In the garden …

I’m still not feeling 100% (though I’ve now gotten back most of the ‘investigations’ already done and they have all been ‘normal’ – awaiting one more and having bloods done this Friday) so I decided not to venture into that promised second perfume review from my recent sample order. Maybe next week…

Instead, I’ve been in the rather small garden in the rental house. Doing stuff. Lockdown has been relaxed a bit, but I have no intention of standing in line to visit Ikea — or any other shop for that matter. Nothing much is going to change for me in the foreseeable future beyond venturing to the farm shop, the house-house and doing pickup at the local wood-fired pizza van.

In any case, the garden’s got two enormous jasmines – one someone has formed into a bush (which is sort of weird); the other has space to climb. They are both starting to bloom. Interestingly, at least to me, the bush one has a softer, more innocent scent. Still jasminy, but not pongy. The climber, in contrast, is quite animalic. I prefer animalic jasmine – I just find it more interesting.

The garden also has a carnation plant. It’s mostly dried out (I’ve watered it and it’s rained here but that doesn’t seem to have had much effect), but there are green patches, and in one of these there’s one pink carnation bloom which has a proper peppery carnation scent. Makes me think of Caron Bellodgia which I quite like but which doesn’t do more than smell ‘nice’ on me. It isn’t supposed to be a pretty perfume – it’s meant to be a used knicker (sorry, TMI, but I got that from an article I have somewhere in a notebook in storage) scent – ie, very noir.

I re-potted the sunflower so it has more room  as the now closed local plant nursery put out lots of pots for people to take (so I did).

Out in the world of the village there’s other stuff: really good honeysuckle and something I recall from childhood: a tree with shiny green leaves and white feathery flowers that smell both fresh and lightly floral. Very ‘pleasant’, but with good memories.

I made soft pretzels today. So, house smells of yeast and warm caraway seeds. Have to say that’s a really comforting and lovely smell.

Other than that, I’ve watched this past week’s Gardeners’ World and my yoga teacher, who also does holistic therapies, has sent me a couple of videos on stress and the brain to watch in an attempt to calm my being and start me thinking about how to shift away from my ‘to much going on’ being.

Apologies that I’m not more focused. What have you been up to that’s sort of nurturing and/or that’s made you feel grounded?


NB: Pics are my own from the garden. The featured one is what I think are thistle at the back.

  • Patty says:

    My gardening is one nonstop fight against aggressive weeds that want to take it over. It is exhausting. I just get them beat down, and then it rains for two days, and I start all over again. I need to be wealthy so I can hire a gardener. Glad you are feeling better!

  • SonomaVelvet says:

    What a great post Cinnamon. Thank you. Funny, you’re musing about things to ground you and I was thinking about I don’t know what can be more grounding than literally playing with plants in the garden, listening to their needs, watering and leaning in and smelling and admiring. Or getting your hands in some flour and dough and enjoying the process of baking your pretzels. Smelling and tasting and noticing. Sharing that peaceful presence by writing about it….

  • Musette says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of very unsexy Maintenance work, both in the garden and in my business. Weeding, thinning (more Cleome than I ever thought possible), hilling potatoes and prepping to burn some diseased wood for the ash…. lots of paperwork/logistics. All kind of boring – but needs to be done. And now it’s done! So I feel way better!
    I hope they find NOTHING in all your bloods and other tests and it turns out that you just had a funny turn. Which will never ‘re-turn’ 😉


  • Dina C. says:

    My family gave me four David Austin bare root rose bushes for Mother’s Day, and they’re just beginning to bloom. I got 2 Boscobel (peach) and 2 Munstead Wood (dark red). They’re dwarf size cause our garden is little. Very satisfying to see them grow. They’re supposed to be perfumey ones, too.

  • Maggiecat says:

    I need something to ground me and I’m not sure what it can be. I’m teaching from home all summer. Restrictions are easing daily, COVID cases going up exponentially, so being high risk, I’m not getting out much still. I miss the Jasmine I grew in Florida, and being able to garden in general, burnIng looking for creative ways to change that. And something new and interesting to smell as I head back to my home office…

    • Cinnamon says:

      What about Zoom yoga and/or Mindfulness? I do the former and have already begged my teacher to keep at least one online class once she can actually go back into the studio, as I’m not going to be attending any classes until there’s a Covid vaccine.

  • Portia says:

    Hi Cinnamon,
    Sorry, I’ve been doing none of that.
    We have been visiting and entertaining quite a bit more now our lockdowns are relaxing.
    Back to work on Sunday. Can’t tell you how excited I am.
    Portia xx

    • Cinnamon says:

      Great on the return to work. Interesting your lockdown has been relaxed that much. The guy who is project managing my house work here had a socially distanced drinks with some friends a few weeks ago in his garden — ie, bring your own wine and sit 6 foot apart. He was quite excited.

      • Portia says:

        Yeah, on July 1 we will be allowed 100 people in venues. So Trivia is back. I’ll be doing two a week to start. We are expecting a second C19 wave but the authorities are sure we can keep it minimal. The kids have all been back at school since the middle of May.
        Portia xx

  • March says:

    I think Anita’s been watching Gardeners World? I’ve been binge-watching Shetland on Britbox (streaming service for various UK / BBC shows and series) and it really makes me want to go visit, so atmospheric.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Never been to Shetland but did visit Skye decades ago. Beautiful place. We were meant to be in Japan right now (bucket list trip). Made me sad to recall that this morning. Gardeners’ World is well worth watching. Monty Don et al are wonderful. Plus, there are dogs.

  • Tara C says:

    Same routine as usual: reading, walking the dog, baking, meditating, watching lectures on youtube. I am super excited the national parks are opening here in Canada, we had booked two trips for the end of July and August and just got word they are confirmed. After months holed up in my urban flat I am desperate to get out in the woods. I hope you get the all-clear soon on your health issues!

    • Cinnamon says:

      So, you can go on hols in Canada? Are you going camping? The woods sounds a wonderful destination.

      • Tara C says:

        Yes, we don’t want to travel except by car, and we love camping. I assume hotels are open but I haven’t checked. There are ad campaigns running now to encourage people to vacation here locally.

  • Gina T says:

    I have been meditating, spending time at the barn with my horse, watching movies and chatting often with my boyfriend who is 5,000 miles away, and cooking delicious recipes and experimenting. These things sustain me as a I look for a job in this economy. I hope they figure out what is going on soon and that you get on the road to recovery. Big hugs!

    • Cinnamon says:

      It must be wonderful to have a horse. A fair number of people in this village do. It’s soothing to hear the cripple-clop as they come round the corner and pass in front of the house. Good wishes with the job search.