One of these; one of those

I had three-quarters of a post written and ditched it. One of those weeks.

A couple of things for today.

First, Christian Dior Eau Noire (from Hedi Slimane’s La Collection Privée released in 2004 — a Francis Kurkdjian creation) which I dug out of the box and wore on a whim Friday. I’m not sure why I did that at the time because I consciously thought ‘this is going to be too much today’ (grey, close and very humid). Well, I was wrong – and I really enjoyed wearing it, reminded of how unique and beautiful it is.

I can’t recall if I tried the other entries in LCP, but for a while Eau Noire was in heavy rotation. I got my decant (no way I was going to spring for a bottle with that much juice and at that price point) from a lovely woman who lived in California. So, I likely said something about loving it on Makeup Alley, where Fragrance Board people were doing nice things for each other all the time.

Notes include white thyme, lavender, liquorice, coffee, immortelle, vanilla bourbon, leather, Virginia cedar. Now, that’s a notes list! On me, it starts out a weird astringent lavender coffee, with a shot of the good black liquorice I can get at the local farm shop. Maybe there’s thyme in there too… The juice in my little decant bottle is now yellow-green – almost pond-with-too-much-algae colour.

Eau Noire (like SL Rose de Nuit) lives up to its name. It settles into being a heavy (treacle) hay-leather floral (the immortelle) on me. I find the beginning really interesting, but the middle into the dry-down is lush and heady, just pongy enough to keep me returning to my wrist. Plus it’s unctuous in the best possible way. And it lasts … could still smell it Saturday morning before I showered.

It’s too bad it’s now gone, but when I did some googling it appears to exist as a candle. Now, what must that be like??? I’m not going to stick that on my ‘want’ list, but it’s interesting … and leads to my second focus today.

Thanks to the ever-lemming-creating Makeup Alley Fragrance Board (at least it was a number of years ago), probably 10 (or more, actually) years ago I bought a dans l’Atelier de Cezanne candle (about which there was a lot of noise) from Lucky Scent and had it delivered to arrive at my father’s house in Brooklyn during a visit. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t have bought it in Europe – except maybe sterling was quite strong at the time and it was worth buy it in dollars.

I think I’ve said in a comment somewhere or a post that I now wish I’d bought a half dozen of them.

I have a fair number of candles. I had a period during which I bought many more candles than perfumes.

dLAdC is my absolute favourite (as can be seen, I’m hoarding it — I light for short periods / it’s got incredible throw and I don’t need to have it going too long to get good fragrance payoff). It’s meant to smell of a painter’s studio and it does that brilliantly: pigments, wood, linseed oil, turps, sweat, dust. It definitely isn’t pretty – but it is indescribably beautiful. I love Cezanne. I have a small framed print of a still life from the Courtauld Gallery in London on my wall. I actually brought that print along to the rental house, along with family pics, as I couldn’t imagine not seeing it on a daily basis.

Anyway, apparently there is a painter’s studio candle out there by Astier de Villate called Atelier de Balthus which I’ll have to try one day.

So, is there something you hadn’t worn in a while that surprised you and made you think it needed to re-enter regular rotation? And do you have a favourite candle?

  • Brigitte says:

    Favorite candles both discontinued…. Pacifica Egyptian Bergamot Rose and Pacifica Tibetan Mountain Temple. They used to sell for a song at my local health food store.

    • Cinnamon says:

      It is so irritating when beautiful things get discontinued. Why do that? Yes, I get that some items sell less well than others, but it’s not fair to launch something and then drop it from a line after a while. Just make less of it and add it to a small production grouping.

  • Portia says:

    OOOH Cinnamon,
    Love Eau Noire!
    Also, I’m a bit of a candle lover too. Buy a bunch every year for XMAS presents. My friend owns Gascoigne & King and their fragrances are so beautiful. Also very reasonably priced and they send to the world for a flat rate.
    Right now I’ve got a Byredo candle in the bathroom and a Glasshouse in the living room. Both very nice.
    Portia xx

    • Cinnamon says:

      Yes, it’s always perplexing when really beautiful things fall out of rotation. Will have to look up Gascoigne & King. I have one Byredo which is supposed to smell of a library and sort of does.

  • Musette says:

    Ex-hub and I are both painters and at one point had joint studios – I loved coming home to the smells of a working studio. My current home’s studio is under tarps, so no joy there right now.

    I have a lot of candles but tend to use wax melts instead. However, I learned a great ‘throw’ trick from TMP’s friend violetnoir: light the candle, let it burn just long enough to get a decent pool of wax going, then blow it out – the wax will throw the scent without wearing down the wick unnecessarily. It also works with wax melts, as there’s no need to burn the whole thing in order to get a good scent.


  • Eldarwen22 says:

    Miss Dior is something that should be back in my rotation but for some reason isn’t. My candle love is fairly recent. I usually go for the Bath and Body Works ones because that is more often than not, the best I can afford if I want money for perfume. I am not getting anymore candles until Candle Day. Well that is what I would like but that is 4 months away so we shall see.

    • Musette says:

      My Dior ‘why isn’t this more in rotation’ is Diorling, esp the vintage (that leathery goodness just blooms in the heat)… and one other… (Diorama, maybe?). xoxo

    • Cinnamon says:

      Candle day? Is that a ‘thing’? I guess Eau Noire is my Dior. I’m trying to recall if I wore any Diors regularly in the past … oh, Hypnotic Poison for a while, but gave away the bottle to the daughter of a friend (now former friend) because she loved it. She was a daddy’s girl and a huge pain in the ass. Sadly, that’s now my association with HP which was/is actually a great perfume.

  • Tara C says:

    Not a huge candle person but that one does sound appealing. My favourite candle ever is/was Papyrus by IUNX. Very potent with lots of throw. Also Seringa by Diptyque, sadly discontinued as well.

    As for perfumes, I randomly grabbed CdG Black which I hadn’t worn in ages and want to wear it again, although it really isn’t the right season. But inside under the AC it will be fine.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Ya know, I have never had a chance to sample anything Iunx and the perfumes and candles sound very good. One day, when it’s safe to return to Paris — isn’t that the only place to get them now?

  • March says:

    You are KILLING me with that candle. One of my all time favorite smells, sometimes found in painters’ studios, art supply stores, antique stores, museums. I wish I knew whether I’d love the Balthus one before purchasing, although g-d knows I’ve spent more than that on an unsniffed fragrance.

    • Cinnamon says:

      I feel no guilt 🙂 Thankfully, the Cezanne candle is still quite ‘full’. But when it’s close to gone I will likely buy the Balthus as even if it isn’t totally similar I’m hoping it will have a half-way decent painter’s studio vibe.