Aleksandr by Arquiste by Carlos Huber Perfume Review (Portia)

Hi all, briefly, I am Portia from Sydney, Australia, have a blog called AustralianPerfumeJunkies with one of my BFF’s Evie C and I am thrilled to be meeting all of you through the Perfume Posse. Long time reader, first time writer here and shaking in my boots with excitement. As my first piece for the Perfume Posse I wanted to write about a sample I’ve procured from SurrenderToChance.

Aleksandr by Arquiste by Carlos Huber Perfume Review

Photo Stolen Arquiste

Not so long ago I was reading someone else’s blog (can’t remember whose, sorry) and there was a picture of the most divine hunk smiling out at me. Tall dark, glossy and buff, the photo was of a man who wouldn’t be out of place in a ManPower all male stripper review. GORGEOUS!!

Photo Stolen artwelove

See? I know. Ridiculous, right? This is Carlos Huber, New York based, four language fluent, Mexican born architect and avant-garde preservationist, who was lucky enough to do his final study with architect and artist Jorge Otero-Pailos at Columbia where he graduated with honors in Historic Preservation, and now works all over the world fusing old and new in such amazingly braggable places as creating Ralph Lauren stores signature look in historically significant sites to restoring old Venetian Palazzos. Not just uber yummy but clearly clever, likeable and driven too.

Why am I writing about Carlos on Perfume posse? This year he has extended his scope to perfumery and released his own line called Arquiste. It didn’t happen overnight though, Carlos remembers to Ron at NotableScents

At that time I was friends with Rodrigo Flores and Yann Vasnier. About eight years ago I talked to Rodrigo about my love for perfume. He told me that if I was really serious about it, he would teach me. He told me that when I was finished with my job I could come once a week to talk about perfume. He told me that I could come and smell perfumes, go to the lab and do proper classes…

Photo Stolen fashion.elle

Carlos idea is to find a moment in time and create a scent around snippets of information that are hidden in history, folklore and letters, then make a scent incorporating all these layers. It is much like the Parfum d’Empire credo but way more specific, take Aleksandr; here is a snippet of a GQ exposé;

Aleksandr happens to capture the essence of the crisp morning when famous Russian author Aleksandr Pushkin died in a duel. From the historical writings of Pushkin’s friend that morning as he described the scene, Huber deduced how that moment might smell, right down to the birch trees as the men whisked past on their way to the field where Pushkin met his end. It’s like archaeology for the nose…

Aleksandr by Arquiste’s note list is short neroli, violet leaf, fir balsam, Russian leather and was developed with Yann Vasnier

A cool, almost mentholated freshness bursts from the initial spritz, bracing and stark. This is very barbershop masculine and reminiscent of some of the oldest in the book but quieter, wealthier, more distinguished. You have to be within whispering distance to know Aleksandr by Arquiste is on someone after about 30 minutes. I can imagine this being very popular with the buff, manscaped, suit end of town; can see it being the scent of choice in gyms all over the world that are filled with men trying to be exactly as gorgeous, urbane and cross cultured as Carlos Huber looks from the spiel. It warms beautifully into its ambery fir balsam and Russian leather. Never a big statement piece Aleksandr by Arquiste is softly understated but when the tie is loosened or the suit comes crashing to the floor, divine. Warm, fresh and rugged; I would LOVE to smell this on a woman too, I think it would be surprising and razor sharp elegant. I am not transported to Pushkin’s deadly duel, unfortunately the reference has sailed completely over my iggerent head, but this is a wonderful hark back to what I remember as a Grandpa scent and the youth of today may never have smelled.

Photo Stolen wmagazine

To make it easy I’ll do a 5 star rate for you all, * is crap;***right in the middle; ***** is to kill for
Scent ****

You can buy 55ml Aleksandr by Arquiste online at Arquiste for $165
SurrenderToChance does samples and decants starting at $4.99

  • vinery says:

    Hi Portia, what a treat to see you here! I have been curious about this line for a while, but your wonderful post has me ready to try them all, especially Anima Dulcis.

    • Hey Vinery,
      It’s quite a treat to be here. The excitement hasn’t worn off any, let me make that very clear.
      I am liking the line more and more as I try them. You will love the Thursday Giveaway back at AustralianPerfumeJunkies then, there will be a couple of Arquiste.
      See you there,
      Portia xx

  • Undina says:

    Hi Portia,
    Nice to see you here!

    I smelled all of the perfumes from this new line and Aleksandr was my favorite. I haven’t tried it on skin yet though so I’m not sure how it’ll play. Will do some day.

    • Hey Undina!
      I’d love to read what you think about it on your skin. Please try it so we can compare notes.
      Thank you for saying Hello, you’re a buddy,
      Portia xx

  • Patty says:

    Welcom, Portia! Loved the post, especially when you throw in Carlos Huber eye candy. I have heard is is also incredibly nice. This doesn’t help my fantasy life I’m having with him right now, it just intensifies it.

    and his fragrances? I like them! They are subtle, so you have to spend some time with them, but every one I try and wear, I like. Some are love. I’m interested to watch what he does going forward.

    • Hey Patty,
      I woke up this morning to a Carlos Huber tweet saying he is tickled. You’ll have to excuse me, it’s like its 1985 and Simon LeBon has just called my house. V Exciting.
      So I think he may be uber sweet. Like the opening of Anima Dulcis.
      With you on the interested to see where this leads him, somewhere lovely I hope,
      Portia xx

  • FragrantWitch says:

    Welcome to the Posse, Portia! And thank you for the fabulous eye candy and that fact that he is clearly very intelligent makes him even more gorgeous. Killer combo!
    I have not explored this line at all but I am now definitely intrigued, especially by Anima Dulcis.
    Thanks again and looking forward to more of your posts!

    • Thank you FragrantWitch,
      I feel very welcomed here, and finding this particular piece of eye candy was a dream job. Do have a go at Amina Dulcis, it is quite a trip,
      Portia xx

  • Portiia, great review. Fun to see you spreading your wings. Have yet to try Alexsander, but have sampled L’etrog which was good. As for the pics… Such handsomeness, oh my!

    • Hey Scented Hound (Steve),
      Great to see you here. Do try Aleksandr. I have only tried it, Infanta en Flor and Anima Dulcis. I have 3 to go and L’Etrog is tomorrow.
      Thanks for commenting, I’ll drop by your blog today.
      Portia xx

  • Sounds very tempting Portia! I tried three of this line and liked them all. Agree totally Anima Dulcis is sexy chocolate, though my favorite so far is Infanta en Flor, leather over virginal orange blossom. I need to try Alexandr and the others Good to hear a new voice and thanks for the heads up on Alexandr!

    • Hiya SAherri miller,
      I so read Virginal Orange Blossom wrong. HA! It makes much more sense on second read. this man sure does know how to put sexy in a bottle I have Infanta en Flor on right now and it is sexy, a little too room-ish for me in the open but it dries out very come hither.
      You’re welcome for the heads up, thank you for your comment,
      Portia xx

  • Seb says:

    What a wonderful, perfectly written post Portia! Ill contact you to obtain a sample… Cannot wait…
    Thanks again…


    • Seb! You came and commented! I am so thrilled you did. I have a sample of this for you, I’ll be in touch to bring it. We need to catch up anyway.
      You have made me smile buddy,
      Portia xx

  • Poodle says:

    He is easy on the eyes. Not sure if this scent is something I’d like but some of the others mentioned have got me curious, especially Anima Dulcis. Sexy chocolate? Sign me up.

    • Hey Poodle,
      I think the range has something for everyone. as long as BIG scent is not your thing. Do try the Anima Dulcis, it’s pretty special.
      Portia xx

  • Flora says:

    Welcome Portia! I look forward to more of your posts! I am with you on Carlos Huber – wow, what a hunk he is and smart, nice and talented too! It’s almost unfair. 🙂

    I have sampled the Arquiste line and I think they are all good. I did find Aleksandr to be the most “masculine” of the group, but it’s certainly wearable by anyone, although I am not a fan of aquatic scents, however, the leather drydown is really good. My faves were Flor y Canto and Anima Dulcis and L’Etrog for summer.

    • Hey Flora,
      I feel like such a dirty bitch when I put Anima Dulcis on, I know it’s supposed to reflect the chocolate making of Nuns in an old monastery but Oh My! it is sexy too.
      I feel very welcome and will be doing some more guesting on Perfume Posse, you can be sure.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment,
      Portia xx

  • nozknoz says:

    Portia, it’s a delight to hear a new voice from down under!

    I have to confess that it took me a while to progress beyond the image of Carlos Huber in a ManPower all male stripper review, and I’m still chuckling at the “buff, manscaped suit end of town.” Nonetheless, your analysis has me intrigued and ready to bust out my sample of Alexandr.

    So far I’ve also tried L’Etrog but found it too faint to enjoy, and the chocolate one, which I really, REALLY like. Hope you have a chance to take that one for a spin, too.

    • Thanks nozknoz,
      I am trying L’Etrog tomorrow. I think these are meant to be super sexy, just deeper than skin scents, please come in closer to smell how good. Closer, closer
      I prefer a more 80’s scream myself but these are seriously delicious date night frags.
      Thanks for writing,
      Portia xx

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Portia, and welcome to the Posse! Thanks for a great post, one that’s now got me intrigued about the Arquiste line. I’ve heard of it but didn’t know much about it until now. Can’t wait to try it!

    • Hey Ann,
      It is a lovely line, crafted beautifully with very little nod to current culture and much to updating the best of yesterday. I am wondering if Carlos’ lack of fragrance background has in fact given him more scope and less boundaries, Do try them and tell me what you think, I’d love to read your thoughts,
      Thank you for your warm welcome,
      Portia xx

  • March says:

    Hey there, just dropping by … the fragrance sounds really nice, but I’m afraid I’m much too focused on the photos of Don Carlos. And welcome to the Posse.

    • Thank you March,
      Thrilled to be here, and yes, the photos are quite overwhelming. Google Carlos Huber, there are some shirtless ones of him with his mates.
      He He
      Portia xx

  • Joe says:

    Hi there, Portia, and nice to see you guesting at PP!

    First of all: yezzzzzz, I’m very envious of Carlos Huber’s husband. Woof.

    I haven’t tried Aleksandr, but you’ve made it sound like a very refined masculine scent. I need to spend more time sampling the line. It looks gorgeous. I have worn L’Etrog though, and it’s a nice citrus scent with a substantial base of vetiver and a hint of dates, of all things.

    Again, congrats on the guest post!

    • Thanks Joe,
      I am making my way through the range ATM but haven’t made it to L’Etrog. the name made me put it last. Thanks for the heads up, dates yum, I’ll try it tomorrow,
      Portia xx

  • Musette says:

    I love Carlos’s architectural work and am starting to like the Arquiste line (I was intro’d to it by a perfume rep who was a bit peeved that a non-perfumer was creating perfumes, even as she admitted she liked them! LOL! we are a funny bunch)

    and he IS a hunk!

    Great post!

    xo :Devil:

    • Thanks Musette,
      I love that he comes from non-perfume. Room for everyone serious about making great scent I reckon. Considering how much room has been made for people making the crap stuff.
      I enjoyed looking for the pics too.

      • Poodle says:

        I like that he doesn’t have a perfume background too. Sometimes the best ideas come from people like that. Just think what some people on here could come up with if they had the chance.