All else being Equalizer

The end of last week was …

Thursday AM early the car went in for a service. It had been running hot and I was pretty sure something ‘significant’ was wrong. It’s old for a car (10 years) but the garage has been kind, and I was hoping it would come out of this service able to run for at least another year.

Coolant leak. New thermostat and housing. Big sigh of relief even while wincing when paying the bill. Fingers crossed it will behave on the two longer journeys coming up to move child out of uni house into storage early summer and then out of storage into housing in the autumn for new academic year. I have other large expenditures coming up this year. I’d appreciate not having to shell out for a ‘new’ car for a while yet.

(Oh, and on Saturday night, the motor for the front driver’s side window went. So, we’ll be returning to garage… )

Then, a loopy work day Friday – just relentless (and the guy I work for asked if I ‘was up for’ doing a long note over the weekend – uh, no).

Amidst this it’s been windy here. Not gale force winds – just shush-shushing all day every day for the past three days which can do your head in. It’s getting warmer. All I want is calm – in life and from the weather.

Within this context during one of my periods of downtime surfing YouTube the algorithm told me I should watch a video of the Equalizer, a Denzel Washington film from 2014. Watched the trailer and was hooked. If you’re my age, you might know about the original Equalizer TV programme from the 1980s with Edward Woodward starring as Robert McCall. Basic plot in both cases is former intelligence officer now helping out the ‘little guy’. I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. Turn the tables on the evil and the powerful. (NB: there’s now a reprise of the concept on TV starting this year with Queen Latifa starring – just found that out this morning so will have to have a look).

This is the guy who at family gatherings who hangs with the women and kids because they ‘get’ him even if they don’t know why whereas he makes the men twitchy.

The older McCall is white and British; the younger one Black and American. Both are old school, impeccable manners, dress well, no need to shout about their (prodigious) skills. Still waters run deep. You underestimate this guy at your peril.

Because I can’t help it in these situations I started wondering what the characters might wear regarding fragrance. I came to the conclusion they wouldn’t because it might be distracting when working. Still, I expect they’d prefer the same types of things and they might well not be classic men’s colognes – maybe old style but with a twist? I settled on Guerlain Djedi because they smelled it on a long gone lover and then adopted it as their own. Or Caron Bellodgia for the same reason. And they had someone who sourced the old bottles for them, someone running a tiny perfumery in Paris, in an arcade off the beaten track – stuff stashed in the back for when they called or called in. If the more modern McCall adopted something newer maybe it would be an Amouage, but still a feminine because that would be his way.

All this contemplating sent me off to my bottle of Mitsouko. That was what I was in during the weekend.

So, are you familiar with either/both of these versions of the Equalizer?

  • Patty says:

    LOVE the Equalizer, but Denzel is just…. well, he’d never look at me twice, but I spend a little too much time
    thinking about him, and he is great in that movie. I’ve never seen or heard of the television program. I’m guessing we never got it here. Sounds great!

    • Cinnamon says:

      TV program was US in 1980s just with brit starring. I’ve watched segments on YouTube but have no idea if whole episodes show up anywhere. It was indeed great.

  • Dina C. says:

    I’ve never watched the Equalizer, but I’ve at least heard of the American version. Didn’t realize there was an older, British version. I love your scent story and imaginative backstory for them! That’s the kind of thing I do when I read or watch fiction, too…expand on a character’s life.

    • Cinnamon says:

      No, no, the tv show was American — set in NY — just with a British actor in the lead. On the backstory thing, watching both of them just made me think about having contacts all over the world and the perfume thing just being one of many.

  • Patty Wood says:

    I have seen both and much prefer the older TV version with Edward Woodward, even though it was far fetched. And people complained about the violence. Dude parked his sleek car (was it a Jaguar?) in Harlem and nobody dared touch it. Robert McCall was badazz! He might wear Amouage Jubilation XXV, the men’s scent, or even Jub 25, the women’s. Who would tell him he can’t?

    • Musette says:

      if he wore Jub25, nobody would be able to tell him he can’t… because I would be so All Up In His Business that they couldn’t get close to him! 😉


    • Cinnamon says:

      I don’t recall it being far-fetched but that tells you how long it’s been seen I’ve watched an episode. Definitely was a Jaguar. And I can’t imagine anyone telling him what he could or couldn’t do.

  • March says:

    Oooh!!! This sounds like the perfect thing to watch right now, I haven’t seen it, thanks! And what Anita said about men in “ladies'” fragrances. It can be pretty enthralling!

    • Cinnamon says:

      Definitely worth watching the series. As I said below with the film I’ve only seen segments, but that makes me want to watch the whole thing.

  • Musette says:

    Besides the fact that Edward Woodward was a walking WASP fantasy, I was also in love with the idea of the car phone. Do you remember that part, where the car would just be sitting there… and the phone would ring? I found that so beguiling.
    Denzel sexes the role up even more (not carnally, which makes it even sexier).
    Years ago Neil Morris clued me in to the notion of men in women’s fragrance (along with the late Rex, who was the gorgeous Malle rep @ Barney’s – he wore Une Rose beautifully). Morris suggested I experiment on El O, put him in Fracas for a business dinner. It was incredible, the way women would gravitate towards him and lean in… it was interesting.
    I would put Denzel in Mitsouko. And I would be in thrall. Woodward would be in…….. just a touch of No5. And I would watch women’s eyes roll back in their heads.


    • Cinnamon says:

      I don’t remember the car phone. Most things I put on my son smell better than they do on me but I have tried Mitsouko on him and won’t. He’ll have to find that himself. But Fracas … oy, yes, I can see that. And I get what you mean about sexing up the role but that not being carnal. Have you watched the UK Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch?

      • Musette says:

        Oh, yes, on the Cumberbatch. Sweatergawd, Cinnamon, I do NOT understand how that man can be so….. ungodly HAWT! The pieces don’t really go together. Until they do – and beautifully. And then you are lost. He is jolie laide at its most beguiling.


  • Pam says:

    I haven’t watched the newer Equalizers, but the Edward Woodward version was a favorite of mine. Oh yeah.

    • Cinnamon says:

      They were just great. I’ve never seen the full Denzel Washington film — YouTube just gives me vignettes. When I have a pocket of time I think I’ll watch the whole thing.

      • Musette says:

        Cinnamon – there are two. Both are fabulous but I’m partial to the second one because there is an interwoven story (of grey v. black and white) that is intriguing – and a bit heartbreaking. The storm scenes are stunning.


  • Portia says:

    Funny you should mention Equalizer. They keep coming up on my Netflix feed and I’ve not bothered. Don’t know why because I love Denzel. Maybe I will this week.
    Mitsouko! That stuff will get you through anything. Talk about a fragrant suit of armour.
    Portia x

  • maggiecat says:

    All of them , including the new series with Queen Latifah. I love them – the big evil guy just knows he’s going to win because he’s so powerful, and then…justice. That this reminds me of a current work situation tells you all about how well I’m doing right now….

    • Cinnamon says:

      I’m sorry about work. Mine too is a bit mad right now but only one client. Everyone else is ok. I will have to look at the Queen Latifah version — line it up with watching Gardeners World…

      • Musette says:

        okay. THAT just made me hork up a laugh. I’m trying to see those two shows back-to-back and my brain simply Will. Not. Have. It.

        Report back. 😉