Winning (Musette)


Have y’all ever sat down to write something relatively simple, only to find yourself flailing around, with thoughts of lilacs (blooming!  Finally!) , sinus infections (OW!) and Very Fat Cardinals swirling around in your addled mind?  No?  Me neither (snort!).  Yah, sure…

Anyhoo, while I was hoeing the vegetable beds it struck me that we do lots of giveaways and draws at Ye Olde Posse.    Patty, March, Nava and I yammer on about how much we  (insert emotion here) some juice, ask you guys to leave a comment, etc, somebody gets ‘winned’ and that’s that.  We send the samples/decants out into the world and ……. The Giant Void Occurs.   It hit me (while hoeing) that The Posse never gets to hear what you winnahs think about the juice you got!


This all started  (while I was still hoeing) because, when LindaB won the Diaghilev, she took me at my word to ‘report back’  (thanks, Linda!!! )– and this is what she had to say (info:  I sent some cotton balls with vintage Coty Chypre and Femme so she had a reference to what I was yarking about in the review) :

Hey there,
Wow, yes, it is utterly amazing.  I almost have no words, but I’ll try.  🙂

First impression was wow, this thing is HUGE.  Smells like money – seriously, like cash straight off the presses.  I was immediately transported to my great grandmother’s powder room (a very good scent memory for me).  It just smelled so “classic” and vintage.  I hadn’t smelled Coty Chypre or Femme until your cotton balls and I definitely got the resemblance.  Truly a kissing cousin to Mitsouko but somehow softer.  I was also reminded of Chanel No. 5 EDP from like 20 years ago, if memory serves me right.  I got no vanilla whatsoever but was hit with tons of oakmoss and rose all the way through.  Because it seemed so huge at first, I imagined that there would be major sillage, but it just melded right into my skin and stayed close all day.  I was huffing at my wrists every few minutes – co-workers already know I’m nuts but this turned a few heads, lol.  Did a major cardio workout and expected that to explode this scent but it stayed exactly the same and just seemed to sink even deeper into my skin.  By the end of today, I felt guilty for wearing this bombshell to just an ordinary day at work.  This is a rich bitch that is deserving for a big night out on the town.  My generous sample is now tucked away for safekeeping until I step out somewhere that is worthy of it.  It’s currently flipping it’s hair at old Mitsy and and settling onto a chaise lounge in silk jammies and marabou slippers for a cocktail and a ciggie.  😉


I was thrilled to read what she had to say about it.  Granted, she loved it, so – bonus! but it wouldn’t have mattered if she’d hated its guuuuuts (imagine if she’d won SM!).  Getting the feedback was the cool thing.


So I want to throw it out to all Posse draw winners:  we’d LOVE to get some feedback on what you thought of the stuff you got!  Hate it?  Bring it!  Love it?  Let us know.  Meh?  Mehsmerize us!  Doesn’t matter when you got it – if you have some thoughts, email me at g mail – the address is chicocoascentsation (trying to duck the spambots here) –  I’ll post some of your reviews along with links back to our original review(s).  Please don’t worry if you hated what you got – that’s totally cool.  In fact my perverse self is hoping some of you had a yuckolicious moment, like when I got a little scramb of Jeaux de Peau and had to grab onto the chair  to keep from losing my lunch and fainting dead away.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad – but it would’ve made for a helluva review, wouldn’t it?


So send ’em on.  Over the next few weeks I’ll put together some posts, with your thoughts!




Photo:  handout from Miss America 2011 organization (is that Sharon Stone ??)be glad I didn’t post Charlie Sheen’s mug – you know I was thinking about it…


  • taffynfontana says:

    First of all Thank you for your generosity and all the great articles. I recently received a sample of Xerjoff Richwood courtesy of Patty. It was a pleasure to wear something unlike any fragrances that I have. I reminded me of rootbeer with added depth and a powdery note that lingers in the air. I like it a lot for its lasting strength and unique scent although I would not spring for a full bottle maybe a good size decant. Thanks Again

  • March says:

    Lol, well you already know how I feel about most scents, since I’m not overly diplomatic. And I hope you get some feedback!

  • helenviolette says:

    Winning is great! I think it must make your impression of the perfume a bit more favorable- anyone agree? I was the lucky winner of a sample of CdG Stephen Jones (and then was lucky to be offered a 1/2 bottle in a swap after I swooned from my winning sample). Someone (maybe Robin?)- called this Violet Space Rocks and I can’t agree more (you like that 3 word review?!) I recently sent the rest of that winning sample off in a swap- hoping to keep the love alive and the perfume in production.

    • Musette says:


      Winning always makes me think favorably of the person/blog/?? from whom I won the sample but…hon, let me tell you – some of the juice I have gotten in ‘wins’ – even niche stuff – has caused me to nearly keel over stone-dead! =))

      That’s why I asked for folks to be honest – the juice has NOTHING to do with the person or the blog who put it up for ‘win’ – and often the conundrum of ‘oh, yippee! I won’ v. ‘oh, LAWD! What the hockey sticks IS this stuff! 😮 ” well that’s the stuff of legend!

      xoxo >-)

      ps. I love that 3-word review. I like the spookiness of SJones.

  • Musette says:

    and I am anxious to know what you thought of Richwood. I just tried it, myself – so we can compare impressions!

    xo >-)

  • tammy says:

    Bless your sweet heart for not correcting my Silkwood to Richwood!!!

    It’s true, I have turned into my mother.

  • tammy says:

    Speaking for myself, I gotta say that after Ms. LindaB’s awesome review, I feel somewhat intimidated about adding my mite about Silkwood!

    • Musette says:

      Oh, gosh! PLEASE send in your review – it doesn’t have to be fabbo, pithy or anything – what we really want to know is: did you like it? hate it? zzzzzzz?

      Her response WAS awesome, wasn’t it? But Diaghilev is an awesome scent. Imagine if she’d won Heat. Or Lady Million….:-?

      NOTE to all: Your thoughts will NOT be standing alone, I promise. They’ll be woven into an actual post – I won’t leave you hanging out there, whistling in the wind…

      xo >-)

      • Ann says:

        The Diaghilev sounds off-the-charts amazing! Hope to smell it one day. Is it still available over in the UK?

        • nozknoz says:

          According to the Roja Dove website, this LE sold out on April 1. VERY frustrating!