Zoologist Bee Review – Bzzzz

Zoologist Bee ReviewI had no idea how much March hated/loved Zoologist Bee until after I fell in love with it.  I had missed this  – “Bee offers it all – a whiff of horse stables, a heady dose of hawthorne, standing downwind from a grove of Bradford pears in bloom and smelling like buttered feet … deeply interesting smells that aren’t everyone’s idea of enjoyable.”


I spray on Bee and get glorious buttered sunshine.  It opens big, and I do mean big. Just this syrupy jellied incensed indolic glob of honey.  I think March and I smell exactly the same thing, and we both find it weirdly wonderful, but on me, I think it just starts turning into something wearable instead of barnyard.

It does not get smaller in terms of size of scent or projection for probably a couple of hours.  I loved this review on Fragrantica – “A bumblebee wiggles its pollen-coated fuzzy little butt under your nose in late spring.” Well, yeah, except he was a lot more aggressive than wiggling!  He was backing his furry little behind right up in my nose.

There is a level of barnyard, I get it as mostly indoles from the white florals, but that part doesn’t last long on me. Zoologist Bee smooths over into a honeyed white floral syrup. I really want to spray some Tea for Two on this, but I don’t have any.

The longevity is ridiculous.  As long as I though Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex lasted, this is like twice as long.  It gets softer and a little more vanilla incensed, but still syrup and still white floral, just softer, more diffused.

zoologist bee reviewNow for the experiment. I though, which one is bitter, Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex or Zoologist Bee? First, you really have to put them on next to each other, it’s like some crazy hot tire/bee’s ass mashup.  This is when you first put it on.  I laughed for like 10 minutes putting them on together – things that don’t belong together, they are fighting like bees and dinosaurs, and the bee morphs into this great fearsome bee. A huffing, smoking syrup spewing bee.  It is a thing of wonder.

You are thinking… surely the dinosaur must win and will eventually extinguish the bee, but! … slowly the darn syrupy white floral wraps around the sulphuric dinosaur fumes and makes this crazy quilt of cozy.  The great, cozy drydown of T-Rex takes away some of that syrup or makes it not as aggressive.  The Bee wins, but she is changed.

So if you are stuck in, are you wearing stuff you don’t get to normally wear to work? Playing with combinations that are usually too potentially lethal to try within three days of needing to be around people?

  • Amateur Dilettante says:

    I love that photo of the bee butt sticking out of the daffodil, that’s perfect! I haven’t tried Bee yet, the “butter”smell scares me, but I love other honey scents, even the dreaded Miele de Bois. And I love T. Rex.
    Tomorrow when I work from home, I am going to wear so much Ambre Loup that I will be that steam locomotive!

  • Musette says:

    hahaha!!! Beees for the WIN! (and you know I am dino-adjacent!) – I just ordered a bit of Bee from Surrender to Chance – can’t hardly wait to try it (and the Perfume of my DinoPeople) xoxoxo

  • rosarita says:

    I LOVE Bee and will be buying at least a travel spray when there’s fun money available. My experience with it is like yours, Patty, except it’s not as big – I wish!
    My job is caring for my elderly mother in her home five days a week. She also loves perfume and enjoys whatever I wear, my husband is the same, so I am fortunate to be able to wear whatever I want unless a trip to the doctor is involved. As usual during stressful times, I’ve been wafting big clouds of Shalimar; yesterday I started with PdN New York, then Shalimar edc, then a drop of extrait before bed.

    • Patty says:

      It ate my reply! I love Zoologist travel sprays, especially that 5-pack they have! I love their fragrances, but some are so unusual,I just won’t wear them enough to justify a whole bottle, 11 mls are perfect! You are lucky Shalimar works for you. It smells just awful on me! But great on everyone else. So strange.

    • Musette says:

      DAYum! you smell GOOOOD!!! xoxoxo

  • March says:

    BAHAHAHA the bee wins!

    Since I’m here all day instead of at the office, my perfumage looks a lot like it used to look — I can put on multiple things during the day since it’s all sitting here, and I am definitely wearing the heck out of some of my heavy hitters like Poison and Paris. Not together! Although, now that I’ve mentioned it….. what would happen if I layered them?

    • Patty says:

      Mmmmm, poison and Paris? Poison and Opium together, but they have to be vintage. I found some vintage Poison for the store, but it is at Lisa’s and I haven’t smelled it. I think I need her to send me some. 🙂 AND I can do the Opium vintage parfum layer.

  • Angel says:

    I’m at home until at least 4/19 so I’ve been wearing ALL the patchouli! My boss loathes it, so I’m careful not to wear any even a day before working a shift with her. I’m bathing in every patch sample I have and it’s glorious!

    Bee didn’t smell very nice on me, but I don’t think I’m a big honey lover. Taste yes, smell not so much. It’s definitely syrupy on me. But I’ve put T-Rex on my sample list because of your review, so thanks for that! ?

    • Patty says:

      OMG! I think I need a big old vanilla day and a big old white flower day. LIke Tube Crim at max along with Malle Carnal Flower. 🙂