Seville a l’Aube: Beauty tempered by sadness

Hello, dear Posse peeps, I’m writing this post today with mixed emotions. On the positive side: Today my wonderful husband and I celebrate 24 years of being happily married. But on a sad note, this weekend was the funeral of… Continue Reading

Desert Island Scents

What scents would you take to a desert island? Here in the UK there is a long-running weekly radio programme called ‘Desert Island Discs’ where a famous actor/author/composer/painter takes us through the ten pieces of music they would take to… Continue Reading

Why won’t you be what I want you to be?

Have you ever decided you’re going to love a perfume before you’ve even smelled it? What happens when you finally try it—that perfume that is going to be The One, The Ultimate, The Perfect Perfume—and it’s nothing like you expected?… Continue Reading