Match Game (by Ann)





Can I get a collective “Hallelujah!!”?

Yep, it’s that time of year again: back to school.

Now those of you who don’t have kids may not

care, but for those who do, it’s a pretty big day.

As much as we love them, it will be nice to get a break

from the frequent refrain of “Mom, I’m bored” that the

end of summer often brings. And it will be good to see

them get back into a routine.

My son heads back today, even though it may seem awfully

early to you. (It does to me, too.) But that “first day” will be here

for everyone else before you know it.


Here’s a look at scents that might work for several

back-to-class scenarios:


For the mom or dad for whom summer has gone on justa little too long: By Kilian’s Sweet Redemption (sweet relief,

perhaps?) or even A Taste of Heaven (of course you miss them,but ahh, that peace and quiet is nice, isn’t it?).

For those with little ones heading off for the first time:

Divine’s L’Infante or By Kilian’s Love and Tears (they were

just in diapers yesterday – how can they be in kindergartenalready?).

Oh, no! In all the excitement, they’ve left their lunchbox,

backpack, etc. at home and you’re already late for work:


For dealing with diehard sleepyheads on that first morning,

i.e., “Go away, Mom, I was having the most wonderful …”

thump – head hitting the pillow again: Montale’s Sweet Oriental


When your daughter finally does get up, who will youencounter at the breakfast table: Miss Charming or

Lady Vengeance?

Let’s think positive and assume it’ll be Miss Charming.

To go with her carefully chosen outfit: Dior’s New Look 1947.

Speaking of teens, what else might they be packing: Encens et

Bubblegum, or, heaven forbid, Jasmin et Cigarettes.

And with that, ahem, more mature crowd, there’s not likely

to be much goodbye affection for the parental

units: Take comfort in Kiss Me Tender or Love Comes From Within.

When they come home that afternoon and you ask, “What did you do

at school today?”:  Jacomo Silences will get you prepped for the

noncommittal shrug and mumbled, “Nothing,” that might beforthcoming.

Helping your college-age son or daughter move into a dorm or

apartment? Heeley’s Menthe Fraiche to keep your cool

during the move-in madness. When tempers flare and things

get ugly: Step back with Vol de Nuit’s Evasion.

And when it’s all over and you’re heading home: Jubilation 25

with a spot of Champagne, Gin Fizz or Elixir of your choice.


OK, enough silliness. What scents remind you of back to school

or have you thinking ahead to fall? 

  • Ann says:

    Thanks, nozknoz. No crayonish scents that I know of, but you’re right – lots of Play-Doh. Love your choice of the TdB, but need to try the Burning Leaves sometime (as soon as we get some actual cool weather – ha!).

  • nozknoz says:

    What an adorable post, Ann!

    Is there a scent that smells like Crayola crayons? Certainly plenty with the famed Play Doh accord, LOL. I really associate school with fall, even though that isn’t exactly accurate – that Burning Leaves scent would be perfect, and somehow Traversee du Bosphore with its apple Turkish delight leather notes seems right, too.

  • karin says:

    Ohhh!!! I don’t want to think about fall yet! Can’t believe school is starting already where you are. I remember when we didn’t have to go back til after Labor Day. You’ve listed some really great scents, though. :-)

    (On a side note, what’s with the formatting of your posts? Not easy to read…seems the lines break in strange places, etc.)

    • Ann says:

      Hi, lady, thanks. Sorry about the posts — not sure what is going on with them; we’ve been trying to figure it out. Guess we need to get the blog formatting experts on the case, eh?

  • Ann says:

    How great is that? It’s always nice to share with another perfume fan, and you’ve got one right there at home!

  • Alice C says:

    School will start back here in South Arkansas next week. None too soon for me! In my brief time exploring new perfumes, I have infected my 14 yo son with the perfume bug…This morning, before he left the house for a day with a friend, he asked me if I had anything new for him to try!:p

  • maggiecat says:

    As an educator, I’ll have to go with my favorite pencil-shavings scent – Theorema!

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Hi Ann! Excellent post which made me smile. My oldest daughter turns 5 and starts compulsory school in September and I cannot believe it! She loves her school, having attended nursery there last year, and is looking forward to being a ‘Reception girl’ but it is bittersweet for me. My baby is big! Her little sister is 2.5 and will 2 mornings of preschool starting in September as well and she is so excited. I will cry when I walk out the door that first morning- the end of era! So I need something comforting, that smells like me to my girls and won’t horrify the other mothers…Probably Chaos as no doubt the morning will be chaotic with swirling emotions but centred in love and calm!

    • Ann says:

      Hi, M, happy to make you smile. They do grow up too quickly, don’t they? It seems like yesterday my son was in kindergarten and today he starts fifth grade, and then — sniff, sniff — middle school next year.
      I’m glad, though, that your girls are looking forward to school; it would be doubly hard on you if they dreaded it. And I agree that Chaos is a spot-on scent for the occasion.

  • Lisa D says:

    No kids to pack off to school, but my professor gig starts up again quite soon, so it’s me who will be back in class in the fall. I’m looking forward to wafting Feminite du Bois down the halls. I’ve also recently come to enjoy Ambre Narguile, which I haven’t been that fond of in earlier years. I’m not sure what this change means, if anything, but I think it will be perfect for cooler weather (if that ever comes).

    • Ann says:

      Hi Lisa, how cool that you get to go back to school, but as a professor. Nice choices for fall; can’t wait for it to get here!

  • Ann says:

    Great scent suggestions, Joanna! And I love your son’s “hug smell” — too cute!!

  • Joanna says:

    Susan Owen’s fragrance Child is a great back to school pick. I remember reading somewhere years ago that the scent was supposed to be reminiscent of sunshine, crayons and fresh cut grass…or something like that. I don’t really get any of that from it but I do like the bright, fresh, white floral scent.
    Or Maybe Giggle Water from Opus Oils? There are lots of giggles from kids heading back into school that first day and moms driving way from school that first day too.
    I will be wearing Safran Troublant on that first day of school. I like how warm and comforting it is and my 7 yr old son tells me that it is his favorite, “Hug smell.”

  • Meg says:

    First september ever that I WON’T be going back to school, two degrees later. But you hit on what I’ll be wearing anyway: A Taste of Heaven to savour the sweet satisfaction of achievment before job searching and interview anxiety hits.

    • Ann says:

      Congratulations, Meg, that’s a very well-deserved Taste of Heaven. Enjoy your break before hitting the job hunt.

  • Musette says:

    I’m a step-Grandmother so was able to skip the whole back to school issue – but reading Rosarita’s comment brought my own back to school memories rushing back – something about the smell of cracking open a brand-new textbook (in grammar school) – that desperate urge to get past the first couple of pages so you could really feel like you were ‘in it’ – this was language stuff, rather than maths, which made me crazy (still do, alas)…

    Kids are still out of school here but already there’s that feeling of suspense, pending the ‘next phase’ in the air – perhaps it’s because it’s cooled down quite a bit here…from triple digits to high 70s.

    I took advantage of the cooler weather to wear Coty Chypre, which really cannot withstand the high heat – but it’s perfect for today!

    xo >-)

    ps. GREAT post. Lots of fun!

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, M. I’m not sure why but the kids up North always seem to go back a lot later than we do. And I’m so envious that you’ve got cool-enough temps to pull off the Chypre — lucky you!!

  • Alnysie says:

    That was a very sweet post! On my side it’s the opposite: after years and years of grad school, this will be my first fall in a long time that does not involve “going back to school” (although obviously grad students never leave it for the summer!) That is a fun time too, with meeting all the new students and colleagues, catching up with those who were away… just like when we’re kids, but with much less anxiety! Now my anxieties are about finding a job, job interviews, and grown-up stuff…

    I can’t help being very literal, but I just can’t wait to wear ELD’O Like This on the perfect autumnn day. It’s an obvious choice, with the pumpkin and gingerbread, but it’s also the fragrance that I feel is the most “me” so it’s going to be a real treat!

    • Meg says:

      I am in the exact same boat. This will be the first September I will not be going back to school, but finishing up grad school and wading into the professional world (ideally)…so perhaps we need advice on good interview perfumes… or not, as the case probably is.

      • Ann says:

        Thanks, ladies. I agree, this is a very bittersweet time of year, no matter your age or stage of life. I’m unemployed right now, so I wish you both all the best in your job search. Hang in there!

      • Alnysie says:

        I was actually thinking about that, since I have my first interview next week! It’s for an office job, so I still hesitate between not wearing any and wearing one spray of a very inoffensive one. But I think I’d like to have something to comfort me, so maybe just a little bit of En Passant… But I still don’t know. Maybe I should focus on finding my clothes, before worrying about the presence or absence of perfume! :)

        Good luck Meg! And congratulations for finishing! And thanks for the wishes, Ann!

        • Meg says:

          Good luck to you as well! Alternatively, you could go for some lightly scented body washes. I’m not yet at the interview stage–still just applying–so I should really not be worrying about perfume yet.

  • mals86 says:

    Enjoyable post! Last year, it seems I was dyyyyyying for the kids to go back to school. This year, the summer has gone so fast that I can’t quite believe it’s time yet.

    My daughter starts morning classes at the regional magnet school on Thursday. EEK. The county schools start two weeks later, so I’ve got a little bit of time before we’re in the full swing of madness with my two boys as well, but wow, it seems so early.

    I’ve been trying to organize some piles of old photos and put them in albums, and just the other day I came across a photo of Bookworm standing on the front step of our old house, with a laminated card showing her bus number pinned to her size-5 shirt. Awwww, first day of school – and this year she’ll be a junior. I can hardly believe it.

    I think La Myrrhe will be perfect for those stressful days of back-to-school paperwork and hectic activity before we settle into a routine – it’s beautiful and transcendent, yet very contemplative and comforting.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Mals, you have had a busy summer with band camp and all the other stuff going on; no wonder the summer has flown by. I wish your album-organizing energy would rub off on me — I need to get on that but can’t seem to start get my head around the enormity of it. One day though … Love your beautiful suggestion of La Myrhhe, too.

  • LindaB says:

    My son (who was just a baby yesterday!!!!) is headed to kindergarten in September. I’ve been contemplating which scent to wear as it is usually still quite warm (hot) in Jersey at the beg. of Sept. I agree that it must be calming so I’m thinking of Child possibly…

  • pam says:

    Ann, Great post! Very funny.
    I guess a calming fragrance for me, and my daughters back in the days when they were making the back-to-school trek, was White Linen. They still think of that scent with fondness. (And I don’t have a bottle at the moment.)

    • Ann says:

      Hey, sweetie, thanks! I recall WL fondly as well. You’ve gotta get yourself some for old times’ sake. I’m going to spritz a bit next time I’m near an EL counter; it sounds good in this heat.

  • Barbara says:

    Great story! Yet, my heart seized for a moment since I am on the receiving end of that school bus ride – luckily, we don’t go back until after Labor Day around here. It is always the little boys who notice my fragrances and my jewelry. Sweet Redemption have been my go to scent as I set up my classroom this summer.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Barbara. It’s nice that you don’t have to start teaching in what feels like the middle of summer. Glad you’re liking the Sweet Redemption; that’s one that I wanted desperately to love, but it was not to be. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  • Ann says:

    Thanks, Rosarita. That crayon box smell was pretty neat, wasn’t it?
    I’m a big fan of fall myself, and with the incredible heat we’ve been experiencing, it cannot come soon enough for me. Can’t wait to break out the DK Black Cashmere (and Chaos, too), Andy Tauer and all those other great fall goodies.

  • rosarita says:

    Thanks for a charming post that made me smile. One of the most nostalgic back to school smells I can think of is the smell of opening that 64 box of Crayolas for the first time,remember? I wouldn’t want it in a perfume, though.

    I love fall and look forward to cool nights, changing trees, the smell of dry maple leaves and wearing favorite perfumes (I wear them year round but they smell better in cool weather). Satellite Padparaschka is a favorite spicy fall scent; also Donna Karan Black Cashmere & Tauer Desert Marocain & tons of others. Woods, spices, incense & leather – delicious.

  • Olfacta says:

    The scent of a newly sharpened pencil — so, something with cedar? FdB or L’air du desert Marocain? Texas cedar, Atlas cedar, Himalayan cedar — they’re all different.

    • Ann says:

      Good one, Olfacta! I forgot all about that. Good choices. Hope you’re doing well.

    • Joanna says:

      Pencil shavings is one of my favorite scents. DK’s Wenge or M.Micallef’s Black Sea are both great scents for those of us who used to stand there sniffing the pencil sharpener.
      My kids don’t go back until after Labor Day and that’s fine with me. I enjoy having them home. Everything seems to speed up during the school year. We’re so busy running from one school to another with all the activities and programs. I purposely don’t enroll them in many activities during the summer just so we can have plenty of unorganized freetime.
      RL Safari reminds me of school just because that’s what I wore in high school. And various Elizabeth Taylor scents, (Like White Diamonds and Passion.) because so many of my classmates wore those scents and I thought they were gagtastic.

      • FragrantWitch says:

        Argh- forehead slap moment on the Wenge! Of COURSE it is pencil shavings it reminds me of! Love love it – it layers beautifully with Chaos as well.

        • Ann says:

          I “third” that Wenge! I had not tried it before but got some as an extra in a swap (thanks, Janice) and love it. Will have to try it layered with Chaos. And I still adore the Safari (thanks, AnnS) after all these years.

          • Joanna says:

            I adore Wenge and have never been able to figure out why it doesn’t have more fans. I’ve read that it’s Donna Karan’s favorite scent.

          • Ann says:

            Joanna, since I’ve tried it, I’ve wondered the very same thng.
            Maybe part of it is that in this particular collection of hers, Chaos and Black Cashmere already had a loyal following from their former lives (they had been previously released and then brought back). I don’t think the others in this group (Wenge, Jasmine, Labdanum) are as well-known. In fact, I only see them on the Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus Web sites and haven’t seen them to try in any stores (at least not in any of the Neimans I’ve been in). So I’m thinking that underexposure and lack of a venue for testing them has got to hurt. Just guessing here; sorry for the long reply. :)

          • Joanna says:

            I still haven’t tried the Jasmine! I did like Labdanum though. And yes, Wenge layered with Chaos is amazing.

          • Ann says:

            I see on the NM site that she also has an iris now. Would love to try that and also the labdanum. Is it a good layerer or best on its own?

          • Joanna says:

            It layers well with Wenge. I think Wenge, Labdanum and Jasmine were made to be layered together if desired.

          • Joanna says:

            Or maybe it was the Wenge and Labdanum only that were designed to be layered together?

          • Ann says:

            At any rate, we’ll have fun experimenting!

        • Ann says:

          And thanks again to you, M., for getting me hooked on that lovely Chaos!

  • Sherri M. says:

    Sacrebleu, indeed…very cute list! Some of my kids (most are older) go back today, and two started last week. It’s really crazy in the South, having the kids go back when it’s close to 100 degrees! My son’s school is all decorated with apples, rulers and fall stuff; are they KIDDING?!! Anyway, don’t forget La Myrrh for all the prayers for the anxieties and hope for a good year for our kids!

    • Ann says:

      Hear, hear!! It is crazy, isn’t it? I remember as a kid, back in the ’60s, not starting school until after Labor Day. How things have changed. And yes, a bit of La Myrrhe in the hopes of a good year for all!

    • KirstenMarie says:

      Sacrebleu is my go-to perfume for fall.

  • Civava says:

    That list really made me laugh and think at the same time. Fortunately my daughter is not going to school yet but that time will come too soon. Ueeee.:(( So I think I should be wearing something to calm her down or. maybe nothing to avoid bringing back bad memories that scent can make so easily.

    • Ann says:

      I agree; something calming or nothing at all. It’s an exciting day but also a little anxiety-inducing as well.