Your First Fragrance – A Guide to Raising them With the Right Smell (Ari)

This post is about the seemingly selfless tradition of buying a young girl her first perfume, but I must admit that my motivations for writing it were purely selfish: I don’t want to smell Pink Sugar anymore. I have been… Continue Reading

By Kilian Asian Tales Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy (Ari)

Kilian, Kilian, Kilian. I try so hard to love you. I should love you. After all, I adore your fine-ass founder, Kilian Hennessy, and his insistence that “perfume is an art”. Yet you push me away with your perilous prices… Continue Reading

Man-Repelling Perfumes (Ari)

Oh hey, Perfume Posse! My name is Arielle Weinberg, and I run the perfume blog Scents of Self. The other day, in a fit of Sour Skittles-induced mania, I decided that I was going to become a fashion blogger instead. (My… Continue Reading