Swapmania Update!!

By March

Hey, everyone.  This next few weeks I have some affairs to attend to, so my posting is going to be pretty minimal.

I read everyone’s comments on the timing/interest in Swapmania.  And …. I can’t please everyone (isn’t that always the case?)  Some of you asked for late Feb/early March, which I can’t do for various reasons, and I’m sorry.  Also I avoided Valentine’s day and President’s day weekend.

Others of you asked that Swapmania start on a Friday (instead of my usual Wednesday posting date) because a lot of action happens in the first couple of days and you were feeling left out of the loop, since apparently your school/work schedules prohibit you from hanging out on the Posse all day, setting up swaps. (Insert smiling emoticon here.)

So instead of doing Wed – Sun like last time: we’re going to start Swapmania on Friday, February 3 and let it run through the weekend and into the following week, depending on how much swappage is still going on.  So dig through your boxes, dust off your decants, order your atomizers, figure out where you stuck that bottle of White Shoulders your Aunt Eunice gave you… and we’ll start the party on Friday, Feb. 3!