(Puppy) dog days of summer, rolling into autumn

dog days sticky heat wave
Howdy, dear Posse folks! Hope everyone out there is enjoying their October so far. Alas, in my neck of the woods, the dog days of summer are still barking, although a little less loudly this year than last. The temps last week hit the upper 90s, but the past few days it’s mellowed out into the 80s, with 60s at night.

I grew up in Florida many moons ago, and came farther north to get more seasonal temps, but for the past few years, summer has been lingering way too long and cutting our autumns way too short. But I suppose these irritating dog days are better than a boatload of snow and icy roads, eh? Some of you have a lot of that to deal with, so I’ll stop complaining now.

And speaking of dogs, mine have been talking back to me the last few days. Think it’s too many hours on my feet in my retail gig. Boy, if I think it’s bad now, what will it be like when the holiday crush hits and my workplace is open 14 hours straight? Yikes! Anyhoo, some new shoes are definitely in order, Brooks tennies and some new Skechers flats (I’ve worn my first pair out).

So feel free to share what you’ve been wearing, eating, drinking, etc., that you enjoy. Are any of you pumpkin-spiced out? Thoughts on college or pro football or baseball? Or feel free to commiserate if the dog days are lingering way too long in your October as well. Perhaps you have the opposite problem? Anyhoo, hope everyone has a good week!

  • March says:

    I AM SO OVER THIS WEATHER GRRRRRRRRR. It’s finally cooled off a tiny bit and it hasn’t rained in weeks. (whine whine) I think we have similar weather. Yes, take care of your feet! Particularly if you do a job where you have to stand all the time. My summer footwear is dull but I own a LOT of boots for fall/winter/spring.

  • Ingeborg says:

    During last week’s autumn holiday the highest hills here in Oslo got snow, so I’m happy to live in the centre of town where temperatures kept over zero even at night. Not a fan of long winters, icy pavements and all that, so snow extraordinarily early was not a nice reminder of what’s ahead of us.

    Wish we had those pumpkin spice mixes here, but that’s something which hasn’t really become a thing here. And no pumpkin spiced sweets either. We do get some different types of pumpkins now, so that’s a big difference from my childhood.

    Hope you find some shoes which can carry you through the long workdays in November and December!

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    We don’t get Pumpkin Spice stuff here in Oz. It’s a total bummer. Maybe because our Halloween is in Spring so it doesn’t really translate.
    We have such a temperate climate here that our winter just feels like one long autumn. It’s quite undramatic. which I like. Visiting extremes is fun on holidays but I can’t imagine living in them.
    Wearing my CHANEL exclusives a bit and everything else is random.
    Portia x