Cartier L’Heure (IV) Fougueuse … and a giveaway

We’re having headache-inducing weather: wet, then sunny; cold and gale force winds. It’s supposed to get dryer and quieter this week.

Two boxes left to unpack – and those have to wait for the small bookcase to arrive end of this month/beginning of next (cookbooks in the boxes and no space for them elsewhere). Working away at garden. It’s going to take months to get it sorted, which is fine. Need to unearth the crowbar some guys left behind a year ago to get the stepping stones out to make way for a sane path.

Managed to make gluten free granola this morning and baba ganoush in the afternoon, so feel slightly virtuous.

Anita in her deep deep kindness sent me some l’Heure Fougueuse in its classy original red and gold double box (see pics and of deconstruction). She included some strange candy to distract the customs people, who didn’t touch the parcel, so I guess it worked. She also included a boxed sample vial of Fouguese which we’ll get to later.

I had mentioned this fragrance several times months ago, that it is on my ‘list’, but I couldn’t imagine actually buying it. So, I’m one happy bunny. Very happy bunny.

Years ago, I actually visited the Cartier shop on 5th Avenue in Manhattan to try (and get samples of) a few of the Les Heures. It was a rather memorable visit as 1) it was pouring rain outside and I was quite damp, but the employees still treated me with consideration and respect; and 2) they were very patient with me and generous with samples. Sometimes luxury shops can get with the programme.

So, Fouguese.

Just to bounce off Portia’s post from last week about the Atelier des Ors bottles and how lush they are, the same is true of the Les Heures bottles, though they aren’t quite as imaginative. They are, however, beautiful, heavy, the caps actually fit and stay on, and looking through the front of the bottle you see the l’Heure number. Understated, but well conceived and designed.

Notes for Fougueuse, which launched in 2011 and is labelled a chypre, include: bergamot, magnolia, mate, vetiver, lavender, leather, oakmoss and musk.

Once I had the box open, I immediately sprayed this on – and on my son (who is still home from uni, and has very good skin). Very different from one person to the other.

On me, Fougueuse is horse and leather. That’s pretty much it from the get-go. It starts strong, with a tinge of almost sour horse tack. As it unfolds, it becomes the best-leather-item-you’ve-had-for-ages smell with a bit of the mate smoothing it. Even the lavender in this is good – it’s like the lavender hedges here that smell of sunshine. By the time it reaches its close (it’s a very long-lived perfume on me) I get a big gentle sweaty horse, pong and a deep mossiness.

On my son, in contrast, this is a horse eating hay in a field of flowers – ie, a lot more development. I did say he has good skin. It’s gentler in the opening; what I guess is the mate provides a hay aspect; it dries down with less pong, less leather, and more non-animalic animal, sunshine, meadow flowers, and vetiver/musk.

Fougueuse is such a pleasure to wear. It reminds me of hot summers during my teenage years spent around horses – that feeling of being effortlessly happy even though you were often dirty and working very hard.

So, that sample. Leave a comment to enter the draw for it. Given the parcel arrived here safely from the US, I’m happy to try to send this anywhere in our big grand world.

  • HeidiC says:

    This sounds fantastic! The description sort of makes me think of how FM’s Fleur de Cassie smells on me — very horsey. This one went completely under my radar — I’d love to sniff it!

  • Patty says:

    Fougueuse is my favorite Cartier in this series. On me it is sweaty hay and horse hide. I love it!

  • Anna Egeria says:

    I need a fragrance that reminds me of the hot summers spent with horses in my teen years! The only Cartier fragrance I know and am fond of is LeMust so I’m going to sample Fougueuse. Thank you for this drawing.

  • Ariel says:

    Oh goodness, how exciting!

    As an Argentine tango dancer, maté smells are particularly poignant for me. I haven’t been out dancing since February, but I can still recall the different smells of a myriad of dance venues. One common thread is maté. Another is shoe leather. The third: champagne.

    At least every other tango song is about nostalgia, and I’m nostalgic for dancing. What a funny time.

    • Cinnamon says:

      The venue smells sound so exciting. I took flamenco classes for a short period, but never tango. It is a funny time and here’s hoping you are able to return to classes reasonably soon.

  • Calrayo says:

    I remember reading about this one when it came out! I haven’t had a chance to sniff it. I mentioned to my spouse one time that I think our dog has a really pleasant, animal smell like a horse – the spouse gave me a weird look. Don’t mind me, just sniffing my dog’s head like a weirdo.

  • Patricia Wood says:

    I adore the smell of horse skin (hair on hide), sweat, hay and alfalfa and outdoors and barns and leather saddles. And so I hug my horse. I don’t know why some people dislike the aroma. Maybe it is an acquired taste or just for country girls & the moneyed horsey set. I would love a sample of Cartier Heure IV Fougeuse. Sounds like it would be ideal for me. I have been waiting for years to try it. Please enter me in the draw. I am in USA.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Ah, horse hugs. I wonder if some people simply dislike the idea of the smell of a big, sweaty animal. Too bad for them, I guess. One of the things I loved about being around horses during my teen years was how soothing it was to brush one and how every once in a while you’d get a nudge on the bottom when check hooves.

  • Zazie says:

    Ohhhh what a wonderful opportunity to live with this amazing scent for a while.
    I remember testing it on its launch, And really liking it…but I never rely on only one spritz to take a perfume decision and I didn’t feel comfortable stomping around at Cartier for other try-ons.
    …And then I just forgot about this Mathilde Laurent perfume. I don’t recall getting much of the flowers, just a bitter yet plush and comfy leather… felt like wearing a pair of very expensive taylor made boots… 😉

    • Cinnamon says:

      Yes, that sort of thing: the best worn in leather item you own. I am finding I spray on a small bit in the morning right now. I really enjoy following how this unfolds.

  • Dina C. says:

    Sounds like an amazing scent! I just this year got a small decant of one of the others in this series, so I know how well done they are. Feve Delicieuse (pardon my lack of accents).

  • March says:

    Awwwww, this makes me so happy! Perfume people are the BEST. Also laughing about the candy, was it the wretched durian candy? I bet it was.

  • Portia says:

    OMG Cinnamon, what a fabulously lavish surprise. Musette is amazing.
    If I wasn’t seething with jealousy I’d be properly happy for you, but here we are.
    Wear it in the best of health always,
    Portia xx

  • Musette says:

    DNEM, obvs – but I did want to say I get what your son gets – the hay and the horse. It’s a great hay perfume (on me). I wish I got more of the pong.

    Glad it got there, unscathed. That durian candy is da shizzz! for when you want to mask a scent. NOTHING gets by durian – nothing.


    • March says:

      OMG I JUST typed this above before I saw this comment, speculating it was the durian. Durian is excellent for warding off … well, anything, really.

      • Cinnamon says:

        I have the bag sitting in the larder. trying to decide if I want to sample a piece … you’re not tipping the balance towards doing it.

        • Musette says:

          okay – the best way to try it (ask me how I know this) is to put it in your mouth…then immediately take it out. You’ll get the gist of it without a lot of drama. Durian is an ‘acquired’ taste (and it’s not to my taste) but it won’t kill you – and it’s an interesting note to try. xoxoxo

        • March says:

          LOL I dare you. I spent five weeks in Thailand / Cambodia a few years back, trying to psych myself into trying it, and the closest I got was durian ice cream, which was appalling.

          • Musette says:

            yeah – that’s why the candy is so perfect to try! I pop ONE piece in my mouth, get the gist of it – and then I am reminded of why I don’t eat Durian. But it won’t kill you.

  • Gina T. says:

    OMG, I have a horse and am looking for the perfect horse fragrance!!!! Sour horse leather sounds perfect. 23 years of sweat and trail rides with my boy. He is 30 and won’t be here forever. Looking for a way to wear him when he is gone.

    • Musette says:

      omg – if you only knew how I interpreted that sentence, Gina! LOL! but! Fouguese is, imo, a perfect ‘horse’ scent! It won’t smell like your boy – but it will remind you of all the lovely times you spent with him! Mathilde is a genius at capturing ‘essences’ of memory, imo, much like Christopher Brosius. xoxoxo