Top 10 Best Perfumes of Spring 2011

Top 10 Best Perfumes of Spring 2011

I hope it’s Spring wherever you are, my dearests. To the north, there are daffodils struggling in the slushy snow.   Where I am, in the lower GI of Illinois, it’s Spring, alrighty, with temps swinging from 38 to 84 then down to the 50s with tornadoes.  Ah, Spring – the Bipolar Season(s)… But Musette digresses, as usual.  It’s time for the Top 10 Best Perfumes of Spring 2011 though I’m not feeling it right now, as I sit shivering in my flannels and fleece, praying that Glinda doesn’t have plans for me.  I’ve been craving Big White Flowers, Big Pink Flowers.  Big Flowers. Little white flowers.   Lots of love for Diorissimo. Nothing says spring quite like Roudnitska’s Easter bonnet of Perfection.   Little known fact about Diorissimo:  it is a great weight-loss aid.  It is impossible to eat a Mallomar whilst wearing Diorissimo.  I know!  I’ve tried, many times.  How can something so soft and simple be so sublimely elegant?  If you don’t know the vintage, don’t despair. The contemp’s not quite the same but it’s still beautiful, 55 years later.

This last month has been some really freaky weather – blasting, Santa Ana-type winds and the barometric pressure wielding a sledgehammer to my sinuses…I have been choking the life out of everybody with Fracas.  Vintage.  Contemporary. Shower gel.  Body lotion. Dusting powder (vintage, with the pink feather puff).   All at once.   Go ‘head.  Say sumpin’ I dare you …Fracas has a big sprayer and she’s not afraid to use it!

March says:  it’s the topsy-turvy weather of spring that’s both delightful and annoying, although I’m not complaining, since the midwest has been slammed by terrible weather recently.  Anyhow, from my regular stable of best perfumes of spring go-to scents, I’ve been drawn to two ends of the spectrum: the bitter-green-citrus Annick Goutals Eau de Ciel and Eau du Sud, both of which are designed for bike-riding and kite-flying on windy spring days, or perhaps a walk along the beach while it’s still too cold to swim.  They smell pretty great in summer, too.  On the other hand, I’m still wearing and loving my Majmua Attar, which I mix up with jojoba oil in small batches.  It’s such a foreign-place smell, it reminds me of our trip to Thailand.  I noticed recently that Tigerflag, where I got these attars, has closed down, but I think White Lotus has them. Any of you attar freaks, feel free to recommend another source.  I’ve heard that some of the cheap-cheap ones aren’t authentic, but don’t know that for sure.

Tom sez: Since spring has sprung I find myself reaching for some of the lighter fragrances in my stash- for day Commes des Garçons Series 1 Lily, a grassy Lily of the Valley that’s almost oversaturated with technicolor summeriness.  For evening I’ve been going back to an old favorite that people don’t mention mu

Top 10 Best Perfumes of Spring 2011

ch anymore L’Antimatiere by LezNez, which dances between clean and carnal and is as comforting as wearing your boyfriend’s cashmere sweater, after.

Patty says: Complete dittoes on Diorissimo and all Lily of the Valley scents, including the Van Cleef  Muguet Blanc that has a more frozen cold approach, which works so well while spring is flirting between winter and warm and I keep doing the OpentheWindow/ClosetheWindow daily shuffle, either too cold or too hot.  And my Daphne out in front of my house that everyone gets so tired of hearing about every year. The good news is, I’m getting  a Linden tree for my front yard, so I’ll add that to my springtime smell yammering.

Nava says: I’m obsessed with finding an air conditioner to fit the casement window of my apartment. That said, I’m forgoing spring this year and preparing for summer; even though as of yesterday, the heat is still pumping in this frickin’ building. In the meantime, I’m quite content with Peace Love and Juicy Couture, which features the lemon note I’m so into lately, along with some honeysuckle, linden and a bit of musk. When I reviewed it, I said it reminded me of Cristalle. That was in cold weather. Now that it’s warmer, the scent is standing on its own a bit more. Plus, I totally dig that bottle.  My other go-to (which I am running out of) is Givenchy’s Ange ou Demon Le Secret. How can you go wrong with cranberry, green tea, citrus and jasmine?

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  • tania says:

    I had a lemming for attars, after that post here. But Tigerflag didn’t ship to the UK.
    I have done some searching for attar suppliers who will ship to the UK, but it’s a minefield of sites that may be selling the good stuff, or rubbish, and it’s impossible to tell which without reliable testimonials. Which I can’t find.
    So I guess my interest in attars will go unrequited…

    Spring scents? I dug out my L de Lubin today. As citrus chypres go, I prefer it to O de Lancome. I’ve also just acquired the new Aqua Allegoria, Jasminora, which I think is lovely.

    And now I’ve been reminded about Do Son – must dig that out, too!

  • Catherine says:

    Spring has been running the range given our horrible Minnesota weather (snow and cold!). So have my scents. Spring is usually about La Pausa, Bel Respiro and Angeliques sous la Pluie, but the weather hasn’t warmed up enough yet. I’ve been wearing a lot of my new (to me) SL A la Nuit and Fleur d’Oranger instead. I’ve also fallen completely in love with a few scents by Mona di Orio: Ambre, Cuir, and Chamarée. I plan to get all three, though not soon.

  • nozknoz says:

    I’ve been wearing a lot of different scents and samples this spring, especially florals, but I’ve most enjoyed following my nose to blooming shrubs and discovering scented viburnums. Plus finally snagging a bottle of nicely preserved vintage Diorella.

    SO sad to hear about TigerFlag and Victoria’s note on a Grasse tuberose plantation being sold to developers, especially coming right after that NYT article link on NST yesterday about the disappearance of true oud.

  • Kit says:

    I’ve been wearing L’Artisan’s Passage d’Enfer a lot, which never fails to remind me of springtime in England. It smells like the village Norman church, with the eroded tombstones outside veiled in dewy overgrown grass. I feel like I’m standing inside the church thinking about going outside, but not quite ready to get my pants wet when I brave the dew. I wish that I could say I had another perfume that reminds me of when I actually go outside, but sadly, green scents feel very thin and lack depth on me. I think for now I’ll just stay inside my church.

    My other current favorite, MDCI’s La Belle Helene, smells like all the best, softest parts of spring and I’ve been dousing myself in my sample (and telling myself I don’t actually need a bottle). I’m also wearing, strangely, Andy Tauer’s Eau d’Epices, which I hated the first time I tried it and now love. It’s almost more summery than springy, but I find its warmth comforting and interesting on colder spring days.

    • Marla says:

      I have to try Belle Helene, I thought I hated pear, but then was gifted a bottle of Mon Numero 1, which is also pear, and wow, I love it. So I do like pear, as long as it’s a BD scent!

      • Kit says:

        I also thought I didn’t like pear, but got a sample of Belle Helene on a whim. I put it on one morning and then later in the day, had one of those moments where I wondered what was smelling so beautiful, before realizing that it was me.

  • Glad to see L’Antimatière getting some love here — it’s a total weirdo but every time I present it to my students, who are normally more into the fruities, there are a couple who fall in love with it. So I’ve actually got 20-year-old girls wearing something that’s got real ambergris in it!
    And it seems Tom and I are definitely on a similar wavelength since I’ve been re-exploring the CdG Leaves series. I’m just sorry the Mint no longer seems to be in production.

    • Marla says:

      For months, I couldn’t smell L’Antimatiere at all, then all of a sudden one day, I could, and now it’s one of my favorite skin scents.

  • Victoria says:

    I also feel sad hearing that some of these companies close down. It is a very hard work to source the raw materials.
    I was recently talking to a tuberose plantation owner in Grasse about it. He told me that he is about to sell his land to a real estate developer, because his business is getting less and less profitable.

    On a more positive note, I also love Eau de Ciel and Eau du Sud for their uplifting qualities. Eau du Fier is another Goutal favorite (and in a totally different register!)

  • grizzlesnort says:

    Remember when people went around having their colors done and being told they were a particular season based on their complexion and coloring: nuclear winter, silent spring, summer doldrums, etc? The idea was that you then limited your clothing choices to a certain palette based on your skin and hair tones. I think there is some sort of corresponding basic orientation for scents because springy, fresh, clean, kelly green, etc aint’t my thing any time of the year.

  • dleep says:

    I am so sad to hear about Tigerflag. I purchased Majmua after reading March’s post. I love it and have received many compliments when wearing. I even made a solid version for myself.:(

  • Shari says:

    I’ve been wearing Guerlain Cologne du Parfumeur this Spring which has been perfect!

    • Ann says:

      Oooh, Shari, what a lovely one! I only have a sample but I do adore it. It’s not easy to buy, though, I’ve found (no stores anywhere near me carry it).

  • Jen says:

    I haven’t commented in awhile, but trust me I’ve been lurking and listening. I’m wearing the lovely Miss Dior Cherie aux printemps from the fume exchange and I’m love love loving it. Perfect for this bizarre spring we’re having.

  • Scentred says:

    SOTD is SMN Eva which I OD’d on last summer and then turned away from. Today, I can’t imagine what my problem was – it is so incredibly pretty. Also in heavy rotation this Spring: Bois d’Iris (both of them), OJ Champaca, Donna Karan Gold, AG Eau de Sud and Delrae Mythique. I’ve order a new decant of Hermes Hiris – can’t wait for that too.

  • Ann says:

    Great lists, everyone. Especially like the mention of Goutal’s Eau de Ciel (lovely childhood innocence in a bottle) and all the muguets. Need to go back and revisit Diorissimo and ahem, perhaps even Fracas (waves to Musette). But I am saddened to hear about Tigerflag. Never got into the attars myself, but always hate to see any kind of fragrance venture shut down.

  • Louise says:

    ooh, nice lists! I’m wearing a new friend-Do Son alot, defying my anti-tuberose leanings. And a real classic-Chant d’Aromes, is getting sprayed and sprayed. Perfectly spring-y. Also-got some Chamed extrait-couldn’t say spring any better ; )

    • Louise says:


    • Ann says:

      Hi Louise, so glad you mentioned Diptyque’s Do Son! I, too, am liking it a lot — a lovely, very wearable tubereuse. For me, it won’t knock Carnal Flower off her throne, but it’s still very, very nice, and those who dislike tubereuse should give it a whirl.

      • Louise says:

        I just tried it while shopping for a perfume for my son’s friend-and was so surprised how pretty and easily wearable it is. Goes on and stays light, but lasts….

  • Sherri M. says:

    Love your lists! I will make it a point to sniff Ange ou Demon Le Secret–that’s one I might actually be able to find around here.

    Speaking from the Stormy South, only the last two days have I been in the mood for Le Temps d’une Fete, LOTV’s, Coeur en Mai or the new Belle Helene (love it but is anyone else having issue with lasting power on that one, side note?). When the weather was nasty, all I wanted was my Jeux de Peau sample–so warm and comforting in the midst of falling trees and random blown off house parts. I thought about getting a FB, but now that the storms have passed, I seem to be over it.

    Today is gorgeous and I’m in my glory getting my own princess ready for the prom; we’ll see which, if any, of my perfumes she chooses to wear.

  • Musette says:

    wathing the royal wedding balcony-stuff – what scent did Kate wear?

    • Scentred says:

      News reports say Perfume designer Kim Weisswange was commissioned to create a bespoke perfume for the happy couple. But who knows…

      I’m wearing SMN Eva today and think she should be too ;-)

      What says you?

  • mals86 says:

    Open the window, close the window, open the window, close the window… OHHH, been there recently.

    Spring comes and I want flowers. Lots of ’em: DSH White Lilac, Diorissimo, DK Gold, Paris Pont des Amours, Le Temps d’une Fete. Also wearing Cuir de Lancome frequently. I’m surprised that I haven’t been grabbing my greenies right and left, but I keep picking them up and thinking, “Naaaah, I want to go straight to the blooms, forget the leaves.”

    Today, I am giving serious thought to wearing my sample of DSH Wedding Bouquet (lily, gardenia, stephanotis and white rose). Haven’t really been following the Royal Wedding hoo-ha, but I did catch a photo this morning of Kate’s posy – lily of the valley, stephanotis and myrtle, very classic and understated, no huge basketball-sized bouquet of flashy big flowers.

    Not that I mind flashy big flowers myself. Ahem. But it was nice to see the bouquet suit the bride – and I love stephanotis.

  • Francesca says:

    It’s been so cold and awful here I’ve still been wearing winter comfort scents, in attempts to will spring to arrive, I’ve been going for PdN Le Temps d’une Fête, Après l’Ondée, and Angéliques sous la Pluie (I almost wrote Parapluies sous la Pluie, which is sadly apt).

    • March says:

      It was cold…. then HOT. Took the flannel sheets off yesterday, cold front rolled in last night. /:) Ooooh! I think I’ll wear Apres today! And I would totally buy your Parapluies scent just for the name.

  • sweetlife says:

    Wonderful lists everyone!

    But I’m having trouble concentrating on them because–March, say it isn’t so, Tigerflag CLOSED DOWN? So sad! And surprised I didn’t even get an email or anything. (And really, really glad I indulged in the attars when I could.)

    • March says:

      I know! I went over there, maybe to post a link, and saw her note. She said it’s just too much hassle any more. 🙁

      • Marla says:

        I’m so sad. But glad Christopher over at White Lotus is still selling them. My new favorite is the tuberose distilled with vetiver instead of sandalwood. The two strong notes seem to mellow each other out, it’s a very peaceful scent. I wish Christopher would consider a $50 minimum instead of $100, though, as it is, I only place an order once a year.

        • Marla says:

          Oh no! I just heard from White Lotus they are selling off their remaining stock in attars at 50% off, then no longer selling them at all. Prices have skyrocketed, apparently.