Vanilla Sex by Tom Ford NEW! from 2023

Heya Posse! Yes, Tom Ford has brought out another double entendre that is really a single intender, and not a very friendly one. I can’t imagine telling a friend that I am wearing something called Vanilla Sex. Tawdry. Even though… Continue Reading

Never Was A Cornflake Girl by Hexennacht

Hi Posse, Never Was A Cornflake Girl jumped out at me for its name alone while trawling Surrender To Chance a while ago. It’s been sitting on the desk, getting regular little squirts. This post has taken so long to… Continue Reading

Celebrant? Scented Celebrant?

Hiya Posse Peeps, I’m not sure if I filled you in. In 2024 I’ll be studying to become a celebrant. For over 20 years mates and businesses have been asking me to do the course. I’m not entirely sure why… Continue Reading

Swine, Swans, and What They Wore

So the long awaited (by me anyway) second season of “Feud” is coming out on the 31st on FX. This time around it’s based upon the book Capote’s Women, which I have not read (yet, but I might do so… Continue Reading

Bullfrog Fire: New from 2022

Hi there Posse Crew. Bullfrog is a new to me crew of barbers from Italy and Fire is one of their newest perfume releases. It’s a best smelling, worst named scenario. Bullfrog Fire smells NOTHING like fire, at all. What… Continue Reading

All Of Me by Narciso Rodriguez NEW! NEW! NEW!

Hey Posse! A couple of months ago I grabbed a few things at Surrender To Chance. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be getting rid of my samples and decants in the New Idea 2023 deal. Sorry, I’ve always been… Continue Reading

L’Astre by Le Galion (Ava Gardner’s bespoke scent)

Hi there Posse, I bought L’Astre by Le Galion at retail from Fragrances and Art in 2023 as a reward for getting September (I think) New Idea 2023 done right. The thing is though, we were travelling so much last… Continue Reading