Areej le Dore War and Peace – and some books


After Patty’s post on By Killian Love Don’t Be Shy I went off looking for a sample. None of my regular haunts stock it. So, I took a deep breath and used a site I’d never heard of with fingers crossed I’d actually get my order. I don’t plan to use them ever again, but my samples (I decided that if I was going to buy one thing I might as well buy a few others) did arrive safely. I haven’t yet tried the By Killian. I was so taken by the name of the AleD fragrance that it was the first thing I popped on. So, today is about that plus a few book series I’ve been following which might be of interest.

First off, I haven’t read War and Peace. However, Tolstoy was one of my mother’s favourite authors, so I associate the book with her. The fragrance was released in 2019 and a W&P II has since been released that is apparently a bit gentler or more well-rounded (whatever that means). Which is to say W&P I is decidedly not gentle or ‘well-rounded’. Notes include (I am paraphrasing, as notes list comes with a lot of noise) amber resin, ruh galib, Taif rose, patchouli, orris root, musk, ambergris, castoreum, oak moss, vetiver, civet, more amber resin.

This is a big fragrance, unsurprisingly from the notes list. On me, the first hour is the most interesting part during which I smell all kinds of things: gun smoke (it’s not just me – I found the reference in some comments and I have shot a gun so have a sense of the smell), wood smoke, resin, leather. So, incredibly evocative in a rather unsettling way. As it opens up, I get a long-lived powdery, leathery musk. It’s very nicely done, but that first hour makes the perfume, IMHO. This is not something I would consider purchasing. It’s just too much and too expensive, but I am quite pleased to have the sample and expect I might wear it again — on the colder days of the winter, assuming we have true cold and dry rather than dreary and damp.

On to books.

I read for a living, but I also read for relaxation. I tend to read quirky detective stuff because it seems to come in series and I find it easy to get lost in the procedure which can be profoundly relaxing after having spent a day reading stuff that isn’t generally relaxing.

The series I’ve enjoyed the most over the past few years include John Connolly’s Charlie Parker books (US detective with a very sad past plus some magical realism, and two wondrous characters, besides Parker, in Angel and Louis) and Elly Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway series (forensic archaeologist based in Norfolk on the UK east coast; see pic — this isn’t Norfolk, but gives a feel for the landscape). I’ve also recently discovered another archaeology-focused series set in the Middle East (only three novels – I’m finishing up the first) by Paul Sussman.

So, what about you? Tried any Areej le Dore (Patty reviewed a few a bit ago) and what are you reading if that’s a thing?



  • Bouillon says:

    I’m so happy to read that Louise Penny is getting recognized here above (I am a proud quebec résident as well!!)

    I am reading Tana French for the moment, but I have written down the other suggestions from all of you as I might need to try something new!

    As for Areej, I owned three bottles, but sold Ottoman Empire Part 2 and only keep Koh I Noor and Antiquity. Love those two. Did you guys read the new Kafka reviews for the latest releases? Great stuff. Very tempted by Agar de Noir as I could never get my hands on the first Ouds he produced.

    Happy Saturday everyone!! 😉

  • Patty says:

    never read War and Peace, but I did get through The Brother Karamazov and Crime and Punishment. I know that’s Dostoyevsky, but it’s a Russian author that I’ve actually read, making it through the Russian naming system. I honestly loved them both. Can’t seem to do Tolstoy, not even Anna Karenina, and I’ve tried. I like the Areej le Dore, but I get confused when scents come and go and then new ones come all the time. And I get why they do that line that way, but it’s disorienting when you find one you love.

    • Cinnamon says:

      I read Brothers Karamazov years ago. Haven’t managed Crime and Punishment. All these things I ‘should’ read. Sigh. I looked at the AleD website and was also perplexed. Right, X perfume is sold out. Are you planning to restock it or just go on to Y perfume? What happens if something gets serious love? Do you simply do a number 2, like with War and Peace? ie, a riff on the original but not exactly the same?

  • March says:

    I’ve never even heard of War and Peace! (the fragrance, not the book.) It sounds kinda fabulous, to be honest. Not something I’d maybe need a LOT of, but a sampling sounds about right. I’m over here engaging in the Great Tradition of the Labor Day holiday in the US — everything’s on sale lol — and enjoying a day of lovely weather, the first hint of fall.

    • March says:

      LOLOLOL okay I just checked the temperature and it’s 84F/29C but “it’s a DRY 84!” hehe. Realized that’d be something resembling a heat wave in your parts, yeah?

      • Cinnamon says:

        Be interested to hear what you think of W&P. Actually, the past few summers have been summers here — ie, hot and sunny for months. When I first moved here from London I wondered at myself because proper summer was around 2 weeks long, with the rest of the time cool and damp. Winter is generally not fun in the southwest: cold, grey, damp and very short days (ie, sun rises at 9 AM and sets by 4 PM — awful). At least spring into summer days are looooong (sun up at 5 or slightly earlier/down at 10 pm). I guess one sort of balances out the other…

  • Dina C. says:

    I read a lot of cozy mystery series and some police procedural series, too. My favorite recommendation to give is one I received from good Posse folks here: Louise Penny. She is a wonder and a marvel. Take Agatha Christie, Elizabeth George, Martha Grimes, PD James, whirl them all up in a blender, and you’ve got Louise Penny. Yup, she’s really that great. One note: you’ve got to read these books in series order. And a warning: don’t start one of her books late in the evening after supper. You’ll be up until 3:00 in the morning until you finish it. They are truly can’t-put-it-down kind of books! 🙂

    • Musette says:

      omg, YES! Madame Penny!!! Sharon C sent me the first one… and I’ve been hooked ever since. She really takes her time – and takes her storytelling seriously. I adore her. I adore Sharon, too! 😉 xoxoxo

    • Cinnamon says:

      Will definitely have to look up Louise Penny. Sounds phenomenal.

      • Musette says:

        ‘Still Life’ is the first of an incredible series. Because there really is a story line I’m in total agreement with Dina C that they should be read in order. Worth every slide of the eyeball, I promise! xoxoxo

  • Portia says:

    Hey Cinnamon,
    I think I tried some Areej Le Dore but can’t remember.
    I’ve been dawdling through a series I’ve read and reread through my life since my teens. The Belgariad, Mallorean and the two added life stories by David and Leigh Eddings. I keep getting sidetracked and interrupted but nearly finished the second last book.
    Portia xx

    • Dina C. says:

      Loved the Belgariad and the Mallorean, Portia. My DH, who is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy book lover introduced me to them, and I read them back when we first married. Great series!

      • Portia Turbo says:

        YAY! Another fan! I was introduced to them at the local bookstore as a young teen. Quite often if it was a long wait for my bus I’d go there and they had a little reading nook. Mum was so happy that to have a bookworm that she had an account with the store, so I could always get the books I loved. Only one book in the series has disintegrated but the rest are those original, dog eared, well loved copies.
        Portia xx

    • Cinnamon says:

      I’m not sure I would sample anything beyond War and Peace. It feels like one of those brands that’s very into itself. Oh, I definitely re-read stuff from my teenage years. Also read stuff my son recommends. One of the best series he found for himself was the Century Quartet by PD Baccalario. Thankfully we have all the books, as it’s now hard to find.

  • Musette says:

    Excepting the gunpowder, W&P sounds Not Me, so I’m glad you tried it so I don’t have to 😉
    My nerves have been kinda shot lately – doing a lot of logistics that are falling into place but require a lot of attention – so I’m reading vintage Patricia Wentworth late 20s-early 30s cozy mysteries that make absolutely no procedural sense whatsoever but are very relaxing precisely because of that. Also re-reading Pamela Aidan’s Fitzwilliam Darcy trilogy, which is also very calming (we know he and Elizabeth Bennet marry in the end, of course). I keep trying to read ‘heavier’ stuff – but when I do my brain starts trying to slide out of my left ear. xoxoxo

    • Musette says:

      oh! a lovely friend sent me the Elly Griffith Ruth
      Galloway series – I started it but got busy with work. Need to get back to it, as they are very well written! xoxo

      • Cinnamon says:

        The gun powder is actually one of the most interesting things about it and modifies the leather so the fragrance isn’t too pongy. Love the Ruth Galloway series. Look forward to each new book. There’s even a small e-book about her Xmas one year. Best wishes with the logistics. When i ran the online perfumery everything had to go into an excel sheet. I’m ok with excel, but found I kept checking and cross-checking which was stressful.

  • Tara C says:

    I ordered War & Peace blind and sold it, too powdery and fusty for me. The only one I own and like is Plumeria di Orris.