HeidiC November 5, 2019

Happiest of birthdays, Ann! I've been dying for a bottle of Chanel Cuir de Russie parfum -- either that or a bottle of vintage Vol de Nuit, in the propeller bottle.

Richard Potter November 5, 2019

And Happy Birthday!!

Richard Potter November 4, 2019

Vintage Tabac Blonde or Narcisse Noire

Jennifer S November 4, 2019

Happy Birthday! Setting the clocks back....I hate that’s it’s totally dark now at 4:30. I would wish a bottle of Chanel 31 Rue Cambon to fall on my pillow overnight, dear kind fairy!

Anita Berlanga November 4, 2019

Omgosh, darling!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I've been in flux for awhile, so forgive me for not remembering!  Happy that your family will all be together for your special day!  xoxoxo

Maya November 4, 2019

Happy Birthday! I would also like Hiram Green Voyage 2019. The first Voyage is one of my favorite perfumes but sadly my bottle is almost empty now.

March November 4, 2019

Also, happy birthday!

March November 4, 2019

Hmmmmm..... one of those giant Chanel Exclusifs bottles that I'm too cheap to buy but lust after. 

Gina T. November 3, 2019

A bottle of Hiram Green. Any Hiram Green. That's my unicorn right now.

Filomena November 3, 2019

Happy Birthday Ann...I hope you are having a great day!  My wish would be any bottle of Xerjoff as they are priced way over my limit and I have never owned one. 

SpringPansy November 3, 2019

Happy birthday, Ann  I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I don't know if I have a holy grail perfume - there are so many I like.  Maybe Theorema, but I don't know whether there is any more to be had.  Otherwise I'd love to have the fairy bring me a bottle of the Andree Putman Preparation Parfumee (now called L'Original) that March just blogged about.  Such a lovely light natural smelling perfume, just the perfect thing sometimes.

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