Perfume Holiday!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, for those of you who, uh, partake.  No, I don’t actually know why it’s a holiday today, which amuses me because I feel that’s so typically American of me.  But I’m enjoying it in the customary style, which means I got all bloated at a barbeque yesterday (seven kinds of grilled meat and a long conversation with a drunk man about haggis) and got home rather late.  So I forgot to put this up until … now.

I will actually be posting on perfume on Wednesday, my next posting day.  In case you thought I forgot this is a perfume blog.  Don’t make any sudden moves, but my perfume mojo seems to have crept quietly back into the room.

We’ve spent a lot of time on the yard this weekend, which (trust me) needed it, an entire pickup truck of weeds, and some sod moved, not by me personally.  Fortunately.  I’m off with our own Weezy (the perfume friend, not the rapper) this morning for some Wall o’ Bling, Labor-Day Edition … oh!  That’s why we have labor day!  Store sales!!!  Right?

The weather here is gorgeous.  Fall-ish.

Finally, Sariah, former D.C. perfumista and Posse commenter, is still on her amazing year-long trip around the world, here’s a link to her travel blog if you’re curious.

—— March

  • DinaC says:

    Hope you’re enjoying your holiday. I read Sariah’s entire blog and enjoyed it. She takes great photos, too.

  • Aparatchick says:

    Enjoy your shopping! Thanks for the link to Sariah’s blog. I’ve bookmarked it and am looking forward to reading all of it.

  • nozknoz says:

    Oh, thanks for this link, March – and huge cheers for Sariah!