Planned vs. Actual

What I planned was a review of the new Tom Ford Tuberuese Nue.  The Actual was my day got buried in work and I wound up captioning a game tonight and I can’t stay awake long enough do that.

So the Dolly Parton sample came in.  OMG, it smells just like I thought it would.

How is everyone doing with the cold?  We hit our coldest day yesterday. This morning was -13 at 6a. Taking the dogs out is crazy!  Their little paws are so sensitive, and they can’t take being on the snow with that level of cold. I have to carry up and down the stairs, but poor little Cora’s one paw was not doing well with the cold, and she was coming back to the stairs and crying with every step. So I had to hurry up and get Anya in, run back down and pick her up and carry her in.  Lord, broke my heart. They are just not fit for frigid cold!  Over there is what we are all waiting for.

Tell me frozen stories, did you all keep your power, stay warm?  I hope so, it’s been awful in so many places, and too many people do not have a place to go.

  • maggiecat says:

    Below zero temps, snow, and rolling power outages have made this so very much a NOT fun week! The first day of snow, our little Bella went outside and began crying piteously until I stepped into the snow and picked her up. She’s a little braver now, but not a happy camper. Looking forward to a return to normal temps and life here.

    • Patty says:

      I know! Poor little thing. Mine usually love the snow, it’s great for running and leaping and wrestling, but yikes, this was a bridge too far. but they are happy now. And midway through, I realized I had NOT left food out for the birds. They are all set now, plus I’m adding more feeders for them closer to the house so I won’t get distracted and to forget them the ONE time they really need me in the dead of winter. 🙁

  • rosarita says:

    We’ve had mild winters the last couple of years so the snow and cold feel good, like the way things should be. That said, the snow blower broke a belt and we couldn’t get out of the garage but we got plowed out this afternoon. I always prefer cold temperatures to hot ones. Two of my granddogs are big guys who love the snow but there’s a teensy third dog, who I haven’t met yet, who’s having to do the pee pad in the garage thing. My daughter isn’t crazy about that but little Jimmy is only 5# and the snow is 18″ deep, he’s not going outside.

  • Sam says:

    Do you like the Dolly perfume? I’ve read it referred to as “very wearable” & “cotton candy but not too sweet or cloying…”

  • Tara C says:

    Pawz booties work great, they are like little rubber balloons you slip onto their paws. My dog hates going out when it’s freezing so we use pee pads in our mud room. We also own a generator in case the sh*t hits the fan. Fortunately we are fine. It is -50 in Winnipeg, thank your lucky stars you aren’t there!

  • Musette says:

    and… I had to laugh… temps are -6F. ‘Feels like -6F’ was a freakin’ WIN! LOL! last week we were at your -13F. That sucked massively.

    Is it yet Spring?


  • Musette says:

    your poor babies! Miss Thang is a full 14″ off the ground and it’s been rough, even for her! She couldn’t squat to pee because the snow was at 18″ and who wants to freeze their bits, right?!. I managed to get a bit of space swept out for her. Today we walk to the vet (a full 2 blocks) – we will do it via the streets. I tried dog-socks. Um. No.

    • Patty says:

      Poor babies! I had a Newf many, many, many years ago, and that kind of weather was like Spring for him, it was crazy. So my little hothouse flowers are just a trip. I thought about boots or socks for her, but this morning was better.

  • Cinnamon says:

    When Joe the lab had a cut on one of his paws he wore these boots with the dog equivalent of vibram soles. They worked very well at keeping his paw clean and mostly dry. got them off amazon. In weather contrast, I recall seeing during a NY trip years ago during a very not summer a woman stopped under a tree rinsing her dog’s paws mid-walk before they continue home.

    • Musette says:

      we had a heat wave so bad one year that folks’s shoe soles were sticking to asphalt in parking lots. You couldn’t walk your dog on the street, for fear of burning their paws.


    • Patty says:

      I thought about this, but by the time they got here, the cold is over. And all the dogs’ paws are smarty in the cold, Cora is just the biggest baby about it. 🙂 Louis does his business, runs back to the stairs and dances around until I let him go back up.

  • MMKinPA says:

    I used to use “mushers secret” on my beagles paws when it was really cold. He would not have worn booties, but even in bitter cold he wanted to walk and sniff. (We had only one day in 10 years that he refused to go out.). The downside is you have to wipe it off afterward- might not be worth it for just a potty visit. We have lots of snow but have so far been spared the bitter cold.

    • Patty says:

      I just cannot figure out how to get these on all four dogs before we go outside! One or two would be okay, but four is – oh, they all go nuts when I get the harnesses and leashes out, I can’t imagine what getting four booties on each one would look like. Luckily it has to be reaaaaaly cold to do this, which I’ve never seen them all this freezy, but today is fine, and it’s still not warm, but 20s!

  • March says:

    I was wondering how you were faring, I’ve been talking to Anita and it all sounds absolutely dreadful. We’re a bit colder than usual on my part of the East Coast but not crazy-cold. I hope it warms up soon for you!

    • Patty says:

      It is coooold. Are you guys not going to get it? I mean, we are used to the occasional plunge, but this has been more than a week, with the pinnacle at the very end with that -13 without wind chill. Luckily, I live close to the governor’s mansion, so they weren’t going to roll my power grid. 🙂

  • taxi says:

    So sorry for your puppies! Can you use cloth make slipper/socks for them & rubber band them around their ankles? Old cut-up dishtowels folded, wrapped & held on with masking tape might help.

    • Patty says:

      Yeah, I would. it was just really bad that one day, and they are out there like 4 minutes tops, not sure it is even that long, and then popped back in. They get really fast when it’s this cold.