Great White Fight (Musette)


A young ladypal of El O’s cub , visiting  our bathroom, came out exclaiming “OMG!  YOU WEAR FRACAS!  My AUNT WEARS FRACAS!!!”  (caps all hers, I swear).  She shrieked on to tell me how much she liked it, etc….so my Inner  Nerd went on Red Alert….and I opened up the Perfume Armoire.

Stunned.  We’d just met so I’m sure she thought I was totally off the chain.  I forgot how it must look to a normal person.  I’m largely inured to it, of course, having seen pictures of collections way larger and more interesting than mine.  But guess what:  Normal people do not have entire armoires and closets dedicated to perfume.  Imagine that!  But! jazzed by her screeching I delved into the armoire, determined to introduce her to the genre of the Big White Flower. Hey, cub was in the shower – we had time.


It went thus:

Fracas.  Vintage v. contemporary.   You know, I have both (several flights, in fact) and I really can’t discern a huge  difference.  The vintage is a bit more nuanced because it probably has some  ingredient that will make your elbows fall off – but Fracas is such an ICBM of BWF that it’s kind of hard to differentiate.  After all, if an ICBM lands in your bathroom, does it really matter if it has 2kg or 3kg of plutonium?  Of course not.  Vaporized is vaporized.  I absolutely LOVE slathering myself in Fracas, from the shower gel/body creme/powder through to the vintage perfume.  Of course that only happens at bedtime when El O is out of town – even the dogs won’t come near me then, not even for a hamsammich.  For as Tom says: My Big White Flower Fight is one of my favorite, and sometime favorite to hate: Fracas.  In normal doses and at the right time it’s the most glorious, sexy thing imaginable.  In larger doses and at the wrong time it’s like being beaten to death by hot-buttered tuberose.  Note to the woman who sat somewhere behind me at “Sex and the City 2” in Century City: marinating yourself in this  and plunking yourself in a crowded theater at 10am on a Sunday doesn’t make you Samantha.  It makes you sickening.  Sorry.

The cub-pal’s take:  “uh…wow.  I …”. and then sheer, panicked silence. .something tells me she’d only smelled it in passing on her aunt or maybe just knew that her aunt wore it.  I don’t think she’d ever actually smelled it.  Certainly not on herself.   Wearing Fracas is not for the faint of heart.  She seemed so poleaxed that I took pity on her and hit her with the #4 Toner.  Fracas is not a Big White Flower.  It is The GREAT White Flower, the Jaws of the genre.  And like Jaws, love or hate, you must approach with maximum respect.  20 years from now she may want to try it again.

Next up: Carnal Flower. I don’t know if you guys recall the conversation I had with M. Malle about CF v. Fracas, where he respectfully deemed Fracas a ‘perfume’  while considering Carnal Flower to be something not perfume (at least not compared to Fracas)  – and he’s right.  Carnal Flower, like Fracas, is an obvious composition of its time, having a more integrated feel to it.  I think Fracas sits ON the skin (as befits the era) where Carnal Flower gets a bit UNDER the skin, melding to it in a more contemporary way .   Contemporary or not, overapplied it can clear an elevator in 12 seconds flat (and no, F, NOT YOU!  The lady in the Barneys elevator. The one who prolly spritzed until she was floating in her shoes.)

Cub-pal take:  this was hysterical.  I watched this girl sniff.  Close her eyes.  Open her eyes.  Eyes rolled back in head.  .  She just looked at me, spellbound.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her she would have to work at Old Navy for an entire month to pay for a bottle.  Plus it’s a tad too old for her – but I suspect that she will ask to try it again.  And I will let her.  Youth should always have something to aspire to.

Diptyque Olene – well, as you might imagine, we did a whole-arm scrub, with Lava Soap, before trying the Olene.  Oh, c’mon.  Like Olene can compete with Carnal Flower.  Not.  It’s a lovely little scent and is a great bedtime jasmine (I wore it last night in solidarity for the Chinese people who now cannot buy, wear or speak of jasmine.  You can read about this insanity here).   It’s BWF Lite, which is not always a bad thing and actually is a great scent for a young woman just dipping a nose into Big White Flowerss.  The wisteria and narcissus greens up the jasmine enough to make it suitable for office work or a casual date, where Carnal Flower or Fracas would get you looked at funny.  I wish I were more egalitarian about scents but some really do require some age-heft to pull them off with aplomb. This one is not one of those.
C-pal take:  it’s interesting to watch someone try to be polite.  She thought it was ‘okay’ – just okay.  I think this young lady might have the making of a perfumista – NOT dissing Olene, btw.  I like it quite a bit.  And I think if I’d hit her with the Olene first she might’ve loved it.  But after Fracas, which terrorized her and Carnal Flower, which had its slithery-slickery way with her…..le sigh.  Poor Olene.


Tuberosa d’Autunno – this was a lavish gift from a fabulosa friend and my Italian stinks so it took me a minute to realize it was iProfumi di Firenze.   Is there a reason that is not on the label?  Or is it Italian for “if you want to know, you should learn to read Italian”.  Not a bad idea…

after some research I determined it’s the same one Robin reviewed – here’s what she had to say

i Profumi di Firenze Tuberosa d’ Autunno: By no means a duplicate of Tubereuse Criminelle, but it is in the same vein, albeit without the startling top notes. Lush but cold. If you wanted to like Tubéreuse Criminelle but couldn’t, do try this one.
Cub-pal take:  Okay.  I LOVE this girl. I watched her parse out the notes and when I mentioned the ‘sour’ note therein that makes this tuberosa so interesting she shouted ‘YES!” as her face lit up.  And here I thought I was gonna have a discourse on Soul Curve.  Instead, we  yarked on what that ‘sour’ note could be – if anybody knows, give ovah.  T d’A has a medicinal quality  that gives it an old-fashioned air, like it’s the 4711 of tuberoses.  Lots of comparisons online to Tubey Criminelle and no, I STILL haven’t smelled it.  Sorry.   FWIW, I do not get ‘cold’ from this but I could be misunderstanding what ‘cold’ might mean.  It smells a bit cinnamon-y to me..  If you get ‘cold’ from it, please enlighten me!
That’s as far as we got before she started turning green (danged shame).   I sent her to the scrubbery and when she got back I spritzed her with Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale.   Apprehensive, she took a cautious sniff, breathed deep and said…”ohhh.  that’s NICE”, as all the bones in her face relaxed, like her fever just broke and her mom pulled fresh, clean sheets over her.

Hey, sniffing BWFs is Hard Work!


So  you BWF Lovers and Haters:  do you have contenders for the Great White Fight?  There are so many BWFs to consider – do you have any less daunting recommendations for her?  She’s still pretty young (20) and this was a toss into the deep end of the pool.   Should I back up to mainstream?  Your thoughts?




  1. Carnal Flower is my BWF of choice, my best drug of all my drugs. I would simply encourage her in that direction. If that doesn’t seem nice, send her to Serge Lutens A la Nuit!

  2. I have to write in defense of Fracas that the lady at SatC2 REALLY overdid. HUGELY.

    I have a friend who does that once in a while. She did it with Agent Provacateur and I had to leave.

    The state. :d

    • =))

      Your poor nose! Your poor friend.. I hope you gave her a gentle hint…?

      Baby, you and I both know that Fracas can take care of herself. That woman sounds like she either can’t smell herself or doesn’t care (there’s a checker at a local Wal-Mart (sigh) who ….well, you can smell her from the produce section, 100′ away. I can’t go through her checkout line anymore. It’s just too painful. To be honest, I wouldn’t care if she were wearing vintage Coty Chypre – she’s got so much of whatever she’s wearing on that all my brain registers is…..ACK! COUGH! PERRRRRFUME!!!….. 8-x

      xo >-)

    • OMG – A similar incident occurred at the opera a little over a year ago happened to me and a girlfriend, but this time it was an Industrial Strength, SWEET, AMBER perfume. The woman, sitting 2 seats from my friend who does not wear perfume, was wafting this BIG scent as if she had spilled half a bottle on her dress just before heading into the theatre. The odor was so strong it inocuated my poor Mythique and we both had to fan ourselves with the program to keep breathing. Well, she complained that our fanning was distracting her from the performance and a scuffle followed where a poor usher had to re-seat my friend and me until the intermission when we went to see the house mgr and she was gracious enough to switch our seats (to the front and center of our section several rows directly in front of the offending woman). Needless to say that the two of us were so saturated with this perfume that wherever we went, we wafted the odor.
      So – not just BWFs but the BSA (Big Sweet Ambers) can clear not just an elevator, but an entire theatre section as well.
      Love this post, btw!

      • See, this is why folks are up in arms about Perfume in Public. Annoying as the whole PC/Perfume Police thing is (and I do believe that a large part of it is just passive aggression) it does make sense when one is confronted with something as disastrous that!

        That is just shameful on her part. On both counts. 8-x Damn shame you couldn’t have just sprayed her down with Febreze and been done with it! 😮 OMG – can you imagine? you wanna talk ‘scuffle’? I would’ve paid double box-seat prices to see that! =))

        xo >-)

        • Nothing close to this magnitude has ever happened to me before – and I’ve been going there for nearly 30 years…
          Fortunately, there was a scene change going on when the argument took place. I really felt sorry for the usher who was surely trying hard to be tactful. The temporary seat neighbors, surprised at our arrival mid-act (no one is allowed into the theater once the curtain goes up until intermission) were very understanding once we explained what happened and one of them even recalled walking past the smell on her way to her seat. Trust me – I’m sure the house manager must have smelled the perfume emanating from our pores while we attempted to explain our situation to her. She just shook her head and flashed the replacement tkts in front of me and said, “Would these do?” (It was about a 4-5 row upgrade to the next price level.)

  3. Took me a minute to recuperate from The GREAT White Flower; truer (ner funnier) words were never written!

    I am not a fan the BWFs, but I can take the L’Artisan butterfly chasey one in small doses, on someone else, anyway. Might be suitable for the cub-ette?

    • I thought about putting up a Great White Shark visual but thought it might unnerve the pre-coffee crowd. Milady Fracas is kinda scary, innitshe?

      La Chasse aux Papillons is one of those that I like but don’t love – I tend towards the spicier end of the BWF spectrum. I worry about La Chasse – she might overapply and then I would have to kill her.

      xo >-)

  4. I just wanna say that I’m wearing Fracas tonight because it’s humid and I went for a walk around town where it mingled with all the lilacs and other flowering trees. I also layered it up with some ultra skanky musk so I could give the girl some decay. But it’s 2am and I don’t wanna go to bed because I smell so good :( Does anybody else have this problem?!

  5. Vamp might be a good beginner tuberose for a 20 year old. It’s got that bubblegum note which she might find interesting but it dries down very soft but still very definitely tuberose enough to introduce her to the genre. She sounds like a nice girl! :-)

    • Zackly what I was thinking. Vamp is so friendly! She might be bustin’ out of her bustier, but she’ll share her buttered rum and her bubble gum, too.

  6. Try Datura Noir and Noix de Tubereuse

    The great white is tamed in these two by other notes making it a bit more friendly and easy to wear although the potential of WHOA is still there if spray liberally.

    • I am going to intro her to DN on the next go-round. I think that’s a good option for her.

      We will also be discussing APPLICATION ETIQUETTE. ;))

      xo >-)

      • Oh yeah. I think DN is a gateway drug of sorts. She’ll be jonesing that new Serge soon, de Profundis, the way you’re carrying on…!

        • 😮

          I can just see it now, with her mom calling me to cuss me out because Cub-pal spent her 2nd quarter tuition $$ on a buncho perfume! :-w

          xo >-)

  7. Amoureuse!!

    I think you should continue the route you’re taking and forget the Soul Curve garbage. She obviously has a nose and appreciation for fragrance given that reaction to Carnal Flower.

    Do you really think a fragrance can be too old or young for someone? There are probably extreme examples out there, but I think the cub should buy a decant of Carnal Flower and wear it for the sheer bliss of it.

    • I forgot about Amoureuse. I have some here – we’ll put that in the hopper.

      Alas, yes. I do think some fragrances are age-specific. I don’t know that I could manage to keep a straight face if I were wearing a bubbly-gum thingamajig and a 14 yr old in vintage Mitsouko would throw me. I am NOT saying that one can’t wear any fragrance at any age – I’m not the Perfume Police – and I am certainly not saying that young/old lack the skills or talent to appreciate fragrance of any sort – this is only about MY weird notions of what’s appropriate. And that’s likely to shift on any given day.

      Then again, I wore my mom’s Norell when I was 15, so I’m probably all wet. ;))

      xo >-)

      • LOL! But those are the exactly “extreme examples” I’m thinking of. No, I wouldn’t want to see either of us in bubblegum; although a nice marshmalla, vanilla musk like Love Don’t be Shy is good). 14 seems a bit young for Mitsuoko too. Wait–you said “vintage”. Oh my goodness. I would definitely want someone to have lived a little so they could know the masterpiece they were experiencing.

      • Oh, man, Norell! I remember wearing it at 17 and feeling oh, so sophisticated. Guess we were just mature, right?

        • No. I was stupid. I thought I smelled so fab. Turns out that, unlike my mom, who ROCKED it, I smelled like I was on a 3-day bender. b-(

          xo >-)

          Debbie, wth is Love Don’t be….aw HELLZ NAW! Marshmallow? 😮 Ew.


          xo >-)

  8. I absolutely love this post! That’s a wonderful thing, introducing someone to a whole new world.

    I have to agree with you that some scents can seem too young or too old for some people – I’m not sure that they’re the same for everyone though.

    Isn’t Diptyque Do Son a nice, fresh and easy going tuberose for “beginners”? Though my bet is that she’ll keep coming back to Fracas and within a few years it’ll be her most favorite.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post – this was a fun one to write because this (true) experience was so much fun to recount!

      I agree that young/old doesn’t apply to every person/situation/fragrance. Everybody’s mileage is different, though I suspect there are not too many 13 yr olds who can rock vintage Mitsouko or Shalimar. Just sayin’.

      Helle, I don’t think she’ll be coming back to Fracas anytime soon, alas. If she could’ve backed out of her own skin she would’ve, Fracas scared her so much. For the current Young Adult generation it might be Too Much Perfume. She will probably come to want Carnal Flower in a Big Way, though.

      xo >-)

  9. When I was young, I wore White Shoulders and Diane von Furstenberg’s Tatiana (loved this one). I wonder – what’s a modern equivalent? Maybe the scent by Kim Kardashian? OK, sorry. Ha. Perhaps that’s lower than you wanted to go. But it’s more affordable than Carnal Flower. :-)

    • Hi Karin! I’d forgotten about Tatiana — what a fragrant blast from the past! Thanks for the memory.

      • Tatiana! I bought a vintage parfum mini on teh bay a couple of years ago. It’s great. And no wonder my mom (the BWF-hater) forbade me to wear it in the house… it stayed at college.

    • Tatiana! I sniffed that a year or two ago and wasn’t as thrilled as I once was… I used to love the stuff.

      And KK — ya know, I’ve smelled worse. Anything that gets the high school girls away from fruitals is okay by me. :)>-

    • Hey, if it smells good I don’t care what it costs! (I just realized I owe you an email, btw)…

      Tatiana! Like everybody else, I wore (and loved) that back in the day – haven’t smelled it in years! I wore the daylights out of the original Paris – don’t think I could manage a whole lotta that around me now….I’m getting tetchy in my old age..

      xo >-)

      • The really good thing about Tataiana is that its at the 99 cent store. I used to wear it as a substitute for Casaque until I discovered ebay.

      • Hey A! You owe me an email? Now I’m curious! Or perhaps it’s another Karin. :-)

  10. hey M !
    I am with you – Solidarity with the jasmine thing – how weird is that to illegalize it ? Endoftheworld is coming…
    BWF is the only genre I thought existed in frags until I got into niche , HA ! And what fun turning a normal young girl into a fumehead . She owes you , big time !
    The Le Galion’s are wonderful vintage whites , I love Snob and Sortilege . Millr Harris Noix de Tuberuese was a good suggestion , it is supposedly made from the leaves and quite lovely .
    I know there are lots more in my collection , gotta go dig around…

    • I KNOW! Isn’t that the strangest thing? I nearly fell out of my teeth when I read Denyse’s post!

      And I had the same perfume trajectory – wonder if it’s a function of our generation?

      xo >-)

  11. Great post! I’ve had the experience of watching many of my son’s friends, both male and female, react to my collection. It’s so much fun when one of them is curious enough to sniff a few and learn something about fragrance in the process. They might think I’m a little bit, um, well, wildly obsessed, but some of them really want to sit down and do some sniffing.

    I’m impressed that this young woman liked Carnal Flower, or really, any of the BWFs. They’re not beginner scents! Sherri and Lian mentioned Vamp and Datura Noir, which both blend white floral notes with “easier” notes. So, why not all three?

    • There are some collections I would love to see in person – they put my little piker collection to the blush :”>

      I think Carnal Flower is an easy one to love – even if you can’t actually ‘wear’ it, it sort of pulls and tugs certain olfactory strings – certainly it would resonate with a younger nose moreso than Fracas, imo. CF is gorgeous.

      However, if she wears Vamp she will have to stay outside. 8-x If you were here a few months ago, you will recall that Vamp is the illicit spawn of Carnal Flower and Bazooka Joe, by way of Fracas (they roofied her and stole some DNA).

      xo >-)

      • Pshaw, there ain’t THAT much bubble gum in there. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, yes. Bazooka, notsomuch…

      • Ha! I seem to recall something like that! I don’t get bubblegum, but it is pretty sweet. I get a strong tropical vibe.

  12. Great post, sweetie! And so very kind of you to “take her under your wing,” so to speak. She sounds like a nice young lady.
    Carnal Flower is my BWF drug of choice (apologies to the divine Miss F.), but as Helle mentioned above, Diptyque’s Do Son is a good entry point for a novice. And it’s not off-the-charts expensive. Olene is now on my radar.
    Keep on teachin’ — you might end up adding another perfumista to our fragrant fold!

    • I admit to being surprised at the depth of her appreciation for the fragrances I exposed her to – even if she didn’t like them, she took the time to parse them out!

      I have not smelled Do Son – must remedy that. The old Barneys had Diptyque – not so the new one, alas.

      xo >-)

  13. My favorite tuberose is BK Beyond Love, which LT calls “the best tuberose soliflore on earth.” So pretty, and too young for me, in truth, but I wear it anyway. Probably just right for a young lady. There’s a wonderful travel set, and sometimes you can find the single travel refills on ebay. Or order the BK exploration set and get huge 5 ml samples of several worthy scents.

    Added benefit is that it was composed by a woman, Calice Becker, who is a genius. LT also loves her EL Beyond Paradise, which is not my fav, but perhaps your new perfumista should try it. Good work, Musette!

    • That is a beauty, BKBL! I revisit it from time and time and am always surprised at how lovely it is. I don’t know why it would be too young for you – it’s got some heft to it; I could see anyone, 20+ (’til death) wearing this.

      And Calice Becker is a genius, I agree.

      xo >-)

  14. What fun! I bet she’ll be back to play with you again!

  15. I worship at you all’s altar of BWF. I hope one day to play with the big boys, but right now I sneak sniffs here and there and try to discern which ones I like, and which ones scare the hell out of me. :D

    • BWFs are an acquired taste, like incense and everything else. That being said, don’t be surprised if the ones that scare the hell out of you right now are the ones you find yourself gravitating towards later. It could happen! 😉

      xo >-)

  16. “totally off the chain” — lol, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Carnal Flower FOREVAH. Also SIP Lady Day (although that’s gardenia.) Also: that Kilian Tuberose (Beyond Love?) is pretty spectacular, I’d failed to appreciate it.

    • yeah, right../:) :d

      I still struggle with gardenia, isn’t that a danged shame? Lady Day….I orta love it but that Blue Cheese Note from Hell….:-?

      Yah, BKBL is pretty spectacular, I agree!

      xo >-)

    • Oh yes! “Beyond Love & Tears.” But only if you really want to $poil her.

      As far as the jasmine/China thing is concerned, if I was an indie perfumer I’d be all over it. Making a special jasmine fragrance, I mean.

  17. Sounds like you both had fun!

    Kinder, gentler BWFs I’d suggest would be Vamp a NY, Beyond Love (except it is fully as spendy as the Carnal Flower, if not more so, unless you can find a travel bottle like I have), Kai, ELPC Tuberose Gardenia, and the sadly-discontinued TF Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, still available at the etailers for about $45 for a 50ml bottle.

    (Fracas kind of wears me instead of the other way round, which is unusual because most BWFs sort of “sink in” and get cozy on me, even CF. Which just goes to show that Fracas is The Queen…)

  18. OH! and meant to say about Tuberosa d’Autonno that I’d call it a “cool-warm” scent. The tuberose itself is cool, true – like that chilly greenness I get in the opening of Carnal Flower – but underneath that is a spicy warmth. It could be the incense, could be something like tolu balsam. Not sure what your sour note is, because I didn’t notice one.

    And I HATE Tube Criminy, for that raw-meat thang in the opening (Okay, okay, FINE, that eventually does fade away into a very lovely chilly tuberose, but by then the damage to my psyche has been done); I suppose it’s the cool satiny texture that I can see being a common thread between TC and Td’A.

    • oooh…..raw-meat thang? ooooh! Now I have to try it, if only to check that note out! I get that note in ……oh! sometimes I get it in vintage l’Aimant, if you can believe it. Isn’t that weird? If I’m in the mood it can fascinate me – not in the mood? b-(

      I don’t know if I’m describing it right when I say ‘sour’ – it might be that sourness I get from boxwood (some folks get ‘pee’)…it’s not a bad note, just one that gives it a slightly ‘different’ quality.

      xo >-)

      • In vtg L’Aimant?? wack. And yes, you have to try Criminy. It’s like riding the big roller coaster just so you can say you did. (I had unfortunately been cleaning out the fridge the week I tried TC, and had thrown away a forgotten bag of raw chicken gone bad. Gah. Totally ruined that frag forever for me.)

        Mind you, I really love boxwood. I might notta noticed, or I might’ve said, Oooh.

        Have you smelled the TF Voile de Fleur? It’s not much like original Blk Orchid, if you ask me.

        • Black Orchid smells like Grape Jelly to me so anything that doesn’t smell like that is a-okay in my book.

          Yah, on the L’Aimant. I have several bottles of the vint so I tried ’em all…and I think something’s changed with my chem because …yah. Raw (slightly rotten) beef. Not the worst smell in the world, but odd in L’Aimant.

          xo >-)

          ps. I like that boxwood note, too – I think that’s the sour. It makes A d’T way more interesting.

      • As it happens I’ve been wearing Tuberose Criminelle all day today, and love it as always. I’ve heard the opening note described as diesel fumes, turpentine, and now raw meat but on me it smells like honeysuckle! Wish I could get a full bottle here in the States.

  19. What a lucky young lady; I bet she had fun! Count me as part of the LWF (either little or lite, take your choice) crowd. I love the smell of tuberose, but find that after about an hour of wearing it, I’ve had enough! I can do a big jasmine, but not tuberose. The two white flower scents that I do wear are Mahora and SSS Jour Ensoleille. I can see you BWF lovers sneering now!

    Loved the post, Musette! :-D

    • I’m not sneering. I can’t do the big jasmine ones. Jasmine singing backup to tuberose – now, THAT I can do.

      Jour Ensoleille is so sunny! Lovely thing… I wouldn’t call it a BWF, though. It really did seem all shot through with gold to me, more honey than jasmine. (A good thing when you have jasmine compatibility issues.)

      • Awww…. thanks Mals. And that’s the perfect description of Jour: shot through with gold, and more honey than jasmine. I inspired myself earlier to wear it today, and I’m getting lovely wafts of it now.

        • And here I thought I wouldn’t like it, me being sorta kinda anti-jasmine…

          Where’s my sample? I want it now.

            • Oops MY BAD. It wasn’t you Mals but dear Ann!
              Anyways it IS a keeper.

              • I wuz gonna say… I just ordered that thing direct from SSS, not thinking I’d like it and being completely surprised.

                I swear there’s honey in it. Or beeswax. And hay. (Although The CEO swears up-n-down that he knows his hay, and he doesn’t smell any.)

    • Ooooh! So glad you like JE! Definite an LWF, and a gentle chypre as well.

    • Nobody bet’ NOT be sneering – we don’t ‘do’ sneering on the Posse. [-(

      FWIW, I think Mahora is just as big as some of the ones I’ve mentioned – just in a different way. And Tuberose can be daunting – I don’t think there’s any particular Badge of Honor bestowed in being able to wear it – I can’t wear 99% of the fabbo incenses y’all yark on about – XIII (Cartier)??? That drove me to the showers faster than you can say ‘aiiiiyyy! getitoffame!’


      xo >-)

      • I know they sneer because they love. :-D

        For some reason, the Guerlains meld with my skin, so that even things like Mahora and Jardins de Bagatelle (probably another LWF), are beautifully soft and floral on me.

  20. I need coffee to respond the way I really want too but I just wanna say that I LOVE YAH WOMAN! Wish we were neighbors , I’m already in the boonies and so are you, if we could just bring the boon-dogs together we’d be in olfactory heaven and get into some serious trouble with a capitol T!!

    Your rad.

    The End

  21. Tuberose and I Do NOt Get Along, but I love jasmine, etc. Your new young friend might enjoy Jo Malone’s Tuberose – it’s fairly light and quite pleasant -definitely the other end of the spectrum from Fracas. And she might enjoy trying Olene again – it’s one of my favorites, and appropriate for a variety of ages and circumstances.

    • I am going to hit her with Olene the next time I see her – I suspect she would’ve loved it, had I not blasted her with Jaws and the Big Guns first!

      xo >-)

  22. Isn’t mentoring fun? :x

    My son’s SO is a bit older (24), but we’ve bonded over scent. After a trip to my powder room during which she had clearly sampled my scents (heck, I’m guilty of taking a surreptitious sniff when I’m visiting, too, so no harm no foul), she just had to know what that gorgeous scent was in that skinny bottle and where could she get some. It was Kai and I gave her that half-full bottle right then and there. Instant friends.

    She’d previously worn only Burberry Brit and Clean Original Scent, so this was a whole new world to her. Whenever I know she’s coming by to visit, I always have a few things ready for her to try. It’s a whole new world to me, too, as I never had a younger sister or daughter to share my ‘girlie’ interests with.

    • Hi Teri, that is so sweet of you. Glad to see Kai getting a bit o’ love today. It’s a beautiful, uncomplicated scent that works well for any age.

      • My friend F just bought a bottle of Kai – she was convinced that I’d turned up my snoot at the mention (not). I think Kai is very pretty – and that is not faint praise. Pretty is something very nice to experience – I don’t always want to be challenged to death. I’mo check Kai out again when next I’m in civ.

        xo >-)

  23. Fun post! My first thought was how lucky you are to have had an opportunity to show someone your collection and actually talk about perfume IN REAL LIFE!

    Keep encouraging her in the same direction, for sure. My fave BWF are A la Nuit (i get no indoles from this btw), and ELPC Tuberose Gardenia, which is very approachable and flat-out gorgeous.

    • Most of my Real Life Friends who are not perfumistas just glue on this scared, plasticky smile and hope to hell I figure out QUICKLY that a) they couldn’t care less and b) I am insane 😮 and PLEASE!STOP! ….po’ thangs.

      xo >-)

  24. I could give you plenty of recommendations if the BWF you’re looking for is jasmine but tuberose fights it out with oud for my least favourite note in big quantities. Come to that, why hasn’t anyone done a tuberose/oud combo…? Montale, are you listening?!

    • oh, london –

      That sounds like a Hot Mess, if not done right – my liver’s aquiver just thinking about that…

      We barely scratched the surface of BWF yesterday – we’ll prolly tackle jasmines on our next foray (provided she and The Cub don’t break up – this is not a ‘solid’ y’know? and it’s summer – anything could happen:-? )

      xo >-)

  25. Amouage Epic Woman needs to be thrown in the BWF fight, for her jasmine is vicious and her skank is mighty. And with a name like that, how could she lose?

    Also, SIP Narcotic, ‘cuz the tuberose and orange blosson in that one totally kill you with kindness and warmth.

    • =))

      She’ll be working at Old Navy ’til she’s 90! before she could afford those!

      But you’re right on both counts.

      xo >-)

  26. Nice post! I have a confession: Fracas wears very *cool* on me, and I love it. I get a lot of mint with the BWFness so that the scent seems to open up rather than condense the space around it. Anyone else get that?

    Other tuberoses for your friend? Agree ELPC Tuberose Gardenia is big and white, maybe too sweet and tenacious like other IFF perfumes for my taste, but really a friendly BWF.

    Also, I keep remembering an Annick Goutal that was not the one called Tuberose — was it Gardenia Passion — as being an interesting one.

    But they’re not for me, I’ll keep my Fracas. Also, someone should layer four or five of the little Diptyque white florals and maybe it would make one hella BWF, like a perfume Voltron.

    • I’ll Form THE HEAD!

      I LOVE Voltron!!! ^:)^ Let’s go get him and spray him with Fracas – I’ll bet he would ROCK that!

      I also want to smell Fracas on you – what it is doing sounds AWESOME!

      XO >-)

  27. Love, love love this post. I love the Big Whites myself, although my olfactory education is a bit lacking on this front as I still haven’t smelled some of the Big White Greats like Carnal Flower, Beyond Love or the Kilian Jasmine one.

    Some more gentle white floral suggestions from me would be: Le Jasmin by Goutal. Fresh casual jasmine. Jardin Blanc by MPG. That one is a bit like Olène, but more of a white Bouquet, Olène to me seems to be mostly jasmine. And the Artisan Parfumeur La Haie Fleurie? I have never sniffed it myself but have been meaning to for ages. Another light Jasmine from that line would be the lovely but fleeting Thé pour un été.
    AG Gardènia Passion is, I am told actually a Tuberose scent. I find it very lovely. Also AG Passion and Tubéreuse are worth sniffing.
    What about SL Sarrasins for an unusual Jasmine?

    • Huh. I didn’t even think about Sarrasins – certainly didn’t know it was jasmine! I like The pour un ete – it’s a nice, late evening summer scent (one of those apres-bain types,perfect for a hot summer night)

      I will have to revisit AGGP – I have difficulty with Gardenia because of the Dreaded Blue Cheese Factor – this one might work, not being actual Gardenia and all….:-?

      xo >-)

  28. Well I just scored vintage Diorama off Aussie ebay (could not believe it when I saw it) – its an amazing tuberosey thing that seems to have a lemony herbal vibe; very strange, almost poisonous quality like the Criminy can have in certain lights (in fact all the tubes can do, dontcha reckon??)….its a brain bender; I’m in for days of surfing to find out about it.
    Is the new Diorama tuberose???

    • Ah, Octavian has got the white flowers in this as jasmine-gardenia…and its a fruity chypre, so no wonder its driving me mad; an amazing perfume.
      And the box has ‘pour le voyage’ on it…I suspect bought ‘duty free’ overseas; I have never seen this beauty Down here.

      • 😮

        You are SOOO LUCKY! Congratulations!

        The new Diorama is toilet water. From the toilet. It has little or no discernible notes, at least not to my nose. A lemon or two, a pine needle thrown in there, a couple of flowers…uh……maybe an apple core? … or a pear.. an old cheese rind…a hubcap..

        stick with the vintage – and give it a kiss for me!

        xo >-)

        • Oh gosh, what a shame….they are sitting there with a great classic that would be a bockbuster with the right tweaking…and isn’t Dior in the same stable as By Killian for instance; surely the wonderful Love and Tears has been a white flower hit (sure is with me!)?

  29. LOL- loved your post!!

    This reminds me of my first introduction to Fracas..Five years ago. My first ever swap on MUA – I either swapped for it or got it as an extra- but it was a sample of FRACAS the i dabbed a little and went out. It was one of those warm but breezy SoCal days..and the perfume was wafty and delicious and I was like I need more of this, so I dabbed some more..and swooned a little bit. and I was like I need even MORE. and dabbed some more..And then I felt nauseous and have never ventured into fracas territory since..:)..I should revisit Fracas, but I am scared!

    I am one of those people who LOVES tuberose criminelle (the mentholated opening and all) especially for the ‘chilliness’ of the tuberose (mostly because that is how the actual flower smells to me and its one of my favoritest smells ever etc etc) so I NEED to try Tuberosa d’ Autunno.

    Can’t wait to hear if she ever drops by again..:) I

    • Babycakes! I would be scared, too, if I applied that much Fracas. Go back and visit Her again…but just stay for tea, okay? 😉 You did Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner AND A Late-Night Snack, all at once!

      xo >-)

  30. Not a total BWF fan myself–Fracas and I keep dancing around each other like the Sharks and the Jets from West Side Story, but I am determined to prevail…

    That said, the new Esprit d’Oscar (de la Renta) EDP is very nice, with both jasmine and tuberose. Not too heavy, or too pricey, and readily available for sniffing at Macys/Dillards.

    AG Songes may be a bit too “jasminey” in warm weather for a new perfumista, maybe in the fall?

    And for budget-consciousness, how ’bout the original Chloe or Anais Anais? Pretty reasonable at drugstores or online discounters.

  31. I have to say that I wish I had a knowledgeable friend to introduce me to genres when I started getting into perfume. That would’ve been brilliant! In fact, it still would. Can I come over?! :)

    • C’mon down! That’s how all of us learn, either virtually or, if we’re lucky, via somebody’s perfume closet!

      xo >-)

  32. Very late to the party and not quite awake, but did anyone suggest L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse?

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