Mission: Small Business Grant and some Housekeeping

CAT Planning

  Just a warning, in case things don’t go entirely smoothly, we are moving hosting companies in the next few days.  You shouldn’t even notice since i won’t switch the name servers until all looks perfect on the new host,… Continue Reading

Stages of a Perfume Blogger (A Cautionary Tale)

  First quickly – Vero Profumo’s new Mito, coming in September.  Green, floral, Sous le Vent turns hippie, completely with flowers in hair, weird – you’ll love it!! Notes citrus, magnoli, jasmine, galbanum, hyacinth, cypress and moss. Rehashing last week’s… Continue Reading

If Only Celebrity Perfumes Weren’t Such Crap – yes, you, Paris Hilton and Rihanna

NSFW WARNING – Rihanna pictures aren’t showing anything, but they could look bad if someone just walked by and glanced at your computer monitor! Over the holiday weekend, I had to work, and I actually read a news article about… Continue Reading