Happy holidays and welcome, winter!

Howdy, Posse folks! We here in the Northern Hemisphere just celebrated the winter solstice, so welcome winter!

Not much going on here today, but wanted to check in with you all and see what’s up.
What are you all doing for the holidays? Traveling to see family and friends? Or staying home and taking it easy?

And if any of you do gifts at this time of year, what are your favorites to give? And what are you hoping to get, especially fragrance-wise?

I know there’ll be nothing good smelling under the Christmas tree for me, but I’m hoping for
a gift card or two, and some moolah that I can use to treat myself to a new lotion or body cream or something. And DS already gave me an early gift: a very cool painted pony figure from a limited-edition series from a few years back.

Anyhoo, whatever you’re doing this week, we want to wish you a very happy and peaceful season!

  • March says:

    Hi honey!  I am staying right here at home and everyone is coming to see me! 

  • Elizabeth Watson says:

    Warm Winter greetings, Ann, from the Boston metro area where it is approximately 50 degrees F! Just for today, though. I’m sure we’ll be back into the cold soon enough.

    My husband and I are lying real low this season; no travel, no big expenses. I just retired 2 weeks ago, so we are trying to wrap our heads around the big changes that will bring. He is having some bummer health issues and I am trying not to each too much chocolate.

    I think some nice incense may help with the inevitable “turning inward” that, for me, Solstice always brings. Japanese, or nag champa, I have some old head shop supplies lying around. We sound like a real fun couple, don’t we? ?

    I will always treasure the Posse, and all who contribute, even if I just lurk a lot and contribute the occasional (and hopefully rare) inane personal reflections!

    My way of saying: blessings, joy, fragrance, release, peace, solace, private moments, freedom and lots of other lovely things do I wish for you all. XOX