(Tiptoeing in) Hi!

Boo!  Been busy, hermitting!

Perfume this fall has been spectacular. Yes, it is all ridiculously priced, but there are some gorgeous things out that are so fall/winter.  I’ve pretty much exited my critic phase of life and ignore everything I hate or don’t care about and go wild over things that just make me happy. That new Guerlain Tobacco Honey, the Tom Ford Myrrhe Mystere.  Weird variation in pricing on that, I found out that it is almost the normal overpriced at Harrod’s in London instead of the obscenely overpriced it is in the U.S.  No matter, I dab some on every day, it is really great on me, despite the price.

The two seasonal Jo Malones have been out in the past – Ginger Biscuit and Orange Bitter. Love them both, they are just homey comfort. I’ve decided that biscuits and hay are notes that I love in everything. No, neither has hay, that’s just another note I glom onto.  Fleeting, sure, but I spray on the back of my shoulders/clothes pretty heavily, and hazily waft all day long.

The new Frederic Malle, Heaven Can Wait is totally fine.  I like it, not love, but it’s very wearable.  I was surprised at how much I like Byredo Animalique.  I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by many of their recent releases – they are meh to fine –but this one is pretty great. Inside of your leather purse sorta great.

My other new obsessions have been “tribute” handbags (superfakes) and The Row and Toteme and other upscale “tribute” clothes from Aliexpress and DHGate, as well as other sellers you deal with directly and they secure the “bag” from the factories.

Here’s a few of the bags I’ve gotten.


Not all of them, of course, but a few – Polene, Chanel Boy Bag, Double Flap, Miss Dior, Chanel trash bag and that amazing The Row bucket that I adore.




Shoes are my new rabbit hole like the black, gold and white LV Archlight weird soled sneakers. I thought I’d probably hate them, but not so much!  Kind of love them.  The sizing can be tricky for us bigger foot girls, so I just ordered the largest size and then used my stretchers to make them fit perfectly.


Finding the good tribute pieces is a little bit science and a huge amount of luck and a lot
pof researching on the Reddit group that has a ton of expertise.  But snagging a “good to great” tribute of that MaxMara Teddy Bear alpaca coat for $200 vs. thousands (a price I would never pay even if I had that kind of money!) or a “good enough” tribute The Row leather Tote or tribute Chanel shoes is like going out and reeling in a record-breaking size Marlin for a fisherman.  I do NOT throw my catches back.  I don’t need them to be perfect, just look good.

Talking about sourcing is tricky,  but I’ll try and figure out how to do it in a separate blog post if anyone is interested.

The interest in new clothes and things is driven by my weight loss. Finally have gotten to a size again where clothes are so cute, and a new wardrobes is very spendy.  Good “tribute” clothes let me try out some styles that I would never spend that much money on when I still have like another 20-30 to lose and a lot more Pilates to do to get everything as tightened up as I can.

Pilates Cadillac machineAnd that brings me to the Pilates machine. I’m 63, and I used to think Pilates reformers were boring.  Must be my age, but it completely works for me now.  Went to a couple of classes, gasped at the price tag that’s gone up a lot in the ten years since I last took a reformer class, calculated out that two-three classes per week, plus the monthly membership would run the same price in ten months  as my very own state of the art Cadillac reformer. So of course I bought the reformer.  It arrived this week, clocking in on the freight delivery at 500 pounds!  I’ve always been a Yoga girl, and the last year I’ve done a lot of biking and strength training and running, and now I need this thing, this thing that works so deep and is pulling things together I didn’t realize had come undone.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. How about you guys? New hobbies, loves, perfume or otherwise?

  • Maggiecat says:

    Good to see you back, Patty! Congrats on the weight loss – I am also on that journey and it’s tough at our age (or any age, really).

  • Musette says:

    I think it’s fabulous that you’re getting back into exercise – and you know I DROOL over those bags!!!
    Your equipment is fabbo! but as my house is about 1/4 the size of your first floor I have to make do with my mat and the daily gym visit. Luckily the gym is 2.5 blocks away – and open 24/7

  • Dina C. says:

    Hi Patty! Good to hear from you. Congrats on the pilates and body work you’ve accomplished. That’s so inspiring!

  • Portia says:

    Woo Hoo! Excellent to have you back Patty. Sounds like you are BUSY.
    Those bags! I’m not much of a bag man but love to see the yummy stuff in my friends hands.
    Sadly Tobacco Honey, on first sniff, was not friendly. I never tried Ginger Biscuit first go round but people are so excited to see it back. I’m definitely going to give it a good go.
    Enjoy your pilates.
    Portia xx

    • Patty says:

      Love those darn bags. I was okay with authentic up to a certain price point, but I refuse the stratospheric prices they are at now, it’s insane. I’m not sure you will love the Ginger Biscuit, but I do think it’s something worth trying if you haven’t!

  • Tom says:

    So great to read you one here again! Missed you!

    I don’t really do “tribute” stuff- I don’t really have a use for the real stuff. But a friend found a place that does tribute Goyard that is so good that a mutual friend who has the real deal is now buying the tribute because she can actually use it and not care- she doesn’t have to treat her purse as if it might break a hip.

    That same friend also decided to take control over her life starting with her body and goes to pilates every week- and has lost 40lbs. She has the body of a 14 year old girl- onw who just sprouted breasts. She’s feeling like a million bucks and it shows and I am really happy for her. Now if I could just get my lardy a$$ off the sofa and do the same..

    I’ve blathered on on here enough about scents (and will continue..)

    • Patty says:

      Agree about that. I have some expensive bags that are legit, and I treat them like they were a $4 hooker, honestly. I stuff them full of stuff and throw them around, and I only worry about them being lost or stolen since they are bags I like. These tribute ones, eh, not so much. Pilates is pretty amazing. I’m not anywhere near 14-year-old with sprouting breasts, but it is all tightening up!

  • alityke says:

    I got myself a gym lever Reebok treadmill during lockdown. I’ll get back on it now the weather is worse & the nights are darker. Open plan house means it lives in our living space. Last time I ran on it Mr Jarvis Cockapoo jumped on chasing me & got thrown off. Might have to lead train him on there!

    • Musette says:

      OMG! I’m a fiend – because I just blart-laughed SO HARD! reading this. (Sorry Mr J)

      • alityke says:

        Me walking fast? He’s laid on the sofa like the dawg cushion he is.
        Me run? Wayhay GAMES!

    • Patty says:

      Lol, no! I do not let the Frenchies anywhere near the treadmill. The bike is okay. They would be chasing me on that treadmill, give up and then just stand there and all bark at me.

  • Tara C says:

    I need to try Myrrh Mystère again, it smelled okay the first time I tried it. Tobacco Honey smells great except for the synthetic oud note that gives me a headache. Lately I’ve enjoyed DS&Durga Lilac City and Dries van Noten Soie Malaquais. Oh, and Meo Fusciuni Viole Nere. I have zero space for exercise equipment so I continue with cycling and yoga. Bravo to you on your fitness progress!

    • Patty says:

      The Myrrh grew on me a lot. I never cared for the Ebene Fume that some people say it is most like. So I was surprised that I like it as much as I do.

      Soie Malaquais is pretty great, and I don’t think I’ve tried the other two, but will look to remedy that.