Spring, Birds and Odd Perfumes

Spring is so close here, I can feel it, see it, taste it. The legendary Kansas winds have started, which means if it’s not anchored down when they blow, they’ll be in the next county.  The birds are slowly descending, and I’ve got a smorgasbord out.  Tracking the hummers, and they are pulling into Oklahoma now, so!  They’ll be here soon.  We’ve got 70s coming up all next wee, and that makes me think they’ll be moving in sooner, so gonna have the nectar made and out mid to end next week.

In the process of putting as many deck planter boxes out as I can budget. I have a wrap-around deck on more than half of my house, and it needs planter boxes. Getting something not too cheap…. well, it may take a couple of years to get it all done, but I’m determined!  Flowers in the spring, summer and fall around most of my house for the birdies to get nectar from.

Also started the seedlings – watermelon, broccoli, sunflowers, cantaloupe, beets and lavender. I haven’t done this in years, but everything is sprouting, they are under lights, and I need to transfer some to larger peat pots, they’ve outgrown the plant baby crib!

Deep breath.  I love spring and summer!

And then I’ve got some perfumes I’m testing that are weird and sorta fit.  A couple of the Strangers new ones – Yuzu Soda and A Sorta Fairytale in Hyde Park, as well as Jazmin Yucatan from D.S. & Durga. These two are just odd brands, but I like them. Not always sure if I want to wear them, but these three are all very wearable.  The Jazmin Yucatan is a fecally, jungle jasmine that I’m a little obsessed with.  Sorry, short reviews, my work life is still crazed, so thinking about one perfume for longer than 5 minutes is tough.  The Yuzu Soda from Strangers is just a fizzy pop of weird happiness. Not traditional, but unexpected that makes you laugh.

Strangers A Sorta Fairytale in Hyde Park is just gorgeous – inspired by Hyde Park in the spring, I have no idea how close it is, but it all the rich smells of spring – not in a Jo Malone or Goutal kind of spring, but a grittier, richer, realer one.

Winners of the Byredo Mixed Emotions samples are Calrayo and Rina. Just click on the Drop Us a Note button at the top, send me your address and remind me what you won, and I will get it out to you.  I always send a confirming email when I get yours so you know I got it. If you don’t get that, send again.

  • HeidiC says:

    Wow — the Jazmin Yucatan sounds deliciously filthy!

  • Calrayo says:

    I have house finches nesting at the moment, and they’re so fun to watch. We’ve had bluebirds in past years, and hummingbirds in the maple tree. Part of my garden overhaul plan is to add a few proper nest boxes for our visitors. I hope they get used!

  • Dina C. says:

    I’ve been watching old episodes of Gardener’s World on Amazon Prime because just looking at gardens and flowers is so therapeutic and relaxing and soothing to my soul. I love your flower box plans. Container gardens are a great plan. We are about to get a giant horde of cicadas climbing out of the earth as soon as it warms up this year, so spending $$ on nice plants seems futile. I’d rather spend it on scents that smell like a garden!

  • March says:

    Squeeeeeeeeee!!!!! On THAT wraparound on your house that is going to be GORGEOUS. And sunflowers make me especially happy — it’s so much fun watching the birds wap-wap-wapping away at their seedheads later in the year. xo

  • Cinnamon says:

    Happy spring. Are you hanging boxes on the deck rail? It’s insanely wonderful that you’ll have hummers. And you reminded I need to do at least one sunflower. I had a small one last summer and they just cause happiness. Will have to look for the Hyde Park fragrance. I’ve tried a couple from this line and wasn’t overly taken. Maybe this will do it.

  • Tara C says:

    I am so looking forward to building my garden later this year and next spring. It will take me a few years as well but that will be part of the pleasure! The hummingbirds are here in San Diego, enjoying my lilies. 🙂

  • Musette says:

    Yuzu Soda? Sign me UP!

    and the hummers are going to be sooo happy!