself is not my style but it’s OK (many love it) and it lasts forever. For $13 plus change, who cares. I love that Cubist bottle!

  • Taxi says:

    The weather is right for a dc’d L’Artisan Parfumeur, Deliria (aka Saute d’Humeur.) It was hated by many for having “nasty, too metallic, blood” notes. Probably why it was re-named, then removed from the line up.
    My body chemistry is different & I get a lovely rum-toffee scent with a bit of warm apples. I don’t usually like anything gourmand-ish, but this one is cool weather coziness for me. Low sillage, but lingering enough so that I still catch a very faint whiff of rum almost 24 hours later.
    This reminds me curling of up with a good book & a cozy throw on a cold day.