Parfums MDCI Peche Cardinal

I’ve been a fan of the MDCI perfumes since they were first introduced and a bigger fan of the owner, Claude Marchal.  Finally we got to meet in Paris today, and he brought the four new perfumes that will be coming out from MDCI for a sneak sniff.  I’ll only talk about one today because… well, that’s all I have time to get to before I have to get to bed and catch a flight out tomorrow.  Parfums MDCI Peche Cardinal.

Parfums MDCI Peche Cardinal means cardinal sin and was created by Amandine Marie with notes of davana, peach, blackcurrant, tuberose, lily, and I’m going by memory and can’t remember the exact other notes and could kick myself for not writing the other notes down.  As soon as the bottle was opened and the first spray came out, we all (including the 18-year-old Harry) swooned.  Yes, it’s fruity, but a little tart, and a floral, but the tartness tautens the composition and holds your interest, and it doesn’t veer into that sweet fruity or too rich floral that is the normal path perfumes that have fruits and florals go when they grow up. The peach is ripe, luscious and the perfect pitch against the florals and base notes, and it almost.. well, bubbles?  There is a joy that I get every time I sniff this scent – it is happy and almost giddy, not too young — more like a woman who has lived and still can be a girl, without all the tediousness of youth, just unfettered joy to be alive.  All three women and Harry agreed that this is no softspoken scent, and it is gorgeous.

I will be happily wearing v… and – hey! – so will ten of you.  Due to the shortness of this post and Claude’s generosity, I’m going to give out ten samples of this to ten commenters on this post, picked randomly.

There are three others coming out as 2009 goes along, and they are all completely different, two are created by Patricia Nicolai.  I can’t remember which one it is since I already packed the samples, but it’s a spicy little number that is whispering my name over in the corner near my elbow.  More on that one and the others next week!


  1. I love peach and tuberose. Please enter me in the drawing.

  2. Raising hand! Please add me to the draw Patty. Did you make it into the cemetery or will it have to wait until another trip? Safe travels home!

  3. Would love to try yet another creation from MDCI. Please, include me in the drawing. Thank you.

  4. Peaches in winter! Perfect antidote to this cold snap. 😡

    Thanks, Patty, for the review and giveaway! Bonnes Vacances!

  5. Um. . . down here in Sydney there is no MDCI in existence . . can I PLEASE be included in draw. Please, pretty please. ^:)^ =((

  6. i am interested in this line, due in part to the gorgeous bottles but also due to the rave reviews given by the alleged Guide. i’d love to be entered in the drawing

  7. Patty,
    You know tuberose is my middle name. Please enter me and please have a safe and quick journey home. God Bless you and yours.


  8. Patty, you are having too much fun :x!

    The MDCI sounds wonderful…count me in….

    No comments yet on the pronounciation of “peche”-depending on the vowel (sorry, no accents/diacritics on this MAC), the sequence of letters means either Sin or Peach 😕

  9. I was a big fan of all the original MDCI fragrances, so I would love to try the newest one. Thanks!

  10. I’d love to try this one.
    And I love the game of words: p̻che Рpech̩ for a fragrance featuring pech notes. Please enter me in the draw!

    • ooh, can I borrow your accents? Couldn’t do them on my Amerikan keyboard ; (

      • Your welcome! I should borrow the “a” of the peach instead…
        “pech” notes don’t sound very appealing, don’t they?

  11. I only just learned to love the MDCI fragrances (Invasion Barbare especially), and I’d love to try the new one. Please count me in!

  12. This one sounds very interesting. Is there already a date set for when it’s coming out?
    And please enter me in the draw. 🙂

  13. :xOMG….do we need a winter pick me up,or what???….Please do add me in the drawing….this is great fun:)>-

  14. Draw…me…in….dribble….

    Did you get the grappling hooks, Patty? My husband went for his daily run while we were in Paris last year, and came back raving about this cemetery he’d found. I had no idea it was famous!

  15. Holy arrhythmia, Batman! My heart skipped a beat! MDCI and de Nicolai, eh? And this one has davana. Please enter me and draw me… 🙂

  16. Hmmm, Cardinal sin… wouldn’t you feel just a bit naughty dabbing on a few drops of this?

  17. Two new Nicolai scents??? OOoooooooh!!! :d Can’t wait to hear about them!

    Also, please include me for the MDCI draw. I LOVE peach! Thanks, Patty! Have a safe trip home.

  18. Wow, two typos in two lines. That’s hard… I’m Delfina and obviously wanted to say thanks for counting me in.

  19. Me! Me! Me! (Waves hand wildly.)

    Also: so glad to hear they’ve teamed up with Patrcia Nicolai for a couple of scents, that sounds like a fabulous team.

  20. Hmmm. Another crazy expensive fragrance to add to my gotta-have list? Sure, why not. Please enter me in the drawing too!

  21. Dude. It’s always so easy to tell when we’re doing a giveaway.

    I am looking forward to smelling these. Welcome home! >:d<

  22. I remain uncertain of the fruity smell thing, but you have convinced me this one is different. Besides, tuberose is pretty much my fragrance BFF, and that overrides any reservations I might have. Hope you have an uneventful trip home!

  23. It sounds beautiful. I have never tried any MDCI. Please enter me in the drawing.

  24. love the peach, iffy on the tuberose, cant wait to try it! pls enter me in the drawing. Btw, don’t feel in a rush to get home, its cold and dreary . . the cowboys are all in town, though. I’m not a stock show kind of girl, but I love it when they parade the steers down 17th street.

  25. I would love to be entered in the draw, please, Patty.
    Safe trip…

  26. Sounds interesting – please enter me into the drawing.


  27. Unlike Pattie, I love the tuberose and am iffy on the peach. Please enter me in the drawing — thanks!

  28. I was surprised with I asked for the sample set of MDCI,,that Claude did the corresponding!! He’s a hoot! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks

  29. I can’t imagine how fantastic it was for you to meet with Claude Marchal! Thank you for sharing this. The *sparkling* aspect sounds amazing! I would love to swoon too and be entered in this generous drawing! :d

  30. You must have had a great time meeting Claude! And surely that new release sounds very interesting. I’m glad the line is doing so well they’re adding more.

  31. That sounds intense. I’d love to get a whiff of it. Please enter me for the drawing.

  32. Please enter me in the drawing, Patty. It sounds incredible. It makes me wonder about its relationship to Mitsuoko and Rochas Femme.

    I can’t wait to hear about everything new you all bring back from France!!!

  33. oh it sounds gorgeous! please enter me! on a related (honestly!) note, i’ve been thinking of March’s lipstick posts quite a bit recently. as it happens, one of the biggest effects of menopause on me is to make all of my ‘dependable for decades’ lipsticks turn supremely unflattering to ‘meh’ at best. so i’ve had to start from ground zero and hunt all over for ANYTHING that looks good.

    fortunately, i’ve been reading everyone’s discussions about lippies and noticed how crazy everyone is about the Lipstick Queen line, especially Natural Saint. Well, as it turns out, i’m a Natural Sinner, and i never would’ve realized it if not for all the great lippie commentary right here on the posse. you’ve solved a BIG problem for me, ladies!

    so i need the Cardinal Sin to go with my Natural Sinner. really. if i look and smell great, what’s a little trouble with the state of my everlasting soul……………@};-

  34. Sounds just lovely! And I love the witty name. I would love to be entered in the drawing, thanks!

  35. Sign me up for the drawing!!

    Did you get to hug Mr. Marchal? He is one of the sweetest people I have ever corresponded with!

  36. Love to try this one.
    I have MDCI samples from TPC, and have been impressed by the line. I see they a nice set of large samples on their web site. Anyone know how large those mini bottles are? Maybe 5 or 10 mls? And will he deduct the VAT tax from the total when a US customer orders? At 55 euros minus 19.6% VAT with no charge for shipping/handling looks very reasonable to this perfumista.

    Plus we can use PayPal, and the sample set cost will be refunded with a FB purchase?! Kudos for marketing savvy!

    Note to Claude: please let us know when the 2009 fragrances are added to your sample set, and even better, allow us to customize the sample set with our choice of samples. Merci beaucoup!

  37. Count me in for the draw. I’ve never tried any of the MDCI scents, and you have a way of making this sound necessary.

  38. I want to try anything that Harry likes! :d Please count me in! Lots of love to you all 😡

  39. It’s 5 degrees here – I desperately need something to cheer me up. 🙂 Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  40. Hope everyone is having a good time across the pond. I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you!

  41. Ohh lah lah! count me in and have a safe trip home sweet home!

  42. This sounds very tempting indeed, and peach being one of my favourite notes… Please count me in the draw also! 🙂

  43. Amandine Marie…Is that a beautiful name or what?

    So happy you got to finally meet Claude and that he pulled out all the stops…or in this case all the new fragrances…for you and yours.

    I would love a sample, Patty. Thank you!

    Hugs and have a safe trip back home.

  44. Peaches! What a nice thought on this zero degree day we are having. Love your web site! Please enter me in the drawing for a sample of the Peche Cardinal. Thank you.

  45. What the heck–please throw my name in the hat too. I haven’t been able to try anything from this line other than Rose de Siwa, but your description leaves me wishing I had.

  46. The only cardinal sin involved here would be if I don’t get to try this! Please count me in! Have a great time in my favorite city in the world!

  47. Oooooh, that sounds intriguing! Please enter me in the drawing. And a new Nicolai coming next !!! <:-p

  48. Oh, yes, please enter me in the drawing. Too tempting. 🙂

    So glad you are having fun!

  49. Fruity/floral but not too? I’m not sure I believe it, but I’m in for the drawing.

  50. Count me in on the drawing. I have fallen hard for several MDCI’s and look forward to more in 2009!

  51. Please enter me in the drawing. Wouldn’t it be great if a whole pack of us Perfume Posse devotees could take a trip to Paris together?

  52. Ooh, sounds delish! AND I’ve been seeking out berries recently. AND I’ve not yet had the opportunity to try MCDI. Meant to be, hm? :-\”
    Would love to be entered. Thanks!

    • Smiley mishap. That was meant to be the innocently whistling one: :-\” Didditwork?

  53. I don’t like peach but I LOVE MDCI so please count me in for the drawing.

  54. I would love to try this! I love all the MDCIs I’ve tried. Thanks so much and I hope you are having a great trip!

  55. Your description of Peche Cardinal is beautiful and I’m excited to try it! Please enter me in the drawing.

  56. Sounds completely DIVINE! I’m salivating.
    Please enter me in the drawing.

    Kind regards,

  57. The word “swoon” is exactly what I need from a perfume. It’s January. The skies are grey and there is very tired snow on the ground. I’ve been searching for a commanding peach smell that isn’t corny or artificial…so I’d love to have a chance at this one!

  58. Oh, a new perfume would be a happy thing. Please enter me for a sample of luscious peachness. Thanks for the great blog!

  59. Delurking to WAVE hello! =; oh, and to please enter me into the drawing. LOVE MDCI! :d

  60. Please include me in the drawing – the perfume sounds wonderful!

    It sounds just right for a wind chill of -16* – like it might remind me of Spring and Summer


  61. Personally, I’m looking forward to Part II In Which Patty Vaults into the Cemetery Vaults! You could also have a career as a travel writer! LOL!

    Contrary to most of the folks here who have mentioned the peach aspect, as a huge Chamade lover, I’m more intrigued by the black current bud. So please may I also be entered into the draw?

    Many thanks and have a safe trip home.

  62. Yes, please! I’m newly interested in perfumes and would love to add this to my young collection.

  63. Sounds like a good scent to brighten up January, please enter me if you haven’t already chosen. Thanks! And I am hoping you will post your Paris photos!

  64. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you and have a safe trip!

  65. Sounds fabulous! Please include me in the draw. thanks!

    Chris G

  66. Oh please, if it’s not too late… please enter me in this draw!!! Tuberose is my favorite flower scent, and I adore the scent of peaches. This sounds awesome!!!

  67. OMG I hope I am not too late, this could be an HG for me, please enter me in the draw – peaches, tuberose AND lily?!?! (Fans self, swoons.) #:-s

  68. Hi, Can you put me in the drawing? I like (vintage) L’Interdit that has peach in it. Wondering if peach cardinal has any similarities. Happy New Year!

  69. What? posted in 2009 and no one has commented??? I, for one, would love to sniff this. Sounds luscious!

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