Crank the heat: Warm-up scents to keep the cold at bay

I know, I know, most everyone’s cold right about now (save for those lucky souls in sunny climes like California, Arizona, Hawaii, and those in the Southern Hemisphere). And some poor folks have had snow up to their eyeballs. And… Continue Reading

Rich, lush and plush: Scents for celebrating

Santa rich, lush and plush

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a very merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it. On these festive days, I always think carefully about what scent to wear. And I’ve noticed that over the years, I’ve grouped a… Continue Reading

Hmmm … Chanel Les Exclusifs Fresh Body Cream

Chanel Les Exclusifs Fresh Body Cream The above e-mail header recently landed in my inbox (as I’m sure it did in many of yours), with the following copy: “Subtly scented to flatter any fragrance in the LES EXCLUSIFS Collection, this… Continue Reading

Prescriptives Calyx, Chanel Coromandel: You smell (fill in the blank)

A few comments on a recent post of mine gave me pause for thought about how others perceive our fragrance. The perfume we wear can elicit strong responses, both positive and negative and sometimes in unexpected ways. One of my… Continue Reading