Nawt goes in Search of Answers

To catch up on the adventures of Nawt so far, if you’re new, you can go here.  This is the continuing adventures of Nawt Agin, rookie perfumer for Irrational Fruity Florals

When we last left Nawt, he was waking up from a very bad dream.  After a very sleepless night, Nawt was sitting in front of a big mug of coffee, inhaling deeply (smelling everything deeply was a habit) and reading the newspaper.  A story caught his eye.  Jean Claude Ellena was in town!  Could this be what he was looking for?  Could the perfect JCE help him?  And what truly did he want JCE to help him with? He knew he could make the Celebridrool that he had been assigned to do, it would be easy, could do it with his beakers tied behind his back, but maybe JCE could tell him how to turn it around into something really good, and it just wouldn’t hurt to meet The Man.

Nawt checked the article for JCE’s itinerary and picked up the phone and dialed.

Nawt:  (nasal, choked voice) Halooo?  Yes, dis is Dawt.  Dawt I said, N-a-w-t.  yes, Dawt.  Sick tuday, berry, won’t be in. With what?  Dose broke.  Dose, n-o-s-e.  Can’t sbell, sssssmmmmelllll.  Tanks.

He hung up the phone, headed into the shower and got dressed.  Two hours later, he was pulling up to the museum where JCE was due to receive an award.  He parked and waited.

Off in the distance he saw something odd walking down the street. It looked like a man, an impossibly good-looking and distinguished man — Nawt felt a little breathless just looking at him —  but around his feet was some kind of cloud.  He got out of the car to get a better look.

jce.jpgAs the man got closer, he saw it was definitely a dust cloud of some sort around his feet, but there were things popping up out of it.  Really random things… like a… perfume bottle?  And was that a cunning Red Manolo heel in there?  Attached to a very shapely leg?

Nawt stood dumbfounded as the Man in Cloud approached.  From his chiseled cheekbones, graying hair at the temples to the luminous smile, this was the most perfect man Nawt had ever seen.  He could now make out what was in the cloud, it was women engaged in a catfight — two, maybe three or more — and perhaps some perfume? as The Man walked on, oblivious to what was happening under his feet.

And… it WAS Jean Claude Ellena.

Nawt:  Monsieur Ellena, Monsieur Ellena, I beg you, can I have a moment of your time!

JCE:  Slowing down, he stopped, and the cloud of women and perfume continued to swirl beneath his feet. He turned to Nawt and aimed his beatific smile at him and said:  Je ne parle pas l’anglais.

Nawt:  What?  You speak English, right?

JCE:  Looks perplexed, smiles radiantly, smelling divine, shrugs, starts to walk away.

Nawt:  No, no, wait. I’ll find someone to speak French. Just wait, don’t go anywhere!!

(Nawt looks around, starts stopping people and cars, asking them if they speak French, gets ignored, spat on or handed a quarter. He’s getting desperate and then he spies a familiar face….

Voracia:  Hey, Perfume Man, I know you!!!

To be continued…

Original artwork by Adam Smith

Flora June 3, 2007

LOVE this series - butI can't see any artwork - where is the picture? :(

Judith June 2, 2007

Moi, je parle francais!!! So do I get to meet JCE? :x

evilpeony June 1, 2007

=))hahahahahhahah.....hahahhahahahah..... hahahahahahah..... ok.ok.ok.... my tummy hurts now.... hahaha... classic. thanks patty for an introduction to a wonderful weekend.

CH June 1, 2007

:(( NooooOOOOoooooooooOOOOOoooOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!!! :((

arhianrad June 1, 2007

OMG, JCE makes an appearance...will this be a case of deus ex machina? How could you leave me hanging like this? *swoons and joins in the catfight in the cloud...*

March June 1, 2007

I knew it! I knew you were going to work your boyfriend (aka "homeslice") JCE in there somewhere! Nice likeness ...

tmp00 June 1, 2007

I don't think I've been so engaged in anything since "Tales of the City" :d

violetnoir June 1, 2007

Ooh, but how does it end? How does it end?????? :o Hugs and love!

Dusan aka Juan Carlos Dominguez June 1, 2007

Oh my god! Oh.My.God. Are you saying, no, it can't be true...but if what I'm guessing is right...yes, it makes perfect sense and after all, comes as no surprise - Sweet Jesus Patty, you are Voracia!!! It all ties in - Voracia works her way up into the celebs world playing on her looks rather than her dazzling wit and fluency in 5 major languages, which she successfully manages to conceal, along with her PhDs in International Law and 19th-century French Art, just so she could become a celebutante and work with perfumers, which gives her the perfect opportunity to meet JCE (poor Nawt is a mere puppet in the scheme), whom she knocks out by her true self, becomes his muse, gets him to divorce Mrs. JCE and achieves her life goal of bearing him a JCE Junior. Or two. =)) Abso-freakin-lutely amazing! Sure, none of this is true but what if... Then Nawt does himself in for being screwed over yet again, sister Nivah (see Maria's comment above) finds his suicide note and devastated, decides to seek reven... Ok, ok, I really have to stop now.

Louise June 1, 2007

Mais oui, Miss TT speaks French. She has just returned from Cannes accepting an award for "Nawt again...and again" in a special "arthouse" category. Perhaps she already has...knowledge of M. Ellena? Through mutual friends, of course. Wake up, the rest of you...and carry on!

Lee June 1, 2007

Hilarious. I love JCE's mystique - obviously no writer's wish fulfillment occurring there at all....:-"

Maria June 1, 2007

Please, don't tell me Voracia speaks French. She can barely speak English. :)) Great cartoon! It does sum up the possible behavior of, oh, one or two perfumistas. Not us, of course. o:-) Okay, the last time Nawt Again appeared, Dusan asked a very valid question: Is Nawt Australian? Certainly the spelling suggests he is. My DH speculated that perhaps Nawt had a sister: Nivah. The Adventures of Nawt and Nivah Again. I suggest that Jesse Spencer play Nawt. It appears he's no longer going to be employed by the House series.